Chapter Twelve: The morning after

Still half asleep, Stephanie opened her eyes and mouth at the same time to ask the person next to her why they still hadn't turned off the annoying ring-tone. But then after meeting Chris's surprised eyes and noticing for the first time that not only was she completely naked right now, but so was he, realization of the situation fully hit her causing three words to quickly fly out of her mouth:

"Oh my God!"

Well, that's something you never want to hear someone say when waking up in bed next to you, Chris thought to himself, while quickly throwing a pillow over his genitals as Stephanie stood up, bringing the sheet that was covering them, along with her.

"Tell me we did not just do what I think we did last night."

I that's something you never want to hear someone say when waking up in bed next to you..Chris sarcastically thought to himself, before waiting until Stephanie had turned her gaze away from him before quickly throwing on his boxers that were absentmindedly thrown over the lamp shade beside him.

Were we really that drunk last night?

"Okay, maybe it's not as bad as it looks right now..maybe we just came back here last night and fell asleep...with all our clothes off."

Any other day, Chris might have laughed at that comment. But due to the serious expression that was written on Stephanie's face right now and the drumming sound that was starting to play in his head at the moment, he decided to go another route and finally answer his still ringing cell-phone. "Hello?"

"Hey Romeo, where are you...? It's going on ten o'clock and the guys are waiting for you so we can head to the airport-our flight leaves in two hours."


Not realizing that it was that late caused Chris to quickly begin throwing his clothes on; telling Trish that he'd meet them at the airport in an hour. "I had to run an errand early this morning but I'll be there in a little bit okay?"

After taking his white lie as the truth, Trish responded back with an okay before telling Chris that she'd see him in a few and hanging up her end of the phone call.

"Who was that?"

Having almost forgot where he was at the moment caused Chris to stop buttoning his shirt and look at the woman in front of him who had asked that question.

Damn. Even with smeared make-up and sleepies in her eyes, she's still the the most beautiful woman I've ever seen-especially when wearing nothing but a sheet right now.

Knowing that type of thinking was probably what got them into the situation they were in right now caused Chris to mentally shake that thought out of his head, while replying: "That was Trish...I was supposed to meet up with her, Adam and Christian an hour ago to head to the airport since we're headed to Canada for that award ceremony tonight, but I'm obviously running behind schedule and still haven't re-packed yet."

Even though she knew if anyone saw them together right now, there was no telling what rumors would be floating around about them come Monday morning, Stephanie couldn't help but, after a second, reply: "You're never going to make it to the airport on time if you call a cab, so if you wait for me to throw some clothes on, I can take you pass your hotel and drop you off at the airport afterwords."


Although he figured Stephanie was offering him the lift so she could get rid of him a lot faster, the fact that public transportation definitely wasn't a good option to take right now if he wanted to get to the airport on time, caused Chris to let a look of gratefulness wash across his face while replying:

"Thanks. I'd really appreciate it."

"Well, well, well, look who finally showed up-almost two hours later."

Looking up from the soft pretzel she was biting into, Trish had to hold back a slight grin as she noticed an out of breath Chris headed towards them with a look of relief on his face. I cannot wait to hear the story behind this one.

"Hey, give the man a break,'s not like you're Mr. Punctual all the time..." Christian commented, before adverting his attention to the person who had just joined them in the airport terminal, "Glad you could make it-"

"Let me guess, traffic was a bitch?" Adam interrupted, causing Chris to first frown at the comment, before slightly laughing as Trish replied: "Don't mind Grumpy over here. He's just mad 'cause security wouldn't let him bring his bottle of hair spray on the plane."

"They told him he'd either have to chuck it, or for an additional fee, they'd send it to him in the mail...and you already know how El-cheapo over here is."

Knowing from past experiences just how cheap Adam could be caused Chris to laugh even harder than before; glad that the reason behind Adam's anger wasn't really his tardiness.

He's more of a diva than Trish is when it comes to his hair...I just hope Jeff never gets his hands on a bottle of hisshampoo, cause blood will definitely be shed then.

"Attention passengers boarding Flight 212 to Ontario, we will now begin boarding all first class passengers."

"That's us," Trish absentmindedly commented, while picking her carry-on bag up off the floor, and following the three men onto the aircraft; noticeably relieved after once stepping onto the plane, she realized that her and Chris's assigned seats were right next to one another, three rows away from Christian and Adam's eavesdropping range.

Now I can grill him about last night without having to worry about anyone accidentally overhearing us.

With that thought in mind, Trish waited until almost everyone had taken their seat and the captain had announced that they were preparing for take off, before turning towards the man seated next to her and asking him the one question that she was dying to know right now: "So, how'd last night go?"

As if knowing she was going to ask him that question as soon as they got a minute alone, Chris rolled his eyes at Trish's obvious eagerness, before reluctantly replying: "It didn't...the cab I took to the restaurant got stuck behind an accident so it was almost an hour after we were supposed to meet up when I got there. She was already gone by then so I ended up just grabbing a beer at the bar and then heading back to my hotel room for the night. So, sorry, but there's no story to tell here."

And why do I find that so hard to believe?

Knowing that that last part of Chris's story was a lie, as well as him telling her that he was out running errands earlier that morning, since she, Matt and Jeff had pretty much been camped outside of Chris's hotel room the night before waiting for the older man to come strolling in, to no avail, caused Trish to raise an eyebrow in surprise at the lie; inwardly wondering to herself what the older man was keeping from her.

And how long was it going to take before her and the Hardy boyz found out.

Two hours later

"Knock-knock..can I come in?"

Looking up from the paper-work she had been struggling to focus on for the last hour, Stephanie had to will herself not to let out an audible groan as she noticed Amy standing in front of the door to her office; wearing a slight look of amusement on her face.

Just the person I've been trying to avoid all afternoon...I was wondering when she'd come find me.

"Should've known I'd find you in here...I've been looking everywhere for'd last night go?"

If Stephanie hadn't expected those words to be the first ones out of Amy's mouth when she ran into the red head, the older woman's face might've turned bright red at the question. But knowing that she hadn't spoken to the younger woman since telling her that she didn't have to show up to the restaurant the previous night since Keith hadn't either caused Stephanie to be ready with a slight lie at hand. "It didn't...after I texted you back telling you not to even bother to come, since Keith apparently had better things to do with his time, I finished my glass of white wine, went back home and spent the night watching old Golden Girls re-runs on lifetime...becoming somewhat of a habit these days for me."

Knowing from her many nights of taking shots of rum and coke with the brunette, that the older woman's choice of beverage was not white wine and that Lifetime was showing nothing but Strong Medicine re-runs last night caused Amy to raise an eyebrow in surprise at the white lie that passed through Stephanie's mouth, but nonetheless she chose not to comment on it.

For her to lie to me like that, 1 of 2 things had to have happened to her last night..either she bumped her head and forgot that I can always tell when she was lying, or something huge happened that she doesn't want any one to find out just to find out what that something is.