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"Us… martial arts…?" Harry repeated in shock. He pointed to himself and then to the two first years. He gulped. "Like fighting with hands and feet?"

Ron rolled his eyes. "Well duh. What else could it be?"

"Shut up Ron," Hermione snapped automatically, though her eyes were glazed over with excitement. "Maybe you could teach us about your heritage too!"

Ron immediately rolled his eyes. "That's Hermione for you, more excited about the actual knowledge than about the fighting." Hermione gave the red haired boy a fierce scowl.

"Life isn't all about fighting Ron."

"Neither is education!"

"Education is very necessary in life. You will get nowhere without knowledge and school and stop making faces at me!" Hermione said shrilly. Ron stopped trying to mock Hermione and scowled at her.

"School, grades, knowledge, books, don't you think of anything fun?" He retorted.

"One of these days you're going to have no money, no food and no water and we'll see who made the better choices!" Hermione shrieked.

"Oh yeah?"

"Shut up!" Harry yelled, frustrated. Couldn't they stop arguing for one day? Was it really that hard to ask?! He was going to say more, except he was interrupted by a hardly-contained laughter coming from Trunks.

"What's so funny?" Ron asked, eyes narrowed.

Gohan sighed. "It's nothing; he just hasn't seen much of an argument since we left Japan. He finds it amusing."

Trunks' laughter subsided as he glared at his friend. "It's not because of that. It's because they remind me of my parents before they got married. They argued over every little thing."

Ron blushed hotly. "You are bloodily mistaken if you think I'm ever going to marry that … that bookworm!" Hermione, who was gaping in shock, instantly closed her mouth at the insult and glared back at Ron.

"Like I'd ever marry an impudent, rude, arrogant worm like you!" Hermione screeched back at him. Once again, the bickering started. Fresh insults were thrown across the room, along with heated glares. Harry sighed, tired from all the fighting. He walked away from the bickering… er… couple and their spectators as Gryffindors began to take notice of their argument. Gohan and Trunks followed him to a more secluded part of the Common Room.

"About this martial arts thing…" Harry started as they sat down on the ground. "How's it going to work?"

"You're willing to take the lessons?" Trunks asked surprised. Harry nodded.

"Uh yeah, why wouldn't I?"

"It's very straining on the body, especially since you haven't been trained when you were younger. Plus it takes a lot of effort and you will be extremely tired and exhausted after every session. I wasn't sure you were going to take up the challenge. It isn't as simple as it looks," Trunks explained.

Harry soaked in this information, but he nodded again. "I still want to do this, if it will help me with Voldemort, then I will take these lessons." Trunks and Gohan exchanged glances before nodding both their heads.

"Alright then," Gohan said quietly. "We'll meet every Saturdays, behind the Gryffindor Tower at 5 in the morning. We'll fly you three over to the place where me and Trunks usually train."

Harry's jaw dropped. "Five in the morning?"

Trunks nodded. "Well you don't want anyone to notice you've been gone right? Don't worry; you'll be used to it after a while. It will go until 6:30 then we'll take you back and you three can take a nice long shower. Oh, and I guess we'll have to notify Dumbledore on this."

Harry opened his mouth to speak, but he was interrupted by a loud yell from a voice that seemed to be Hermione's'. "Shut up Ron! If school is unnecessary to you then stop copying my homework!" Silence followed this statement then the Gryffindors roared with laughter.

Fred and George laughed with them as they approached their red-faced brother. They patted him on the back, hard. "Tsk tsk, Ronniekuns. What would mum say if she ever found out…?" Fred teased, mocking.

"If she ever found out you were arguing with your future wife…?" George finished. The twins laughed and gave each other hi-fives.

"We're not married!!!" Hermione and Ron both screamed.

"Sure, sure," George laughed. "Whatever you say lovebirds."

The Gryffindor common room was filled with noise once again, their laughter overcoming the angry shouts of the red-faced second years in the middle. Ron, embarrassed and humiliated, pushed some Gryffindors out of his way (he was sure to kick both Fred and George in the shins, hard), and decided to run up to the boys' dormitory. Of course, since it was Ron, and he was quite embarrassed, he went the wrong way and ended up walking up the stairs of the girls' dormitory.

Obviously, the staircase turned into a slide after the second step Ron took and he tripped backwards, falling onto his backside, hard. By this time, even Gohan had a small, genuine grin on his face, though his eyes told the world he was struggling to keep from laughing. Trunks was already laughing heartily while Harry buried his face into his hands, embarrassed by his friend and trying to hide the fact that he was laughing himself.

This was probably the worst of the worst, at least for Ron. He scrambled to his feet and sprinted up the right stairways and seconds after, a loud boom and a cry of rage was heard. That pretty much silenced everybody, as many people were now aware that poor, poor Ron was extremely embarrassed, and laughing probably wasn't the best idea at the moment.

Still smiling, the Gryffindors went back to what they were doing before. Harry gave the two amused first years an apologetic look and a small smile before taking off after the furious red head.

Trunks' lips quirked, amusement still shining brightly in his eyes and said, "Man, that has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen." His eyes turned to Gohan and he noticed the twitching smile that forced to take over his friend's face. "I knew the old Gohan is in there somewhere!"

Gohan immediately scowled to cover up his initial shock. "Shut up," he muttered to Trunks. "Anyone would laugh at that, except maybe if the person was insane or something."

"It's good to see you smile," Trunks said. "You should do it more often. Hopefully it won't have to be at the expense of Ron's pride."

Gohan's smile turned soft. "Yeah, I guess so." He sat down, exhausted, on a comfortable couch in front of the fireplace. He opened his mouth to speak and then closed it, clearly uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, Trunks caught him. "Come on Gohan, speak up."

Hesitantly, he said, "You know, I meant it when I said that the old me is gone, and he's never coming back. I just can't look at the world like I did before Cell, it's different. My whole perspective on the world, saving the world, is totally different from before. I saw what human mistakes lead to. It would've been different if Cell wasn't created by a human, but he was. And now, I don't know if I can protect Earth as willingly as I did before." He sighed deeply.

Trunks sat beside Gohan and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Not everyone is like Gero, Gohan. Yes, human makes mistakes, we do too, and no matter what, everyone is worth saving. I hope you haven't forgotten that your mom is human too."

"Of course not!" Gohan whispered fiercely. "It's just that, everyone that we've fought so far had always been … alien. That's one of the main reasons I even protect Earth, because the problem, the thing that wants to destroy it is always, always, alien. It's hard to explain…"

"You don't want to protect Earth every time humanity makes a mistake."

Gohan nodded slowly, sort of surprised that Trunks had it right on. "Does that make me a bad person?"

"Nah," Trunks gave him a half-smile. "It makes you human." He paused for a second to see Gohan's lip quirk into an ironic smile before shifting his gaze to the ever-burning fireplace. "Now onto the matter of telling Dumbledore… I don't think he's going to be that pleased…"


Dumbledore frowned at the two young students sitting in front of him. "And Harry agreed to this?"

"Yes, sir," Trunks said. "We asked him first of course."

"Ron and Hermione want to take these lessons too?"

"Yes sir."

Dumbledore gave them a hard stare. "I'll see what I can do to bend the rules a bit. But, I don't want him to do anything that is dangerous, or too strenuous on his body and health. And this will not interfere with his studies."

"Understood," Gohan said.

"Now when is this training?" Dumbledore asked a smile back on his wrinkly face.

"Every Saturday, at 5 in the morning…"

Dumbledore instantly frowned at the time. "Mr. Son, Briefs, when I mentioned that I didn't want him to do anything strenuous on his health, I meant his mental health as well. Lack of sleep will interfere with their studies, and I will not tolerate that."

"But…" Trunks protested.

"No," Dumbledore said firmly. "I'm afraid you'll have to change the time."

"We simply can't just do it in the middle of the day. People will be suspicious of where they're going. And if they ever found out, some of them may want to join in the training, and we can't have swarms of trainees…" Gohan said.

"I'm sure you two can come up with a believable excuse," Dumbledore said. "You've done so well in hiding your heritage so far. As for the training place, I have the perfect room that is inside school grounds. No one will bother you there."

Gohan frowned. "How are you sure that no one will find us in this place of yours?"

Dumbledore smiled mysteriously. "You'll know when you see it won't you?"

Trunks slowly nodded. "Then I think 9-10 o'clock in the morning will do for the time. How about that Gohan?" His friend reluctantly agreed.

"Perfect. I'll show you the room myself at 9 on Saturday. Come see me after breakfast. You may go now."

Gohan and Trunks both stood up and bowed respectively before heading out of his office. The moment they stepped out, they knew something was wrong. They both felt the dark aura, and Gohan's head snapped to the right.

"That way."

The two ran towards the chillingly dark aura and was surprised at what they found. A small boy that they recognized as Colin Creevey, the boy who freakishly stalked Harry, was lying down, his mouth open in shock and his camera in front of him.

By the time they accessed the situation, the dark aura had gone back to where it came from, and people were already crowding around the seemingly frozen boy.

"Could they be the ones that did this to him?" Their Saiyan ears caught the accusation whisper that was louder than the others. They looked at each other, some form of shock forming on their faces. The people thought they did this?

Filch shoved people impatiently away as he fought to get to the front. When he saw the still boy, he silently gasped and turned around to face the crowd.

"Who did this?" he rasped. Everyone turned to face Gohan and Trunks. "You two! Did you do this?"

"No sir," Trunks answered automatically.

"Lies," Filch hissed. "You did this to my cat too, I presume?"

Trunks opened his mouth in retaliation, but Dumbledore's deceptively calm voice overpowered him. "No, Filch, it can't be these two."

"And why is that?" Filch growled.

"I had just spoken with the two only minutes ago. It would be impossible. No, this is something else..." his voice trailed off, and a haunted knowing gleam shined in his eyes. "Bring Mr. Creevey to the Hospital Wing. Come on now…"

Gohan and Trunks shuffled away along with their peers, but they couldn't help noticing that they avoided them, shied away from them, standing at least a meter away. Trunks rolled his eyes.

"Oh man," he muttered to Gohan. "They really do think we're the ones doing this!"


End of Chapter 14.

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