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"Man, Mathew, how are you so good at 'Mario Party' games?" Jason asked me.

"Well, let's just say that I've been playing those MP games since they first made it back in 1998, and it took me awhile to finally win one whole board map, but I finally understood the game, plus the awards, and in fact, when I first got the 6th game, the first mini game I played, I won it; Although I forget what it was, I still just tend to dominate so much," I said to Jason.

"Have you ever won every single mini game in every turn?" Marty asked me.

"Umm, I don't think so, but that's my goal, when I have a mini game win percentage of over 90 and possibly growing," I pointed out.

"Can I join you boys?" Brittney asked as she stepped out of Sam's jacuzzi.

"Sure, Brittney," Jason said.

"Whaddya think, guys?"

Marty and I nodded our heads in agreement.

"Let's see how she does," I said.

As Brittney dried herself off, she sat down on her towel on the floor, and Jason gave her a controller.

"So, which is which?" Brittney asked.

"The A button activates the jump button, and the selection for the orbs; The B button activates the orb item selection, etc." I said to Brittney.

"So, which character am I?" Brittney asked.

"You're Toad; the little guy with the blue vests, and the mushroom hat," Marty said.

"Oh, okay," Brittney said.

After about 3 turns, Brittney began to get the hang of the game. She was already doing so well, she felt like she didn't want to stop playing. She was getting even better, to the point where she wanted to challenge me to a mini game, as well as Marty. What surprised me was that she beat the two of us, and Jason was about to fall over. He had never seen Brittney adapt so fast to a video game that he played so much of, as well as me.

"Man, Brittney, I never knew you had it in you," Jason complimented.

"Thanks, Jason," Brittney said back.

Sam, Clover and Alex were also impressed by Brittney's quick adaptiveness to the game we were playing.

"Man, I never knew Brittney had it in her," Clover whispered to Sam and Alex.

"Yeah for sure," Sam whispered to Clover.

"Mm-hmm," Alex agreed.

A few minutes later, I took the others out to my track to watch me ride for a while. Everyone was surprised, except Sam because she had already seen my track.

"Man, Mathew, I never knew how ambitious you can be at motocross," Alex complimented.

"Well, I'm not THAT ambitious, Alex," I pointed out.

"I just do it for fun."

I pulled my gear on and began to put in some laps. I even pointed my finger at everybody on the ground when I went over the triple jump. Marty, Jason, Brittney and Sam began to point their fingers back at me. I put in at least 35 laps on my track before I decided to pull off and call it quits. Marty, Jason, and the girls were all impressed. Sam was only impressed by how hard I ride.

"Mathew, how can you go on and on like that? It must tire you out," Brittney said.

"Simple. One thing, Brittney: I have no time for pain. I keep on telling myself that and I listen to it. That's why I just keep going on and on and on," I said.

"That's how tough guys are made of."

A few hours later, everyone started to leave for home. Arnold and Clover got Kristen and they left, and Brittney and Jason grabbed Paula and they left for home. Alex went out with Marty to the nearby movie theater at the mall. Sam and I were the only ones left.

"Well, I better get Chad to take his afternoon nap," Sam said as she went upstairs to tuck Chad into his little crib and take his nap. She went to the bedroom.

I came up as well to get my shower ready. I came back a few minutes later wearing my red Jim's Motorcycle T-shirt with Mike Brown's last name on the back and underneath it was a 3. I also wore some blue pants. Sam was wearing her plain blue dress that went down to her knees.

"You got Chad to sleep, Sam?" I asked.

"Mm-hmm," Sam answered.

"Let's kick back in our bed and watch some TV,"

"Sounds good, Sammy," I said.

We both walked to our bed holding hands, and we climbed in. Sam grabbed the remote and switched on the TV. She found another program of "The Young and the Restless" on, and decided to watch that. I just decided to comfort myself by just lying down and let my entire body rest from all the riding I put in earlier. Sam lay her head on her own pillow and began to look lovingly at me.

"Feeling winded?" Sam asked me.

"Mm-hmm," I answered.

I was just about to close my eyes when Sam began to grab my head and she began to kiss me. I began to return the favor to her. I could feel my fingers moving towards the bottom of Sam's dress. I began to run my fingers up her torso, but I moved my entire hand up in the air to avoid touching her breasts. I moved my entire hand underneath her neck. Sam herself, could feel her own fingers moving towards the back of my neck. She began to dig her fingers underneath the pillow I was laying my head on until the palm of her hand was touching the back of my neck.

Finally, I could feel Sam moving over onto my body and moving her head closer to mines. She closed her eyes and began to pucker up her lips. A few seconds later, Sam's lips met mines as we started to romantically kiss each other.

"You know, Sammy," I said softly to her.

"What's that, sweetheart?" Sam asked softly.

"I think you have the most purest kisses of all time," I complimented.

"Oh, thank you so much, sweetie," Sam said lovingly and softly.

"So do you, darling,"

A second later, we started to smooch each other again. Our eyes were shut tight and we were still kissing each other. Minutes later, we got off each other and began to relax from all the swimming we did because that took a lot out of us. Everyone else was sitting in their chairs or resting on their beds because the swimming took so much out of them.

"Boy, this was probably the best day we had in our lives, second only to our marriage," I said to Sam.

"Absolutely, Mathew," Sam said to me.

"But, at least this time we get to rest until tomorrow afternoon when we get down to Brittney's and Jason's house since Brittney invited all of us,"

"Should we call Clover, Arnold or Kristen?" I asked.

Sam thought about it.

"Maybe tomorrow morning,"

"Can't argue with that," I said to Sam.

Sam started to get up.

"I'm gonna run my bath,"

She started walking to the bathroom. When she got in, Sam turned on the hot water and began to fill up the bathtub about halfway. While she was waiting for the bathtub to fill up, Sam started to disrobe herself. She started from the top at her dress, then worked her way down. Finally, Sam stepped in the bathtub and began to relax in the warm, soothing, and comfortable water of the bathtub. She came out a half hour later and began to dry herself off. Finally, she began to dress herself again. She started to brush her hair with her hairbrush that was right by the sink. Sam came back to the bedroom all spruced up.

"How do I look, sweetheart?" Sam asked me.

"You look dashing," I said to her.

Sam was wearing her blue buttoned pajamas. She started to waltz over to the bed and she climbed in.

"Night, sweetheart," Sam whispered to me.

"Night, darling," I whispered back to her.

We kissed each other good night and dozed off to sleep ready for tomorrow and another day at Brittney's and Jason's house.

The end.

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