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One Year Later

Andros stood in front of the mirror staring at the long red scar that took up 80 percent of his stomach. This scar was never going to go away…no matter what he did.

"It's always gonna be there…" he whispered, he slowly ran the fingers of his left hand over the red line. "Oh god dad…why did it have to be this way?" he whispered.

There was a knock at his door; he spun around in surprise. Ashley stood in the doorway; a look of pure concern and love was flowing from her eyes. Andros immediately dropped the hem of his shirt and tried to look like he had been doing nothing that was as emotionally shattering as the scar was.


"Ashley…please, don't."

"Andros. I only want to help…We all want to help."

"Please, don't make me talk about it."

"I'm not making you do anything, but if you keep shutting us out, the depression will just grow. You may end up cutting again! Please…Andros…just…Tell me what's wrong."

"Ashley, you know what's wrong! We all do! We all know I'm a freak! We all know I'm the weirdo who couldn't fight off his own father—WHEN HES THE RED-F..KING RANGER!"

Ashley didn't even blink, they had all gotten so used to these outbursts, but that didn't mean they didn't feel bad. They spent night and day trying to cheer him up. She remembered when they fought his father while he was still in the med bay.


The 4 jumped onto the pavement to find the one man they all wished dead standing before them.

"Howdy rangers!" he greeted rather gleefully.



All of them unable to control their anger went running at him, he seemed more powerful then before, he was able to fight them all off. Ashley took an attack from behind and shot him with her blaster, he fell forward, he flipped onto his back to find Ashley with her gun pointed right at his neck.

"Go ahead kill me! I already did all I wanted to do! Soon that little weak bastard-"

"He's your son!"


And with that Ashley couldn't take it.

She pulled the trigger.

That day they came home to find Andros awake, and crying.

He had watched the whole battle.


"Andros, please, you have to move on-"

"I am moving on! I haven't cut myself in a year, I've gone out and fought battles! I've eaten haven't I?"

Ashley let a laugh escape her. And to her astonishment, Andros smiled. But it soon faded and he sat down on his bed and ran his figures through his hair, "I'm sorry Ash…It's just…he was my dad…and he's gone…and Ashley," he looked up at her "As strange as this sounds…I-I miss him."

Ashley stared, "What? Why? After what he did-"

"It's not really that I miss him…but the love…he could have…but never showed me."

A tear ran down Andros' cheek. "O, Andros, I-I'm sorry."

"Me too…um, why don't we go down stairs."

The two took the others hand, Andros' finger grazing over the diamond ring he gave her 1 month ago, he smiled and looked up at her.

"Now, I have a reason to move on…I have you guys."

Tears filled Ashley's eyes and the emotion that came out in those words.

"I love you too Ashley… really, I do. You-you're the reason I never cut the blade a little harder. You're the reason…the reason I let myself live."

"O Andros!" she stopped and threw her arms around him, the two stood like that for a moment and she whispered into his shoulder

"I love you."

The End

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