Tell Me What's Wrong

Summery: 'You're Disgusting! No one will ever love you!' His father's words rang through his head… Serious Andros emotional torture coming on! A/A eventually! R&R plz!

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Andros sat and looked around the Surf Spot, he saw his teammates looking happy as they danced to the to-loud-music. With all the people around his he was starting to feel really self-conscious, he held his arms close to him as if someone was going to find out his secrets if he didn't latterly hold himself together. He hadn't been feeling good lately and now he had to deal with this annoying crowed.

He quickly stood, and after being run into and nearly falling to the floor and having a breakdown right there, he made it to the door, he quickly pushed out side, the nice cold air hit him in the face, as did a small drizzle.

Tears began to slowly run down his face. He walked into the park across the street and sat down on the grass.

Why couldn't he take this? Why? It was only a restaurant…why couldn't he just get over the past?

He heard footsteps behind him, and quickly dried his face. He felt people sit next to him on the grass. He looked around him to see his friends sit down with him; the five were now in a small circle.

Ashley was on his right and Cassie was on his left. Ashley put her hand on his knee. He flinched involuntarily and she pulled away now confused. She looked at the others who exchanged confused and concerned looks; Andros just stared at the grass. TJ decided to start the conversation.

"Why'd you leave man?"

"Yea was something wrong?" Cassie added

"Um, well…I guess…I don't really like crowds." He said his face turning red at the confession. Why was he so embarrassed? They were his friends' right?

"Yea I hate 'em too." said Ashley

"Then why do you go to places like this?" inquired Andros

"Well…because they're fun!"

"If you hate crowds how can they be fun?" he was now totally and utterly confused

"Well…um…" Ashley looked at the other rangers for back up

"It's like, we don't like the people around us, but we have to much fun to care…" piped in Carlos

"Oh…" Andros suddenly felt a true sense of envy at the fact they could have so much fun, while he's having claustrophobia problems. Why couldn't he have been a human of earth? Be like his friends? They always seem so…happy…Why was he so jealous? He liked being alone…at least he thought he did…

"What's Wrong Andros?"

"Uh-" 'Think! Think! What do I say!' he screamed in his mind "Nothing." 'Smooth…'

"You sure? You know you can talk to us." Said Cassie

"Yea…um, I'm gonna head home. Later guys."


After he walked away, they saw a red light in the sky. They sat there for a while then re-entered the 'surf spot' for another drink.


Once back on the ship Andros looked around and they walked into the bathroom. He opened a drawer and pulled out a razor…

'You're disgusting. No one will ever love you!' His father's words rang through his head. That night flashed before him:

'You sicken me!'


'You disgust me!'


'No one will ever love you!'


'Dad stop please!'


Kick, Punch.

'You're disgusting you piece of sh!t I give you everything! And this is how you repay me! By whining! '

'Daddy! Please! It hurts!'


Punch, Kick, Punch, Slap -

Andros flinched as if this had really happened. He looked at his arm, the cuts just didn't seem like enough anymore, so he slowly brought the razor to his neck…

End of 1?

(Let it be known that I don't and won't ever support cutting, suicide, or any type of self-mutilation. And I never will. So don't go saying that I do.)