Star Wars: Jedi Wizard

Prologue: Darkness Falls

"You are going to die here boy" Voldemort sneered as he circled his opponent, a black scimitar in his hands "All alone in this crumbling castle" his black robes fluttering in the wind.

"I'm never alone Tom" the teen opposite him countered, the dark brown dragonhide overcoat he wore billowed in the wind from the open great hall doors, in his hands he grasped a silver long sword with rubies embedded in the hilt.

Harry Potter now seventeen years old and graduated from Hogwarts was the only person remaining in the school when Voldemort and the Deatheaters arrived during the graduation ceremony, when the entire population of the school would be present.

But Harry, having mastered Occulmency the year before, without the help of the remaining survivors of the Order of the Phoenix, after the attack on Sirius' home at the end of Harry's sixth year, was able to plan a defence of the castle that would ensure Voldemort and his Deatheaters would never leave Hogwarts alive.

And it was working. Voldemort had ordered the Deatheaters to search the castle while he dealt with Harry in the Great Hall.

But as soon as the Deatheaters entered the north, south, east and west wings of the castle, those wings collapsed, killing a total of four hundred Deatheaters with a combination of wards and magical explosives.

The rest of the dark creatures would be dealt with too. Harry, after Dumbledore's death, was able to take control of the Wards of Hogwarts as an heir of Gryffindor. In the next three minutes nothing would be left of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade or the Forbidden Forest, Harry had made sure of it.

"I don't want to have to kill you Tom" Harry said as he circled his opponent "All I've ever wanted is to be left alone, but you couldn't give me that…" Voldemort was about to speak when Harry interrupted "You once told me that we were a lot alive Tom. And you were right…but you wanna know what the difference between us is?"

"Enlighten me" Voldemort sneered

"You let your past defeat you" Harry said simply "You let the Muggles at the orphanage and the Slytherin's in your house win. You let them drive you down a path that has caused the deaths of thousands, all because you were too WEAK" then he attacked.

Voldermort blocked the first overhead strike, then came back with a reverse strike of his own and went on the offensive.

The Dark Lord drove forward with his left boothoping to catch Harry off guard, but Harry spun left out of the way of the blow, only to bring his sword up to deflect Voldemort's next strike aimed at decapitating him.

Voldemort sneered at Harry as he pushed all his weight onto the scimitar "It is just as I said Potter, you are going to die alone here. In this crumbling castle while all you hold dear is destroyed"

"You've already killed everyone I care about Tom" Harry said as he pushed back against the Dark Lord calmly "I have nothing left in this life but to end this war, then I will be free" then Harry drew back his head and head butted the Dark Wizard.

As the wizard reeled back from the blow Harry held his ground and waited. He had been preparing for this battle for two years. Ever since Sirius was killed, he had sworn that he would have revenge, but, now as he gazed at then snake/man before him he couldn't help but pity him. Tom Riddle had spent his life belittled and abused. But rather than taking what he got and trying to move past it he had let the pain and anger consume him.

"I will free you Tom" Harry whispered "I'll give you the mercy you denied others"

"MERCY?" the Dark Lord roared "Mercy is for weaklings and cowards" then Voldemort charged Harry.

Harry simply stood still as the wizard charged him.

At the last moment Harry spun on the balls of his feet and Voldemort slipped past him. His sword smashing into the ground where Harry had been.

But before he could move again Harry appeared in front of him and said calmly "It's over" then he thrust his sword upwards into Voldemort's chest.

Voldemort gasped as the sword pierced his heart and lungs and protruded from his back through his black robes, his scimitar slipping from his grip.

"H…how?" Voldemort whispered

But he received no answer, Harry simply pulled the Sword of Gryffindor from his foes body and whispered "Rest in peace Slytherin Heir" then after a moment Voldemort's body faded away.

Then Harry looked around. The Great Hall which had once been filled with magnificent decorations for the Graduation celebration.

Now the great hall of the school was in ruins because of the magical fire fight that was caused by Harry's face off with the Dark Lord he had just cut down.

The large door that Harry had stepped through seven years and two months before had been blocked by a massive part of the roof, he could try to get out, but the teen knew he would never clear the blast in time. He knew that it was over for him as well.

Harry sighed wearily as he sat down on the remains of Dumbledore's chair at the head of the hall, his sword in his lap and his backpack with his treasured belongings inside laying beside him.

As he looked up at the remains of the ceiling, thinking of all the people who had died.

Cedric Diggory, murdered during the third task for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sirius Black, killed at the Department of Mysteries in nineteen ninety six in an attempt to save Harry's life.

Hermione Granger, raped, tortured and murdered at her home on Christmas Eve nineteen ninety seven.

Ron Weasley, killed defending Hermione and her family.

Severus Snape, tortured and murdered upon his discovery as a spy in January nineteen ninety eight.

Neville Longbottom, ambushed and murdered outside the Whomping Willow in February nineteen ninety eight on his way to meet Remus Lupin for the full moon run.

Luna Lovegood, killed with her boyfriend Neville at the Full Moon.

Remus Lupin, found dead in the forbidden forest nineteen ninety eight, with toxic levels of silver nitrate in his blood stream.

Albus Dumbledore, killed during a Death Eater assault on Hogsmeade Station at Easter nineteen ninety eight.

Ginny Weasley, killed protecting her boyfriend Harry Potter at Hogsmeade Station.

Mad Eye Moody, killed at Hogsmeade Station.

Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin, killed at Hogsmeade Station.

Ruberus Hagrid, killed at Hogsmeade Station.

Twelve people among three thousand, all dead at Death Eater hands. People he had known for almost seven years. People who had been his friends, parents, mentors, brothers and sisters, the only family he had ever known.

Now that Voldemort was dead maybe he would find some peace, some rest.

Harry lay back against the chair and hummed a tune Ginny liked.

Around him a deep rumbling could be heard and a crackling of energy could be heard in the distance.

Harry closed his eyes as he whispered "I'm coming home guys" and the air was filled with white.

In the back of his mind as he faded away Harry heard a soft voice say.

"You have given your life for the light. Now we give you life anew, live it well"

And everything within thirty miles of the Great Hall of Hogwarts vanished in a flash of white light.

When the light faded, all that remained of Hogwarts was a smoking crater two hundred feet deep and there was no trace of Harry James Potter.

Next time Harry learns of his new mission.