Ramblings; Daisuke and Satoshi

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Daisuke: Not again!

Satoshi: (fixes glasses)

Daisuke's day started normal. He went to school, handed in homework, thought about the Harada twins, and daydreamed. Now, he was cleaning the art room. Takeshi gave him the task once again.

Daisuke: (relief) Nothing bad so far.

Satoshi: (yawn)

The door slide open and in walked Satoshi. Instantly his eyes fell on the red head. "Taking Takeshi's job once again, Niwa?" Startled, Daisuke jumped then turned around. Daisuke's face was red for embarrassment. "Yes, what are you doing here Satoshi?"

Daisuke: I like this one better than the last! Nothing bad will happen!

Satoshi: Don't get your hopes up.

Blue eyes did not move from Daisuke's face. Lovely...Satoshi thought then spoke, "I needed to speak with you." Satoshi walked toward Daisuke. "What do you need to tell me?" It seems Daisuke did not hear needed. (A/N: Past tense, hint hint!)

Daisuke: No! Not again! (widen eyes)

Satoshi: (hides eyes behind his bangs)

Before Daisuke knew it he was pinned to the wall. Satoshi's grip on his shoulders was strong, but gentle. As if in a dream Daisuke watched as Satoshi's lips came closer to his. Finally, Daisuke closed his eyes as the kiss began. Satoshi smiled against Daisuke's lips. One step closer to his love…

Daisuke: …Wow…

XxMRxX: Good wow or bad wow?

Daisuke: …Just wow…

Satoshi: Daisuke, you can say the truth.

XxMRxX: Come on!

Daisuke: Satoshi…wow…

XxMRxX: Now we're getting somewhere! (grins)

Satoshi: (scowls and tries to hide blush)

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Ramblings; Krad and Daisuke

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