Chapter 1: Just a Taste

"Buffy duck!" Willow called as Spike swung his fist at her. Buffy easily ducked and rolled out of the way.

"Thanks Wills," she called out.

"Anytime," Willow told her and resumed trying to find a way to escape with Xander.

"Why are we always the ones stuck in no escaping places?" Xander complained.

"Because that's our job," Willow told him and then noticed a door that was blocked off.

"Quick, the door!" Willow hissed and Xander nodded. They crouched down low and stealthily made their way to the exit.

"That all you got Slayer? You and your little mates?" Spike taunted and threw another lucky punch. Buffy retaliated with a punch of her own that sent him reeling.

"Better than what you have, Spikey," Buffy retorted and Spike growled at her.

"Please-you and the little Scooby gang and broody peaches? Where is the big strapping hero anyway?" Spike asked her as he made a roundhouse kick.

"He." Buffy flipped to avoid his kick, "Is." she jumped up with a high kick to Spike's chin, snapping his neck back, "Coming."

Spike winced, rubbing his neck. He stayed down to make her think he was more hurt than he really was.

"Right." He drawled.

"And you're gonna be dust," Buffy informed him and straddled his legs and raised her stake, ready to dust. At inhumane speed, Spike quickly flipped their positions. Big Bad was on top now.

"Sure about that?" He sneered, holding her hands down and using his legs to keep hers from moving.

Buffy began to panic and started wriggling, trying to get loose.

Spike shook his head at her, "None of that now Slayer," he whispered, "I've got you now."

"Willow! Xander!" Buffy yelled, hoping her friends hadn't gone too far.

Spike let out a chilling laugh that made Buffy shiver.

"Sorry pet, looks like it's just you and me."

Spike bent down to her neck and shifted into his game face, "Third times the charm," he whispered in her ear and then bit her.

Buffy let out a cry at the sharp pain. God that hurt and now she was going to die. And there was so much she still wanted to do. Buffy feebly struggled.

"Don't," She heard Spike mutter, "Otherwise I'll make it really hurt."

It was then she noticed it didn't hurt so much anymore. The pain had faded and it started to feel…nice. Like champagne bubbles rising up to her head and a throbbing, heated sensation below.

If this is what dying is like it's not too bad, Buffy thought as she closed her eyes. The sensations became even stronger and she lazily clutched Spike closer. Nice.

Spike didn't know why he was making this good for her. At first he'd been planning to rip her lungs, maybe heart, out and give them to Dru as a present. But now…with her clutching him even closer and that sweet gasp she made…he wanted it to feel nice. Bloody hell.

Buffy was drowning in the heady sensations, she felt like she was going to burst any second and all she wanted to do was keep feeling this way.

Then suddenly it was gone. Like she'd just stepped out of a hot bath and the cool air had hit her. She wanted it back.

She opened her eyes slowly, grimacing at her sudden pounding head and blurry eyes.

"What?" she managed before everything went blissfully black.

"You fucking idiot," Angel growled as he yanked Spike off Buffy. Spike went into the wall and Angel heard his ribs make a satisfying crack.

Spike just laughed and then winced at his broken ribs.

"Get the hell out." Angel said steely, a stake in his hand, "Before I stake you."

Spike just let out another laugh, "Tell the Slayer I'll see her later." And with that he quickly ran out before Angel could reach him.

Angel swept Buffy into his arms and carried her to the nearest hospital.

Spike lay back on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He couldn't get her out of his mind. The damnable Slayer, with her bouncy shampoo commercial hair, her wide smile, her lovely petite body. And her blood. It was the ambrosia of the gods.

He wanted more.

"Oh sweet Slayer, I'll see you soon. Turns out just a taste isn't enough."

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