Star Wars: Jedi Wizard

Epilogue: Faces of the Past and the Future

Harry sighed as he kneeled on the grass of the arboretum at the top of the Western Tower of the Jedi Temple.

It was the tenth anniversary of his arrival on Naboo. Two months before what should have been his twenty eighth birthday, he usually spent the day of his anniversary in the arboretum Master Yoda had shown him when he was in the early stages of his training, he had spent a lot of his time working on his lightsaber here. It was also where they did most of their Force Training in previous years, nowadays Master Yoda simply accompanied Harry on the occasional mission when he could be spared and prepared him for the Jedi Knight Trials he was told he would be put through at some point within the next year.

His piloting skills were admirable, his records in the simulators were beaten only by Anakin, his sabre skills were the same, he could match Anakin, Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan any day of the week, his driving, while not as reckless as Anakin's, put Obi-Wan on the edge of his seat, including a particular Speeder chase on Ord Mantel about a year back, Obi-Wan had sworn after that that Harry would never be aloud to drive if he was a passenger again.

Harry heaved a breath as he leaned back against the tree at the edge of the arboretum and closed his eyes.

This day always seemed to make him think about the past, old friends faces came unbidden to his mind.

"Must you always think these depressing thoughts Cub?" a familiar voice asked

Harry opened his eyes and looked up, to see the familiar face of his Godfather grinning stupidly at him just like always through the pale blue haze that surrounded his translucent image.

In the instant it took him to realise who he was looking at Harry's throat went dry before he croaked "Sirius?"

"Yeah kid it's me" Sirius smiled as he sat down "Although I can hardly call you a kid anymore. You've gone and grown up on me"

"I had to do it some time Padfoot" Harry smiled

Sirius smiled at his Godson, but he was sad at the same time, the boy had seen so much pain in his life, but he had risen above it, he had face the pain and the dark and defeated it like a warrior and Sirius was as proud of his cub as James was. But he could tell the Jedi in Training was hurting badly and hiding it.

"You can drop the bravado kid" Sirius said "I'm here to talk not see you hide behind the big bad Knight act"

Harry sighed as he stood up and walked towards the balcony overlooking the massive planet city that was Coruscant

"How can I Sirius?" Harry asked "To me you've been gone for twelve years, you were the closest thing I ever had to a dad, you were family dammit" then the teen bowed his head as he leaned against the railing and closed his eyes, trying to bite back the tears he though the had shed a decade ago.

"Harry I'm sorry I died" Sirius said "But the Fates or the Powers That Be or the Force or whatever you want to call it have given you a new life Harry, the chance to start over. Live the life Dumbledore and Voldemort took from you. Fall in love, get married and have a family. And when your time comes, we'll all be waiting for you"

Harry smiled at that thought. It was the one thing he wanted in life, a home to call his and a family.

"But at the same time you have work ahead of you kiddo" Sirius said "The Dark is rising and if you and your friend Skywalker don't stop it, it will sweep across this galaxy like a plague and lead to decades of war and billions of deaths and plunge this galaxy in to an age of darkness that not even Riddle could comprehend"

Harry nodded silently, he had heard all about the separatist movement that was rumoured to be led by Master Yoda's former Padawan, Dooku, he had been sensing something for months, a prickling in his scar that had steadily gotten worse for the last six months, but no matter how he meditated and focused he was never able to see anything, when he had taken the matter to master Yoda the diminutive Jedi Master just nodded and said "The Dark Side clouds everything. Ever watchful you must be my Padawan"

"Keep your wits about you Hunter" Sirius said

"I always keep my wits about me Padfoot" Harry said as he turned around "It's how I made it off Kessel alive during that last Pit Fight Raid"

"I mean it Harry" Sirius said "Something is coming that the Jedi may not be ready for"

"I'll make sure we're ready Sirius" Harry said

"Be careful kid" Sirius said as Harry folded his arms "I don't want to see you on Prong's doorstep for at least another sixty years"

"Don't worry you won't" Harry smiled

"Look after yourself Harry" Sirius said "And remember, we're always with you" then Sirius placed his hand on the man who had been his Godson's shoulder and sad "Like you said, There is Death, Yet there is the Force"

Harry gasped as he felt the life force that formed his Godfather's apparition flow through him.

"You have a power Harry" Sirius said "That only one other Jedi in the universe can touch. But you need to help him learn to wield it"

Harry frowned as he thought about the Jedi he knew who he thought would be able to match him and the only one who sprung to mind was Anakin, the boy was good, one of the best in their Training Level, both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan admitted that Anakin was just about ready for the Knight Trials, even if he did have an occasional disregard for the rules, the way Harry and Qui-Gon both saw it Anakin's emotions were an asset to him, if he used them right. Harry had been helping with that, as a result Anakin had been becoming a better Jedi than when he started, his instincts had served him well several times.

"I'll make sure we're ready Sirius" Harry said "I have never failed at anything in my life, I don't plan on starting now"

"Good" Sirius said "But don't forget to have some fun"

"Never" Harry grinned "I'd have a party but I drank the last bottle of Fire Whiskey about four years ago and the Sabaac tables don't pay out as well here as they did when I was on Kessel and the guys are still learning to play poker"

Sirius smiled as he said "I gotta go kid, your parents and Moony send their love, Prongs says he's proud of you, your mom said to look after yourself and Remus said hi. Ron and the rest of your Marauder buddies asked me to say hi too"

Harry smiled as he said "Tell Ron I said I'll kick his ass at chess next time"

"Will do kid" Sirius said "One of us'll try to stop by soon, so look after yourself till then"

"I will Padfoot" Harry said as his Godfather faded away.

Harry smiled happily to himself as he stretched tiredly. Although still in a good mood, he had talked to his Godfather for the first time in twelve years, he felt like he could fly.

"In fact" Harry said as he clipped his Lightsabers to his belt "I think I will" then Harry hoisted himself up onto the balcony and dove off.

The tower raced past his eyes as Harry laughed to himself, then he began to gather his energy together and do something he had rarely done in the last ten years.

After a moment Harry's body was encompassed in a sphere of light, an eagles call sounded from inside the sphere a moment later, then the sphere shattered and a magnificent dark brown feathered Golden Eagle emerged.

The eagle continued its descent to the ground right to the temple steps.

And pulled up just at the last second, sweeping past a Twi-Lek Jedi coming down the steps.

Harry shrieked with laughter as the Jedi screamed in shock as he passed her and pulled up into a steep climb.

The feeling was exhilarating, it was a feeling he only felt anymore when he was on the speeder bike he had repaired when he was physically sixteen or when he was flying his A-Wing Delta-7 Star Fighter.

Flapping his wings to gain altitude Harry swung around the central tower of the temple searching for the Training Hall.

After circling the tower Harry spotted the open area of the training hall.

Slowing his descent Harry landed in the tree that stood on the edge of the open area and watched through the leaves as the younglings finished up sabre practice with Master Windu.

Harry smiled to himself as he watched the younglings bow to Master Windu and go back inside, when he was younger teaching had always intrigued Harry, the experience with the DA throughout his OWL and NEWT years had been fun, it wasn't like sitting in a classroom taking notes, it was hands on experience, that was the way Remus had taught him, to have fun learning something. Maybe in a few years when he had seen a little more of the galaxy Harry would take a Padawan.

"I guess we'll see" Harry thought as he returned to human form and leaned back against the tree he was sitting in.

Harry smiled as he watched Obi-Wan and another female Jedi spar back and fourth across mat three beneath them while a third Jedi called pointers from the edge.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was great Jedi. There had been whispers that he planed to take a Padawan soon. And Harry knew that if it was true the kid would be in good hands.

With a grin Harry dropped to the floor, Master Windu and several of the Council Members and older Jedi Knights were assembled on the terrace leading to the mats. Was it that day of the week already?

Harry nodded to Obi-Wan as he made his way to the central training mat, typically Qui-Gon Jinn would referee these matches, but he and Anakin were on a mission and wouldn't be back for another week.

"That time again Master Windu?" Harry joked

"Round one hundred and seventeen" Windu smiled as he removed his robe.

Harry nodded as he removed his own robe and set it down, folded at the corner of the mat, along with one of his Lightsabers.

"You remember the rules?" Windu asked as he set his Lightsaber for a mid level training setting.

"Of course" Harry said as he altered his sabre setting "First sabre contact wins, none of my fancy force tricks, no apparating and no second Lightsabers"

"Good" Windu said as Obi-Wan took his place on the sidelines.

"Bow" the Jedi called. Harry and Windu bowed respectfully to each other

"Activate" the telltale snap/hiss of the Lightsabers was heard and the entire watching group stood holding their breath.


In an instant Harry and Windu surged fourth their sabres blazing in their hands as the distance between them closed.

Mace began with a vicious slash across Harry's stomach, but the strike never made contact, Harry dove over the Lightsaber blade and rolled to his feet behind his opponent. And the fight was on.

Yoda and the other masters watched from the sidelines as Harry and Mace battled back and fourth across the mat.

"He has become strong in the force" Master Mundi said from his place beside Yoda.

"One of the strongest Jedi since the Sith Wars" Shaak Ti said

The Sith History instructor, Jedi Moague, said "His strength comes from his emotions Master, that is a dangerous path"

"And the way he fights is unheard of" the Sith Tactics instructor, Jedi Duras growled "He vanishes and reappears behind his opponents, he fights like a Sith"

"And if his opponents relied on the force a little more they would be able to keep up with him" Mistress Adi Gallia said "As it stands there are only five Jedi in the entire Temple who spar with him, Skywalker, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Master Windu and Master Yoda, they are the only Jedi who can last more than thirty seconds with him. And Mace's record is three minutes. It is just as Master Yoda said, we have become complacent,sloppy. If a Sith Lord were to walk into the temple today the chances that we would be able to stop him are negligible"

After that dressing down Jedi Duras and Moague bowed their heads and remained silent.

"Take the trials tomorrow my Padawan will" Yoda said

"This is good news" Master Plo Koon said "With the rising Separatist activities we will need his insight into the Dark side in the field even more"

"His insight?" Mundi asked

"My Padawan's scar" Yoda said "Connects him to the Force it does, allowed him to see his nemesis as a boy, has allowed him to sense the Sith as a man"

"I sense a change in him" Jedi Mistress Bepa Billaba said "He seems more at peace than he has been on this day in the past, as if a weight has been lifted from his shoulders"

"I sense that as well" Kit Fitso agreed "His attacks are flowing far more than they have during his past matches with Mace, or with anyone for that matter"

"As I said it is" Yoda said "A great Jedi Harry Potter will become"

The fight had been going on for nearly five minutes, it seemed that Master Windu was very intent on outlasting Anakin's record of three minutes fifty two seconds, which he had, but Harry knew the Jedi Master was tiring. So Harry decided to end the fight honourably.

He smiled to the Master as he spun his Lightsaber in front of his face, then he slashed the sabre down to his side and charged.

Mace drove forward into on a heavy overhead slash.

Harry caught the attack with his Lightsaber and pushed off before driving the Blade Master back with a barrage of left and right slashes.

Mace countered with another diagonal slash, but the attack never came close, Harry back flipped away from the blow, spinning through the air Harry landed in a crouch, his Lightsaber reversed in his right hand ten feet from Master Windu.

Then Mace attacked again. But Harry was ready for him. Harry smiled as he launched forward, driving up beneath Mace's defences and slashed his Lightsaber across Mace's stomach, sending a painful electric charge through the Jedi Master's body.

The Masters watched in silence as Harry and Mace deactivated their lightsabers and bowed.

"Decided it is" Yoda said "The final trials, my Padawan will take tomorrow"

"Agreed" Master Mundi said "And I believe that he will pass with flying colours"

The next morning Harry stepped out of the elevator at the top of the central tower of the Temple. He had simply been told to come to the council chambers in the traditional Jedi clothing.

Harry did as he was told.

Standing outside the chamber was Obi-Wan. Just as Harry reached the door Obi-Wan said "You can't go in armed today Harry"

Harry nodded simply as he removed his lightsabers from the harness on the back of his belt and connected the weapons at the hilt before giving them the Knight.

Upon entering the council chamber Harry looked around. The shades were closed and the chamber was dark except for a single shaft of light at the centre.

The Padawan frowned as he stepped towards the centre of the chamber and behind him the doors closed and he found himself in the centre ofthe shaft of light, but Harry remained calm.

"You are strong" a voice behind him said.

Harry spun around to see a person standing where the door had been. He watched the figure step into the light.

Harry stared at the face that greeted him but said nothing.

The man was Harry's height, with wrinkled pale skin, patches of scraggly black hair and green eyes that glowed with hatred. He wore completely black robes.

Harry looked into the eyes of the person before him and knew who it was.

"You are strong, but through me and the Dark side you can be invincible" the apparition said

"I've been made this offer before" Harry said evenly "I didn't take it. No power is worth my soul"

"Even the power to bring back your family?" the shadow sneered

"My family are always with me" Harry said "I don't need what you could offer"

"You are weak boy" the shadow snarled as he drew a lightsaber "Your love makes you weak and you will die here alone with your fears"

"Then come and cut me down" Harry said as he spread his arms wide in front of him "Because I will not become you, not now, not ever"

The shadow of Harry charged forward with his lightsaber raised over his head, but Harry didn't move.

But when the apparition entered the light and swung the blood red lightsaber blade as Harry, he vanished.

And in that same instant the lights in the chamber returned. And Harry found himself in the council chamber, with the Jedi masters sitting watching him.

"Well done" Master Windu said as Harry turned to face him "Not many Jedi truly defeat that test"

"Faced your fear you have" Master Yoda said "Conquered it, showed courage you have"

"I was always taught" Harry said "That courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the ability to stand your ground in spite of that fear. I've been offered power many times in the past, but I knew that if I took that power I would cease to be the person I was, that I would be selling my life and my soul"

"Show wisdom beyond your years you do my Padawan" Master Yoda said.

"Now let us see how far that wisdom extends" Master Mundi said

"How far have you studied the Sith Padawan Potter?" Master Kitso asked.

"As far as I could search into their history Master Kitso" Harry said

"What is your opinion of the Dark side?" Master Kitso asked

"It doesn't exist" Harry said

Every Jedi in the room gazed at Harry as Kitso said "Elaborate"

Harry took a deep breath as he said "I was once told, that power is neither good nor evil. That it is the will if the user that determines the way it is used.

The same is true of the force. The Ancient Sith delved deeply into the Force and their anger, hatred and malice twisted the power they harnessed. This in turn led to the Sith vying against each other for more power in a civil war that drove them to near extinction on Korriban four millenia ago.

It wasn't the Force, be it Dark or Light that destroyed them, the Sith did that to themselves. But to the same extent I'm wrong, the Sith may have corrupted the Force within them in their use of it, but the Force does not inhabit the body, it simply flows through us, so the Sith may have in fact created the Dark Side"

This sent murmurs of discussion through the council chamber, until Master Windu raised his hand for silence and said "Then what is your opinion of the possibility of the Sith's return"

"The Sith Order has not returned Master Windu" Harry said "Darth Maul may be trained in the Sith Arts, he may even follow the Sith Code, but he was no Sith. Master Windu was right ten years ago, the Sith could not have returned without the Jedi seeing it the Dark Side wouldn't completely hide them. These Dark Jedi, if you will, are using the Dark Side to obscure themselves from the Jedi and sneaking around in dark shadows like an assassin in the night"

(AN thank you Samurai Demon-God Sekikage)

Murmurs broke out again throughout the chamber as Harry stood silent at its centre. He knew he had caused several revelations today and it would take time for them to be debated.

But Master Yoda decided to debate the matters another day and called for silence "Other business we have today"

"Agreed" Master Mundi said as he and Master Yoda stood and approached Harry

"Kneel Padawan Potter" Master Mundi said Harry said nothing as he complied.

"For ten years you have studied here as a Padawan learner" Master Mundi said "You have shown patience, wisdom, compassion, diplomacy, courage, justice, honour and humility" Harry remained silent as he bowed his head "And today you faced the greatest fear of a Jedi Knight and you have prevailed over it. It is now my honour, to bestow upon you the rank of Jedi Knight. With all the duties, privileges and responsibilities therein, congratulations"

Harry smiled as Master Yoda unravelled his Padawan braid and congratulated his student, but Harry bowed once he was on his feet and said "I couldn't have done it without you Master"

"Done well you have Jedi Potter" Master Yoda smiled "A great Jedi you will make and good teacher in years to come"

"I planed to see a little more of the Galaxy before that Master" Harry said "But for now, am I getting an assignment right away?"

"Yes" Master Windu said as Harry stood straight "Intwo weeks Senator Amidala will be arriving to speak regarding the Senates vote for the formation of an army to stand against the Separatists, we want you and Knight Kenobi to provide security for the Senator while she is on Coruscant. Master Jinn and his Padawan will join you when they return from Ansion in a few day"

"Yes Master" Harry bowed.

"The Senator will be arriving in twelve days, contact the Queen's head of security, Captain Typho, to get more details, he will be expecting your communication" Master Windu said

"Yes Master" Harry bowed

Master Windu nodded as he said "For now, take a few days off, I saw the bruises you got from the Wookie Mercenary"

Harry smiled as he turned on his heel and left the council chamber, adjusting his ponytail to include his unravelled Padawan braid, when he reached the door Obi-Wan was waiting outside, the Knight handed Harry back his Lightstaff.

But as soon as Harry touched the hilt a great blinding light washed over Harry and the hilt.

The light began to shine for a moment before it exploded and blew Harry off his feet and back into the centre of the council chamber.

He just slid to a stop in front of Master Yoda's chair as the light faded away and Harry lay flat on his back, his Lightstaff in his hand, with a familiar phoenix perched on his stomach.

Harry groaned as he opened his eyes and saw the Phoenix.

"Fawkes?" he asked

"Yes that would be me Hatchling" the Phoenix replied

"I haven't been a Hatchling in over a decade my fine feathered friend" Harry chuckled as he sat up "Now what're you doing here?"

"The Fates have sent me here to watch over you and your new companions" Fawkes replied as he took up his place on Harry's left wrist as the Wizard turned Jedi stood up and collected his Lightstaff.

"You know this creature Harry?" Master Windu asked.

"We're old friends" Harry said "He told me the Force sent him to keep an eye on me"

"What is he?" Master Mundi asked

"A Phoenix" Harry said "He was the watcher of Hogwarts for nearly one thousand years. And a good friend to me through many dangers"

The Phoenix trilled brightly before launching himself off Harry's arm and landing on the arm of Master Yoda's chair.

"I feel long life in this one" Fawkes said "He has seen much and learned much"

"Well I suppose that's to be expected when he's only a few centuries younger than you" Harry laughed.

Master Yoda harrumphed as he stroked Fawkes's plumage lightly "Rude it is to discuss your master in a language he cannot understand"

Harry chuckled as he said "Sorry Master, Fawkes never learned to speak Human, but he can understand languages just fine…and based on his stance I'd say he's chosen his new companion"

"Me it should not be" Yoda said

"But it should Master" Harry said "Fawkes has always been the companion of the Headmaster of Hogwarts, who was typically the oldest and wisest wizard of the generation. Which is you at present. And besides, Fawkes will be of great use to the council, he can sense darkness and mistrust in people, he is capable of transporting groups of up to four people across a planet in an instant, he can carry immense masses and his tears can heal most wounds that would be fatal"

"What does he eat?" Master Mundi asked

"What any other bird would eat" Harry shrugged "He may have hunted on occasion back at Hogwarts I don't know, I only took care of him for six months after Dumbledore died, but I doubt he'd be able to catch anything on Coruscant, so just feed him meat, raw or cooked it doesn't matter, he'll probably sleep up here or in Master Yoda's quarters"

"Up here" Fawkes chirped "I like the sunlight"

"Sleep here my new companion has decided" Yoda said "A perch he needs now"

"I'll take care of that" Harry said as he raised his left hand and gathered his energy. And a moment later a shining metal perch appeared behind Master Yoda's seat "That perch will be able to withstand the temperatures from his burning day"

"Burning day?" Master Kitso asked

"It's a day that occurs every six months of a Phoenixes life" Harry said "Where their body bursts into flames and burns to ash, hence the tray beneath the perch. And from those ashes Fawkes will be reborn as a chick and the cycle starts over again"

"Is it painful?" Mistress Gallia asked

"Not at all" Harry said "It is just a part of his natural life cycle, one which will continue for eternity"

"Very well" Master Yoda said "Helpful he will be I think, in the future" then the Jedi Master led his new familiar to the brass coloured perch and set him on it.

Harry smiled to his Master and his old friend before he spun on his heel and left, all the while thinking "I'd better come up with a backup Lightsaber in case this happens again…lets see, ten days before my next potential combat situation, all the parts I'd need are in my quarters, All I'll need is the crystals…no problem"

As Harry walked towards the elevator with Obi-Wan he still couldn't believe it. He was a Jedi now, a fully fledged Knight of the Republic. A Galactic mediator and Peacekeeper.

"I guess it's time to start living that new life Sirius was talking about" Harry said as he watched the twin suns of Coruscant continue their ascent into the sky.

Harry smiled as he thought to himself "I'll live my life Padfoot, the best I can"

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