Okay, this is my first One Piece Story so don't get made at me if I mess things up or something!

Background story: Monkey D. Luffy and his crew supposedly found One Piece but no one knows if they really did find it or not. All anyone knew was that they traveled through the Grand Line and when they left, the crew went their separate ways. Luffy became a great pirate and became well known. He also got Shanks looks: scratches across his eye except he has it on the right eye and wears a red coat over his shoulders like how Shanks wears his black. Everyone but Usopp, who stayed with Luffy, left Luffy's crew and went back to normal lives. Zoro went back to being a bounty hunter, hunting pirates down like the good old days. Surprisingly, they let him become a bounty hunter again. Nami went back to Cocoyasha and living a peaceful life with the people of the village; no one's sure but it's said that Nami's drew a map of the whole world. Sanji went back to the Baratie to cook up mean meals for those in need of food. Chopper went back to Drum Island and was had a warm welcome by almost everyone but Doctor Kureha... but Chopper knew she really cared for him and was happy he was back. Chopper then became the best doctor on the island. Nico Robin's whereabouts are unknown, but everyone thinks that she's continuing her work as an archeologist and continues to search for the True History of the Black Text, that is, unless she already found it. Franky is said to have built his dream ship and Is currently sailing the seas with it but this has yet t obe proven. Brook's wherabouts are also unknown, some rumoring he's back with Luffy and others saying that he's still on Reverse Mountain. In other words, all the crew members went back to normal lives as if none of their adventures has happened. When people asked them is they even found One Piece, none of them gave a straight answer…

"This must be it," said a girl around older teenager age peering over a wall at a boy with spiky but low dark brown, messy hair, training with swords. The girl was wearing a black sports bra with an open red vest over it, blue shorts that goes to her knees, and flat brown boots. She had brown eyes and long black braided hair that goes to her waist.

The person that was practicing sword fighting turned to see the girl looking at him over his wall.

"Who are you?" he asked giving the girl a glare that means 'Get out or I'll make you.' He wore a brown shirt with some white outlining and black pants with matching black boots. Around his waist is an old green haramaki around his waist along with a work out dark green bandana over his left arm.

"Do you live here?" asked the girl who got half her body over the wall while still hanging onto it.

"I asked first," said the boy flatly and puts his two swords back into their sheaths with a third one that was already hanging on his sash.

"But I had a question too, you answer first!" said the girl as she jumped over to his side but landed flat on her back letting out an 'Ow.'

"Yes I live here, so who are you?" he asked again now with a bit of irritation in his voice as he crossed his arms and watched her stand back up.

"Oh! That's great! Are you Garret, the Pirate Hunter and the son of the best swordsman in the world?" asked the girl with excitement,

"Maybe, so who are you?"

"Yes! I did it! I found the first member of my crew!" she shouted bouncing up and down.

"Your crew? You're a pirate!" he exclaimed and drew out one of his swords.

"You bet! And I'm going to be Queen of the Pirates! The Pirate Queen!" she said and stopped jumping and pointed at herself proudly.

"...And you're telling me this, why?" the boy known as Garret asked but the girl completely ignored that question.

"Oh, another reason I was climbing over your wall was because um…well did you see a straw hat come flying in here?" she asked.

"Yes, but I don't want pirates in my backyard!" Garret shouted and was about to attack but the girl made a cute pouty face.

"But I want my straw hat back!" she whined and she suddenly noticed it inside his house by the open door,

"There it is!" and reached for it by stretching her arm,

"What the?" Garret jumped back with surprise, completely taken back by that ability.

She put the hat back on while Garret still stared with wide eyes.

"Oh yeah," she pulled the side of her mouth,

"I'm a rubber girl!" she said.

"Rubber? Straw hat? Are you related to that pirate named Monkey D. Luffy?" he asked in a serious tone.

"I'll answer that only if you answer this: Are you the son of Roronoa Zoro?"

"I thought I answered that when you asked me if I was the son of the greatest swordsman in the world. Yes, I'm his son. He told me he used to be part of this rubber man's pirate crew once," he answered.

"I'm definitely related to him. I'm his daughter: Kiki D. Luffy! Just call me Kiki! And you're going to join my crew!" she said with huge smile.

"WHAT? I'm a pirate hunter like my father! Why would I become a pirate myself?" Garret asked, obviously didn't expect her to ask him to join a pirate crew again.

"But Zoro was my dad's first mate. And I'm not leaving until I get my first mate!" said Kiki sitting down cross-legged and crossed her legs.

"No way!"

"No way what?" she asked turning her head to the side.

"No I'm not going to become a pirate and that's final!"

"What do I have to do to get you to join?"

"I'm not going to no matter what!"

"Hm…" Kiki rubbed her chin. Garret was more stubborn than she thought.

"How did Father get Zoro to join…?" she asked to herself.

"He helped me when the Marines were going to finish me," the two turned towards the house by the door,

"Father? When did you get back?" Garret asked and slides his sword back in the sheathe again.

"Just now. So, you're Luffy's daughter huh? He's told me about you, you do look like him," said Zoro as he joined the two in the backyard.

"Yup! You must be Zoro!" she exclaimed jumping up and taking a picture out of her pocket and looked at it and then Zoro,

"Yup! You're Zoro! Just older than how you looked in this picture. So nice to meet you!" said Kiki and puts the picture back in her pocket again and then bowed to Zoro when she greeted him.

"Are you on a quest to find One Piece?" Zoro asked leaning against the wall.

"You bet! My father told me to round up all the decedents of his original crew when I'm ready to start my pirate career!" she explained,

"And who do you have so far?" Zoro asked raising an eyebrow,

"Him," Kiki replied cheerfully and pointed at Garret.

"I said I'm not joining!" Garret shouted with an anime vein.

"…I think you should," said Zoro looking at Garret, then Kiki,

"But Father, I can't! I'm a pirate hunter not a pirate! And you guys never found One Piece so how can we?" Garret pointed out.

"I never said whether or not we found One Piece. But if you want to be the best swordsman in the world, I suggest you go with her. You'll never get the experience you need to defeat me at the rate you're going," said Zoro and walked towards them.

"You became the best swordsman in the world because you joined a pirate crew?" Garret asked a bit confused. Considering that wasn't the original story he was told when he was younger.

"That's right, so where's you ship?" Zoro asked.

"THAT'S YOUR SHIP?" both Garret and Zoro exclaimed at the sight of a tiny boat,

"How are you going to have a crew with that tiny thing?" Garret asked pointing at it as it floats on the water.

"It's better than a barrel," grumbled Kiki looking away from him.

"This is all too familiar," thought Zoro with a sweatdrop.

"Alright, I'll go. But for you father, not me," said Garret and growled under his breath,

"Yes! I got myself a first mate! One rule: I'm the captain!" said Kiki.

Garret got some things and set sail with Kiki.

"Be careful out there Garret and don't let her push you around too much!" Zoro cried after them,

Garret waved back,

"Don't worry! I won't!"

"Thanks!" Kiki cried.

"I can't believe Luffy actually let his daughter do this…" said Zoro shaking his head.

"I can't believe I'm coming with you," said Garret and then mutters under his breath for a bit,

"Remember, I'm the captain, no questions asked. And whenever I fall into the water, save me because I can't swim," she said steering the boat.

"You can't swim? How are you going to be a pirate if you can't swim!?" laughed Garret but Kiki smacks him over the head a few times.

"Hey wait, where are we going?" he asked after some time of drifting.

His new 'friend' and captain took out her picture and looked at the back of it,

"Cocoyasha," she answered.

So this means they're trying to find Nami's descendent. Please R and R.