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Prince Zuko is determined to catch Aang, The Avatar. He has had many methods to catch the boy and all have failed tremendously. But now he has a new plot to capture the Avatar-- and it involves Katara.

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The day was uncommonly dark; thick gray clouds floated above the Fire Navy Ship, covering the all shining sun. Small waves crashed againt the bow of the vessel and small droplets of water splashed onto the large metal deck. A significant breeze cooled the day, unusual for the dry season. Everyone aboard the ship could sense a small amount of triumph in the air.

He stood on the nose of the large ship, staring with determination at an island up ahead.

For years, he has been hunting him. Searching for him. He was so tired...and so miserable.

This was no way to live life.

Who knows how many times he had wanted to give up. To call it quits and just settle down on the Earth Kingdom, away from the Fire Nation. Away from the man who had scarred him for life.

God knows how many times the young Prince had cried in complete silence because the pressure of finding and capturing the impossible became unbearable. Imagine waking every morning to have a haunting question lurking in your mind: Why doesn't he want me?

It seemed so unfair. Life seemed so unfair. All he had wanted to do was to save a few lives. Why was he punished? Why was caring such a crime?

Zuko scoffed in spite of himself.

Because the Fire Nation isn't allowed to feel compassion for anyone. Having compassion is a weakness, and the Nation can't run on a weak ruler, not since the war on world domination started one hundred years ago.

Never in his young life did he feel so unwanted. So unloved. He needed his father to love him. He needed someone to care about him, like no uncle ever could. But life was unfair.

Especially with him.

His hopes of ever finding someone who would love him unconditionally were long since gone. Ever since that day, two years ago, when his own father wordlessly told him to leave and never come back. That he was not wanted by neither the Fire Nation, his sister, or even him.

But especially him.

It was one day when he realized that he never truly had a friend. A companion. Unlike the Avatar, who had many friends. Especially those two Water Tribe siblings that traveled with him. The Avatar would do anything for them.

It was then that it came to him like a bolt of lightening. Why hadn't it occur to him before?

The Avatar would do anything for those two. Anything.

And a plan began to formulate in his mind. He could kidnap one of them and threaten to hurt them if the boy did not surrender.

Zuko considered taking the warrior boy, but the kid was so annoying that killing the moron before the Avatar surrendered was inevitable. That left the waterbender girl-- the one whom he had captured once before, but somehow escaped from the tree he had tied her to. He would steal her away after threatening the Avatar to cause her pain if he didn't give in. Hopefully it would work.

Hopefully the Avatar wouldn't see through him and find out that he wouldn't even lift a finger on her. Hopefully the Avatar wouldn't see that the he had morals, and that hurting women was strongly against them. Hopefully the Avatar wouldn't realize that Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation has a heart that still cares.


"Aang, are you sure it's very safe to stop here? Zuko hasn't stopped following us and he might find us here," Katara said worriedly, trying her best not bite her nails.

"Katara, what are the odds that they'll stop on a insignificant island like this one? We're just going to get some food for us and Appa and then we'll leave. Don't worry," Aang said smiling at her. "Sokka, tell Katara that she shouldn't worry." Aang turned around, finding the Water Tribe boy examining some exotic fruit. "…Sokka?"

Sokka continued to stare at the produce lying before him, but soon snapped out of histrance and turned to face his worried sister. "What?…Oh yeah, don't worry Katara." The warrior turned back around and lifted an apple. Staring at it with hungry eyes, he continued, "I mean--what are the odds of Prince Zuko coming here and actually finding us?"

As though in cue, Zuko stepped out from behind an old wooden shack and pulled the unaware girl towards him. His heart began racing when her body was pressed right against his, but he shook it off and lit a fireball. He held the fire next to her face and smirked victoriously when panic flooded the young Avatar's eyes. "I think pretty good odds."

"Leave her alone! She didn't do anything to you!" Aang yelled with his staff ready in hand.

"If you try anything, I'll kill her," he warned and neared the blaze closer to the Water Tribe girl's beautiful face. "And no...I don't want to leave her alone. She's useful to me. I think I'll have her. She seems like a good worker, don't you agree?" the arrogant Prince said, pleased with his remark.

Sokka turned around, facing the man holding his sister and innocently answering with, "Actually she really is a good worker. Her sew--"

"Sokka, shut up!" Aang yelled and shot his friend a death glare.

Zuko raised an eyebrow in amusement. "Your stupidity amazes me. ...So, do you want her back Avatar?"

Aang eyed Prince Zuko suspiciously. To actually directly address him wasn't ever a good thing. He wanted something in return for Katara's safety. "Why do you ask?"

"You can have her backsafely if you turn yourself in after sunset." Zuko smirked at Aang. He's going to do it.

"No! Aang, you can't turn yourself in! I can take care of myself. Aang, please don't!" Katara yelled and began pull herself away from Zuko.

Afraid that he would burn her, the Prince put out his flame and grabbed her shoulder fiercely as she continued to kick and punch her way out of his grip.

Sokka saw him panic for Katara's safety. He wouldn't kill her.

Katara began to cry in desperation as Zuko's hands held her shoulders tighter. And the tighter he gripped her, the hotter his hands got. It was beginning to burn through her clothes.

"The more you struggle, the more you'll hurt," Zuko whispered in her ear as he noticed the girl wince in pain.

Katara sighed in defeat. He was right. "Go Aang. Run!" Katara yelled with tears in her eyes.

"I can't let you--," Aang began to say.

Sokka placed ana hand on the Avatar's shoulder and gave his sister a smile despite the cirmstances. "Let her go Zuko. Let's talk about this, but don't hurt her--"

"I already gave you the terms of this situation," the Prince interrupted impatiently, his voice raising with his temper."The Avatar can turn himself in for her safety or..." Heyanked on Katara's braid, causing herto let out a cry of surprise and pain.

Aang furrowed his brow at Zuko. "Let her go!" he ordered and stomped his foot in demand. This was going to far.

"Go Aang," the waterbendersaid quietly. "I'll be okay..."

"Either way Avatar, think about it. Consider the consequences of your decisions with a level head," the firebender advised. "You know where I am if you make the right choice."

Aang growled and lifted his staff in an attempt to knock Zuko down but Sokka stopped him. "No Aang. If you attack him, he could hurt her."

Zuko turned Katara from her friends and pushed her forward. "C'mon," he ordered behind her, his hands gripping her shoulders tightly. "Maybe if you behave I won't put you in the brig."

The Water Tribe girl scowled but kept walking. "Go to hell."

"Sometimes the two people who are meant for eachother, are the last two who realize it." -unknown

It was midnight and Zuko paced back and forth on the deck of his ship. He was angry. Another plan failed! The Avatar should be long gone by now. What was he going to do with the girl? Maybe I'll just leave her, he thought. He looked over at Katara. She was sitting on the ground with her head in her hands…sobbing. He walked over to her and lifted her by the wrists. "What am I going to do with you?" he asked indifferently.

"Do what you will. I don't care. Dump me somewhere if you want," Katara said, trying to be brave. She wiped her tears and took a deep breath.

He looked at her in secret admiration. She was courageous, he'd give her that. "Guards!" Zuko yelled, "Prepare the extra room for Miss..." I don't even know her name.

"Katara from the Water Tribe," she responded proudly.

"Katara. She will be staying with us from now on," Zuko yelled across the deck, his face stoic. "We can always use a girl around here, and who knows, the Avatar might come to get you." He let her go and watched her stumble backwards.

"I'll see you later for breakfast," Prince Zuko stated coldly and walked away.

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