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chapter 1: the christmas party!

"hey everyone! does this sound like a fun idea to you? we should have a christmas party!" shigure asked as he entered the room at which everyone was eating.

"Shigure, wat are you talking about?" yuki asked annoyed by the stupid dog.

"Yeah, wat the hell are you talking about over there!" kyo yelled at shigure.

"well, you know, it is christmas in a couple of weeks! and you have two weeks off, so why dont we have a party? i could be fun! think of the memories! the fun! the presents and a wonderful christmas dinner prepared by Tohru! You agree with me, right Tohru?" Shigure asked babbling on and on...

"hmmmmmmmmmm?" Tohru asked shigure, not really knowing wat the question was. she was busy cleaning up and wasn't paying attention to the conversation they were having.

"Well, I'm thinking that we should have a party to celebrate Christmas this year! wat do you think?"

" oh! well, i think it sounds fun!i used to celebrate Christmas with my mom. we would have a big christmas dinner, and in the morning, we would open presents..." Tohru explained remembering the good old days. while doing this, she hadn't noticed that tears were falling down her face. Yuki came up to her.

"Don't get upset, miss Honda...we don't have to if it's too painful for you." he said ina deep, caring voice while gently, with his finger, brushing away her silent tears.

"Oh no! It's fine! i didn't even realize i was crying! silly me! but you should do it! it'll be fun! don't worry about me, i'll be fine!" tohru said, blushing at yuki's soft touch.

"Yay! then it's settled! we'll invite all the sohmas! it'll be lots of fun and...ummmm...merriment!" Shigure said happily, giving tohru the thumbs up sign.

"Mmmmhhhhmmmm! it'll be fun!"

well, the first chapter! i'm so sorry it's so short, but its all i could think about to write right now! ( . v) anyway, r+r! and any advice would be more than welcome! okies, ill update soon! bye bye!