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2:19 p.m. -- Sam's and My House (Year: 2018)

Sam walked over to the couch in front of the TV and sat down next to me. It wasn't really on because I had just turned it off.

"Hi, sweetie," Sam said to me lovingly.

She was wearing her long green fluff dress, and I was wearing my Moto XXX T-shirt with Kyle Lewis' last name on the back and underneath it was a 23. When Sam sat down next to me, we began to curl up next to each other.

"Hey, Sammy," I said to her lovingly.

Sam and I were both married to each other, but we were still in love. Sam was real excited because she got word that she was receiving our first child in a few weeks.

"I can't believe it. I'm expecting my first child, but do you know what's weird?" Sam said to me.

"What's that, Sammy, darling?" I asked.

"That we didn't even have you-know-what. We kept our clothes alone," Sam answered.

"I know. I learned that it was still possible for a girl to get pregnant, even if the guy didn't get it on with the girl before and after they get married, and that's what happened with the two of us," I said to her. (A/n: "get it on" means having sex.)

"Wow. I never knew that," Sam said to me.

We were both married for almost 5 years, and we had already moved into our new house after I had won big bucks on "Wheel of Fortune" last month. In the front yard was a sprinkler for watering the yard and sometimes to waterplay with each other, and a garden hose for washing our new car. In the backyard had a small motocross track, a shed to keep my dirt bike, a swimming pool, diving board, 2 beach chairs, and a jacuzzi. The living room had a couple of sofas for each of us, a big screen TV, digital box and remote, a couch made for the two of us to sit next to each other, and a VCR and remote. In our bathroom was a shower, toilet, sink, a small hot tub that was only used for relaxing, and a bathtub for the two of us to relax in as well. Our kitchen had a stove, a refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker, sink, dishwasher, and a small TV for the two of us to watch. We even had a dining table for the two of us to eat together. In our basement, we had a sofa, TV, video games, video game controllers, video game consoles, a computer, remote, and remote control on 1/2 of the basement. That was my side; Sam's side was like her bedroom. She had a mirror, make-up kit, jewelry drawers, wardrobe mirror, computer of her own, and a small heart-shaped hot tub Sam had ordered online after we got married and built our house. At times when she was relaxing inside, I would ask her if I could join, and she always let me. Our bedroom had a huge bed where Sam and I slept with each other, TV, digital box and 2 remotes (1 for digital, and one for the TV), and dresser drawers where we kept our sleepclothes, outside clothes, swimwear, and extra clothes. Right next to our bed was a balcony and 2 chairs where we both would go out and sit down to watch the sunset or sunrise together.


Sam and I were walking in the park together holding hands. We began to sit down on a bench.

"Hey, Sammy?" I said to Sam.

"What is it, my sweet?" Sam asked me lovingly. I began to clutch her close to me.

"Sweet Samantha, no matter what comes between the two of us, will you marry me?" I asked in nervousness.

I took out a necklace and an emerald ring and handed them to Sam.

"Ohhhhh! Oh, Mathew, of course I'll marry you!" Sam gasped sweetly accepting the jewelry I gave her.

A month later at the "Wheel of Fortune" studios in L.A. I was a contestant and had won all but 1 round and the first toss-up. I ended up winning the speedup round after the wheel Pat spun landed on 5,000 dollars, but added an extra 1,000 to make it 6,000 dollars. I had won 14,300 dollars previously, and I got the speed-up puzzle with a total of 42,000 dollars after getting 3 S's, 2 N's, 2 A's, 2 E's, and 2 T's. The category was thing, and the puzzle was 'Instant message'. I had solved it, and Pat Sajak (the host for those of you who don't watch "Wheel of Fortune") came to me in surprise. I even shaked his hand.

"Wow! 42,000 dollars... All together -- this is an unbelievable total for Mathew, folks: 56,300 dollars -- all cash," Pat announced.

Later, Pat and I were standing at the prize wheel.

"Wow! This night has pretty much belonged to Mathew; 56,300 dollars. I see 3 girls out there in the audience, Mathew. Who are they?" Pat asked.

"Um, the girl in the middle is my fiancee Sam, and her best friends, Clover and Alex; They're my best friends as well," I answered. It made me feel so warm-hearted to say fiancee.

The girls were standing behind the railing and in front of the entire audience in the studio.

"I wanna make them happy at this moment,"

"Well, let's hope so. Give that wheel a spin and we'll find out what you might win or lose," Pat said.

I revved up my hand and I spun the wheel with everything I had. It ended up going around 6 times and landed on the comma spot.

"Alrighty. Hand me that card if you would please, Mathew," Pat requested.

I reached in and pulled out the card and handed it to Pat. We both walked to where we could get a good view of the puzzle.

"Alright. You ready?" Pat asked.

"I was born ready, Pat," I answered.


Pat chuckled a bit.

"The category tonight is 'Around the House'. R, S, T, L, N, E. Vanna may we see some of those letters?" (A/n: For those of you who don't watch "Wheel of Fortune", Vanna White is Pat's hostess for about 21 or 22 years. Everytime I see her on the streets or the beaches of some particular places, I think to myself, "Why does she get all the fun?")

The puzzle was 2 words (5 letters and 8 letters). All that came up was an N and 2 E's. They were all in the 2nd word.

"Okay, not much help there. Now, Mathew, we need three consonants, and your vowel," Pat explained.

I began to guess my 4 letters and Pat counted to 3 for the consonants.

"A C, a D, and an H,"

"3, and your vowel," Pat said.

"And an I," I finished.

Vanna nodded her head up and down.

"Okay," Pat said.

"I think you're gonna like these choices. Now, audience please don't say anything. Mathew must do it on his own,"

Vanna began to put up more letters. She filled in the first and 5th spaces of the first word. They were a C and an H. She moved to the second word and a D appeared in the 3rd space, 2 I's in the 4th and 6th spaces, and a C in the 5th space.

"Alright. The category is 'Around the House', you have 10 seconds, good luck," Pat said.

I was able to blurt out the puzzle in confidence.

"Cough Medicine,"

"He did it!" Pat said.

I began to whip my arm in the air. I was in absolute joy. Clover and Alex were jumping up and down, but Sam's hands were covering her mouth. She was so surprised. She almost felt like she wanted to faint, even if she didn't even know what I had won.

"Mathew, you wanna see what you won?" Pat asked.

"Open the thing up, Pat," I said.

Pat opened the card and showed it to me, then the camera. When I saw what it was, I celebrated even more.

"Whooaaaaa! He won more money; He's got an extra 50 grand!"

"Mathew, how's this for good luck? Fifty Thoooouuuuusand dollarrrrrsssss!" The "Wheel of Fortune" announcer, Charlie O' Donnell announced.

The girls ran out to me with open arms and we group hugged each other.

"Here they come! Man, talk about a big payday!" Pat said in shock.

Clover and Alex got out of the group hug and Sam and I hugged each other and we even kissed each other. Then, we did another group hug.

"106,300 dollars! That's what we like to see! We'll be back with commercials to pay for this guy!"

Later, Pat and Vanna were standing next to each other with final thoughts on the game.

"Boy, Mathew was a great player tonight," Vanna commented.

"He is," Pat said.

"And he even won over 100,000 dollars. It even made me so happy to see his finacee and her friends with him as well," Vanna added.

"You know, he told me that he watches our show practically everyday, and he said that he's always wondered why you get all the fun, Vanna," Pat told Vanna.

"He's not angry, just curious,"

"Well, basically, I'm the hostess who does all the walking and talk less. Plus that our staff even takes snapshots or short clips of me everywhere I go. That's why to him, I get all the fun," Vanna explained.

"Well, hopefully I get some fun like you as well, Vanna," Pat said.

Vanna and the audience briefly laughed.

"Uh, we'll see you all tomorrow and hope that we see another big payday. So long," Pat said waving his hand.

"Bye bye," Vanna said, waving her hand as well.

(end of flashback.)

"Sammy," I said to her.

"What is it, my dreamboat?" Sam asked me and still smiling lovingly at me.

"Well, you know, I'm really glad we're finally married to each other since I first transferred here. I'm really glad we were high school and college sweethearts; Plus I'm also glad I won that much loot on 'Wheel'," I answered.

Sam began to stand on her feet. She was barefoot and I was too.

"Me too, Mathew. Me too,"

Sam lent her hand out to me and I took it as she helped me on my feet, not really minding anything. I wasn't injured or anything. We started to clutch each other close to our bodies. Both of our arms were wrapped around our middle sections with our fingertips sinking into each other's backs. My fingertips were sinking into the fabric of Sam's dress touching her bra underneath.

"Mathew, may I have a kiss?" Sam asked me.

"Absolutely," I said to her softly.

"Here it comes,"

Sam closed her eyes and began to pucker up her lips. She moved her head in close to me. I closed my eyes and puckered up my lips. Seconds later, we were caught in a warm and loving embrace and kiss. Sam opened her eyes and began to lay her head on my chest. I began to run my hand up and down her back. Her emerald green eyes were looking up at my face.

"I'm soooo happy were married to each other after being a boyfriend/girlfriend for a relatively long time," Sam softly said to me.

"I agree with you, sweetheart," I softly said back to her.

I felt my right hand running up and down her torso. I started below her breasts, ran my hand down to the bottom of Sam's dress, then ran it back up, constantly avoiding touching one of her breasts. Sam could feel her hand moving to one side of the fluff on the shoulder parts of her dress, but she stopped herself.

"Wanna go for a swim together? Just the two of us?" Sam asked.

"Sure, my beautiful, sweet, and attractive, Sammy," I answered to her.

Sam giggled inside, but smiled to herself as we took each others hands and walked up to our bedroom. When we got in there, Sam closed the door. We decided to hug each other one more time before we changed. Sam put her fingers to both sides of the fluff parts on her dress. She began to slowly peel off her dress and threw it on the bed. All she was wearing was her green bra and panties. Sam and I embraced again, ignoring the fact that I knew that Sam was half-naked. We released our embrace and began to change into our swimwear. I ended up wearing red and green swimshorts, and Sam was wearing her green bathing suit with her sides showing. She had bought some new clothes since she had outgrew her clothes she wore when she was a teen. She had bought some larger sized clothes and larger sized bathing suits. We went to the bathroom to grab some towels and sunscreen. We took each others hands and walked out to the pool.

"Ready to swim, Sammy my sweetheart?" I asked.

"Absolutely, Mathew sweetie," Sam answered to me.

We set our sunscreen, and towels on our beach chairs. We began applying sunscreen to our bodies before we went for a swim because the sun was shining really brightly. It was almost 100 degrees with no cloud in the sky. All of a sudden, I felt a hand touch my back.

"I'm getting your back, honey," Sam told me.

"Oh, okay. Can I get your back too, Sammy, darling?" I asked her.

"Yes, absolutely. After I'm done with you that is," Sam answered.

She squirted out some more sunscreen and applied it all over my back.

"Okay, you can get my back now, Mathew," Sam said to me.

I turned myself to Sam's body while she turned around to allow me to get her back. Sam moved her pure orange hair to allow the other parts of her body to be applied by sunscreen. I began to gently touch Sam's back, moving my hands across her back, with the right side of my fist touching the green fabric of Sam's bathing suit. When I was done, I gave Sam a pat on her shoulder to let her know.

"Ready, Sammy?" I asked as I stood up on my feet.

"One more thing before we jump in," Sam answered. She was holding a scrunchie in her hand and tieing her hair into a ponytail.

Her hand was holding a section of the back of her long hair and her other hand had the scrunchie in her hand. Sam put the scrunchie in her hair, let it go, and stood up next to me.

"Now I'm ready, Mathew," Sam said to me.

We held each other's hands again and walked up the diving board. It was wide enough to have two people stand on. We looked down at the water. We looked at each other and smiled at each other. We even nodded our heads up and down at each other.

"Ready?" I asked Sam.

"Yeah," Sam purred at me.

We looked at the water, and jumped off the diving board together and landed with a couple of big splashes in the pool. We swam up to the surface. We looked at each other and smiled. Our entire bodies except our heads were submerged underwater. We leaned our heads in closer to each other and kissed each other.

"I love you, darling," I said to Sam.

"I love you too, sweetheart," Sam said to me.

She began to take my hand and we began to swim underwater holding hands. We poked our heads out of the water, and began to look at each other again. Sam and I both climbed out of the pool and sat next to each other with only our legs in the pool. We began to move our hands around our waists and leaned our heads in close to each other until the sides of our heads gently touched one another.

"I'm gonna go get us some drinks," Sam said as she began to stand up.

"Can you get me a coke, Sammy?" I requested.

"Sure," Sam said to me.

She stood up on her feet, but bent down to kiss me on my cheek. Sam walked to her beach chair and wrapped her towel around her wet and moist body. Her towel was wrapped around her waist, covering the bottom part of her bathing suit. Before Sam opened the screen door to go inside, she looked back at me and smiled. Sam smiled and blew a kiss to me. She kissed her fingers and blew on them to get my cheek. I did the same thing to return the favor to Sam. She opened up the screen door and went into the kitchen to get some drinks.

"God she is beautiful," I said to myself.

"Most of the time, I feel like I've married the right girl,"

Suddenly, I heard a scream all the way from the kitchen. I ran into the house to the kitchen to get Sam.

End of chapter.

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