"Hey, you're home early." Brooke finished washing the last of the dirty dishes and set it in the dish drainer next to her sink, "I was just finishing up here and then leaving to pick up the kids."

Her husband smiled at her and watched her move gracefully around the kitchen. He had always admired how she could just float through a room completing a list of tasks and yet seemingly never touching a thing.

"I took work off early and came home to talk to you." He sat down on a stool at their kitchen island and smiled at her, "You have a few minutes before you have to leave?"

Brooke looked up at the clock above her sink and nodded.

"Ok. So… you're not gonna like what I have to say."

"Never start a sentence out like that if you want me to stick around and on that note, my few minutes are up. Gotta run."

"Brooke, sit down." He commanded her running his fingers through her hair, "Please, sit so we can talk."

Brooke groaned and pulled up a stool.

"I'm scared and I'd like to make this as quick and painless as possible so please…"

"Brooke, I'm gay."

Brooke was silent as she stared into his crystal blue eyes. Was she really hearing what she thought she was hearing?

"You're kidding right?" Brooke began to laugh as she stood, "This is all a really hilarious practical joke that you decided to play on me. I'm laughing. It's funny but really, I have to go pick up our children now…"

"Brooke, I'm not kidding. I'm gay."

She fell back onto her stool, her laughing turning into more of a panicked breathing cycle. She soon felt like she wasn't getting enough oxygen which led to the beginning of hyperventilation and she began to cough.

"Brooke, sweetie. Breathe. Ok, hold on. Deep breath in." Her husband was immediately by her side and helping her stand so that she could start breathing, "Inhale Brooke. Calm down and breathe…"

"Don't tell me to calm down!" Brooke pushed him away from her and stood tall, her eyes glowing with anger suddenly, "I will not be calm when my husband is standing here telling me that he is gay! Fifteen years of marriage and suddenly this! Jesus Lucas, when were you planning on telling me? When our daughter got married? Or maybe when our son graduates from high school? This might have been a vital piece of information fifteen years ago… WHEN I MARRIED YOU!"

Lucas Scott watched his wife scream at him and all the visions of what this moment would be like couldn't have possibly lived up to the terror he felt right now, when she was so close to knives and other sharp objects she could throw at him.

"Brooke please…"

"Shut up." She hissed at him, "Just shut up. I have to go pick up the kids from school now and then Laney has piano practice, Vaughn has math tutoring, Tavian has soccer practice, Saylor and I have a mommy and me art class then they all have to be re-picked up and fed. So right now, I really don't have time for your little… revelation. Have a great day."

She slammed the back door behind her as she left the house then re-opened it to grab her keys and purse off the kitchen counter, slamming it again as she screamed "ASSHOLE!" at the top of her lungs.

Lucas heard the car start in the driveway and speed away from the house. What had he done?