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Summary: While Sakura had been training with Tsunade something happened and now she's in the past...stuck with the Uchihas'! Now someone from the past knows about her and apparently wants her for his own reasons.

Pairings: SakuraItachi (Sasuke, later in the story...and no it's not the younger Sasuke in the past people!)

8 year old Uchiha Sasuke walked down the path to his house when he saw something move in the forest, curiosity taking the best of him he walked towards it. When he was close enough to see what 'it' was he fell backwards with a yelp.

13 year old Uchiha Itachi sighed as he heard the front door open; it was his little brother as usual. Sasuke would come running into his room yelling if he could help him practice throwing a shurikan and like always he would decline, he sighed again as he sat up from his futon expecting the usual routine when suddenly Sasuke came in panting, sweat dripping down his face. Concerned he knelt in front of the younger Uchiha" What's wrong Sasuke?"

"Help….there's….there's a girl….who's hurt!" he yelled grabbing his older brother's hand, dragging him outside. They ran quite a while until they stopped where Sasuke's bag lay; they knew it was his for the Uchiha symbol was there." She needs help, there's so much blood!"

Itachi walked carefully, you never know, it might be a missing-nin for all he knew. He looked behind the tree and his eyes widened, behind was a beautiful girl with pink blossomed colored hair that came to her shoulders that was stained with blood, her head guard had the Konoha symbol although he couldn't recognize her.

She wore a black sleeveless vest that was closed up with a front zipper. She wore thin red elbow guards, a pair of black shorts with a red skirt on top that had slits on that side. The only thing that kept the skirt up was the belt buckle; her upper right thigh was tied by bandage like cloths as to hold her shurikan and kunai hoister from bothering or tearing her skin. She wore black boot/sandals, blood dripped from the corner of her mouth as she held onto her wound on her side that was bleeding.

"Sasuke, go and get Okaasan, I'll try to help the best I can but she's poisoned and it'll be best to leave her immobile for the time being." He ordered, Sasuke nodded running back towards the house. Itachi knelt in front of the mysterious girl when he noticed that the wound was slowly healing itself and it seemed to be repelling the poison' Interesting……only a strong medic-nin could do something like this even in an unconscious state'

"….Sasuke….-kun." She murmured in her comatose-like state, his eyes widened wondering why this girl would call out his brothers' name.

"Niisan, I brought Okaasan!" Sasuke yelled as his mother ran behind him" What's wrong Itachi….oh my, no wonder Sasuke wanted me to bring the medical bag." She whispered kneeling in front of the girl, judging by the look in her face Itachi deduced that his mother also noticed the unconscious healing." Itachi, can you take Sasuke home or stand in the path while I dress her wounds."

"I'll stay with Itachi-niisan here!" Sasuke yelled, his mother chuckled while Itachi nodded." Do you know who she is Niisan! She's very pretty though…" Sasuke asked curiously" No Sasuke, I do not know her."

"Weird, I thought you knew everyone….well almost everyone." Sasuke mumbled with a shrug' so did I…' he thought." Itachi, can you give me a hand here?" his mother called out, he entered back into the forest" Would you please carry her back home?" she asked as she grabbed her medical bag as well as the mysterious girls red backpack. Wordlessly he picked her up bridal style and they started their journey home.

'Pain….okay not much but it still stings' Sakura thought as she came back to the real world, she fluttered her eyes open and sat up' Where am I?' she thought looking around, the place was alien to her."…..where am I?" she said voicing her thoughts, carefully she got out of the futon, she noticed her red bag placed on the wall in front of her and walked over to it. Opening it she took out her katana, making sure her weapons are in place she walked out the door.

She blinked when she noticed a beautiful peaceful garden as she wandered the halls' Okay, if I was kidnapped than that wouldn't be there unless it's those kind of villains that love nature, beauty, and want to get rid of the world for destroying it, or they just like nature' she thought confused. She sensed someone behind her and before anyone could blink she had 3 senbons between her fingers at her left arm as she flipped the person and slammed them face forward towards the floor, their hands pinned on their back with the senbons a hair away from their neck.

Time went still for a moment as she realized she was straddling someone wearing only a thin navy yukata, shaking the blush away she said in a stern voice" Who are you and what am I doing here?" before she knew it she was on her back with her arms pinned above her, she looked up as she noticed a weight on her abdomen. She stared into sharingan eyes and gasped" Sha-Sharingan…." She whispered wide eyed.

"Itachi is that any way to treat our guest?" his mother scolded pulling him off of her, Sakura blinked as she stared into the eyes of a beautiful woman" Hello, my name is Uchiha Hikaru." She said with a gentle smile.

"O-Oh, my names Ha-, I mean just Sakura." She mumbled the last part." You must rest; your wounds aren't completely healed." Sakura shook her head in protest" N-No, it's alright, I'm a medic-nin so I can heal myself……uh, thank you for treating my wounds." She said with a bow." I'm sorry for my son attacking you; I guess our adventure in the woods made him a little tense." She said with a sheepish laugh.

"No, no, it was my fault. I attacked him first….I thought I was kidnapped." Sakura whispered looking away, Hikaru nodded when suddenly she noticed something that had apparently been covered by Sakura's hair when they first found her." Oh my, you have another wound between your shoulder and neck." She said brushing her hair away, Sakura's eyes widened" O-Oh, its n-nothing!" she said covering it before Hikaru could see, Itachi's eyes narrowed as his quick eyes caught what it was.

"I see, please rest. Itachi, will you please escort Sakura-san to her room?" Hikaru asked with a smile, Itachi nodded as his mother left. When he was sure she was gone he turned towards the mysterious girl and said" That wound, who did that to you?"

"Nobody, just an accident." She whispered praying that he only saw the red part" Oh? I didn't know that somebody could 'accidentally' bite themselves." She cursed mentally" It's none of your business." She whispered glaring at him, he took a step forward until she was cornered into the wall" As long as you stay under this roof it is my business, now I'll repeat, how'd you get that wound?" he whispered, his sharingan activated.

Sakura was half angry and half confused, why was he so curious about a wound that was on a girl he didn't even know? She stared into his, fixated in the redness, she felt light headed for a moment but her inner fire was lighted, after realizing she had another personality she was able to actually speak with the so called 'Inner Sakura' and was able to call her whenever Sakura wished. Since she fought with Kakashi a bunch of times she was used to it" Don't bother; the Sharingan won't work against me."

Itachi was surprised, he had placed a strong hold onto her but she seemed to counter it with ease, as if she was used to it." Who are you?" he asked with narrowed eyes, Sakura gave him a long tired sigh" Just a kunoichi who's weary of the world and its wonders." She said shaking her head" I'll get to the room from here, thanks." She said brushing past him, leaving a stunned shinobi.

"What should I do….okay scratch that, better question, where the hell am I?" Sakura whispered under her breathe, she rewrapped the bandage around her arm. One end of the cloth held by her teeth while the other in her good hand as she tied it around her arm. She had checked to see how bad her injuries were, she had been surprised to see them healing quite nicely. She winced at the harsh bloody wounds though.

She mush room sighed when she felt eyes on her, looking upwards she saw innocent curious onyx eyes staring at her through a small gap between the sliding doors. "Why hello there." She said tilting her head. His eyes widened, chuckling she smiled" Come in, I won't bite." Sasuke shyly entered the room.

"My names Sakura, what's yours?" he smiled at her coyly" Uchiha Sasuke." She nodded" Ah yes, I heard you were the one who found me. Thank you." He blushed at the compliment" Sasuke, don't bother Sakura-san, she needs her rest." He nodded" Okay Okaasan." His mother had appeared at the door, her hands on her hips. After he was gone she noticed the bloody bandages." Ah I see you rewrapped the bandages."

"Oh, yes, uh were you the one who treated my wounds?" at her nod Sakura beamed" Thank you, I noticed that they were treated very nicely. You must be very good with medic ninjutsus." Hikaru smiled" Hahahaha, I still have a lot to learn though."

"As do I, thank you for your hospitality but I must leave. I can't bear to intrude any longer." Sakura said standing up" No, no, your wounds are still fresh. Please, at least stay until they're healed." She insisted" B-But-"

"Oh and I won't take no for an answer, my husband has arrived from work. Why don't we go greet him." She said dragging a stunned Sakura, she soon found herself at the dining room in front of a man who had stern eyes with a narrow face" Uh…..Oh…..Hello, uh my names Sakura….it's a pleasure to meet you!" she said nervously, he nodded as she bowed." Okay now, Sakura-san, let's go find you a kimono to wear!" Hikaru said excited, she started to drag Sakura out of the room again.

"Okaasan seems to be excited that Sakura-neesan is here." Sasuke said wide eyed, staring at the dust the two women left. His father just said 'Hn', a typical Uchiha answer. Itachi sighed' I guess that's what happens when a mother only bears sons' he thought shaking his head.

"Uh, oh, um, Uchiha-san!" Sakura said as thousands of kimonos started raining upon her, Hikaru giggled" Just call me Hikaru-chan; Uchiha-san makes me feel old." Sakura nodded as she crawled out from under the mountain of kimonos" Please call me Sakura-chan than." She nodded" Okay…Hmm, this? Nah, too dark." The Uchiha mumbled throwing a black purple kimono to the side, she picked up a neon green and yellow one and sweat dropped" I didn't know we even had this one." She said throwing it aside" AH-HA!" she yelled picking one up, deep within the layer of clothes.

"Wha-, oh thank you." Sakura said as she took the white colored kimono, it had a pink obi as well as pink sakura petals flowing on the corner of the dress." Hehe, you look so kawaii, especially with that unique pink hair of yours!" Hikaru commented, Sakura sweat dropped blushing" Uh….do you happen to know where my hitai-ate is?"

"Hmm, oh yes, I left it inside your bag." Sakura nodded" Thank you, you've done so much for me." Hikaru smiled" No problem, now let's get going!" she yelled dragging the pink haired girl once again" Whe-Where are we going Hikaru-chan?" she smiled" We're going to the village, the day is still young. You've only been asleep for a day."

"Oh….I see." Sakura whispered, she noticed that they stopped in front of the dining room again" Teishu (Master), Sakura-chan and I are going to the village!" she yelled, without him answering she turned around to leave when" Okaasan, can I go too!" they turned around to see Sasuke running after them" Sure, now let's get going! I needed to shop for grocery anyways."

"Umm…are you sure it's okay for me to wear this kimono?" Sakura asked nervously as a seemingly hyper Uchiha's dragged her down the streets of the small Uchiha village" Of course it's alright, if it wasn't I wouldn't have lend it to you!" Hikaru said with a big smile." Ah Hikaru-san, what brings you here today?" an old man asked kindly.

"Oh we just came out to buy some grocery." She answered beaming" Oh, who's this beautiful young lady?" Sakura blushed and bowed" Hello, my names Sakura, it's a pleasure to meet you." He smiled at her" And polite as well, ehehehe, Hikaru-san, I know what you're up to and I have to say I approve." The man winked, Sakura tilted her head in confusion while Hikaru giggled" Why thank you, I'm not sure if Itachi will agree though. Anyways, goodbye." She said with a small wave.

"Okaasan, what did Ojiisan mean?" Sasuke asked tugging at his mothers dress" Oh nothing, he was just being silly Sasuke." Sakura sweat dropped' I have a feeling that it wasn't that' she followed the two nonetheless, Sakura smiled softly at seeing Sasuke so happy' He seems to be at peace…….I wish I could change the past…I might be able to but……what would happen to the future?' she thought solemnly.

"Sakura-neesan, what's wrong?" Sasuke asked concerned" Ah nothing, just thinking." She said shaking her head" Umm, Hikaru-chan, my wounds aren't that deep. I'm sure that they'll be healed by tomorrow, I'm very sorry for the nuisance I put you through." Hikaru sighed" Sakura-chan, I told you it's okay. Just relax, you aren't bothering anyone." Sakura sighed' I guess with Sasuke-kun always calling me a nuisance and annoying that I started to really think I really was those things' she thought with another sigh.

"By the way Sakura-chan, I noticed you had the Konoha Hitai-ate but I've never seen you before." Hikaru said thoughtfully as she checked to see which oranges were good and bad" Oh….um….You could say I was Missing-In-Action for a while……hehe, I'm not very important around here."

"But every single shinobi and kunoichi are important in Konoha, you really shouldn't berate yourself…besides, pink hair isn't very common so I would have noticed you when you went to the ninja academy since you seem about Itachi's age." She said with a frown.

"I guess……you could say when I was in my Gennin Team I had this huge crush on this boy, I would pay attention to him more than training and he thought of me as an annoying useless girl who was just a baggage to the team and wasn't even worth calling a kunoichi. Ironically I fell in love with him……but he left Konoha……betrayed it for his sake of power….he wanted to be strong as to defeat someone who had wronged him in the past…ever since I focused more on my training…whether to kill him or to save him I still don't know." Sakura whispered looking at the floor.

"There's more to the story than you're letting in…." Hikaru trailed off, Sakura looked up startled" Oh I'm sorry, I'm babbling my thoughts; let's focus more on the task." Sakura said as Sasuke started to drag her through the streets, showing off new things.' That girl…has seen things that are too horrible for her age…yet she's still able to keep a bright smile' the Uchiha thought sadly as Sakura smiled at Sasuke.

They were returning back to the Uchiha compound when suddenly Sakura sensed the presence of dark chakras trying to conceal themselves, it was a little weak but too strong for Sakura in her condition. Apparently Hikaru sensed it too but Sasuke, unable to really understand that stuff yet was happily carrying the groceries. Sakura could tell by Hikaru's face that she was worried, they had no weapons and a child who didn't know how to fight.' Hikaru-chan…please…leave this to me…' she whispered through her eyes to Hikaru" Hikaru-chan, if it's alright I'm going to take a walk in the forest…I need to clear my head." Sakura said with a gentle smile.

"Umm….." Hikaru gave her a worried look, Sakura shook her head" It's okay, I'll be fine. My wounds aren't that deep." She said with a wink, Hikaru gave her a worried look once more but nodded." C'mon Sasuke, let's hurry home and make dinner." She said holding onto Sakura's share of the grocery bag. When they were out of sight Sakura's smile disappeared, her laid back eyes replaced with cold stern eyes, her smile had turned into a frown.

"What can I do for you?" she asked coldly, her bangs covering her eyes" HAHA, a citizen of Konoha thinks she can take on shinobis!" an old man yelled laughing coming out of hiding, he had a hitai-ate of the Mist except it had a kunai slash across it showing his betrayal." I'll ask again, what the hell do you people want?" Sakura asked annoyed" How about this, we'll tell you if you're still alive!" a younger man yelled coming out with a chain scythe, he threw it towards her.

With a sigh Sakura caught it between her fingers and then grabbed the chain, she yanked it making the shinobi fall towards her. She punched him on the stomach hard enough to send him flying into a tree. "YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" the other man yelled taking out a katana.

'SHIT!' she thought narrowly dodged being sliced; the old man was more skilled than the younger one who was knocked out. She yanked out the senbon that was posing as hair pins, adding chakra into them she managed to stop the cut that was heading towards her from the side. She twirled another senbon on right hand that she yanked from her hair after her first senbon, and aimed it towards the man's head but the man flipped towards the right narrowly dodging it.

She turn towards him, her eyes widened when she noticed he was missing.' Left…Right…Back…Front…Above….' She thought looking carefully, adding enough chakra into her hand she slammed her fist into the ground shouting" BELOW!" the fissure she create repelled the man's ninjutsu. She smirked" Sorry but the Doton; Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu is a favorite of a friend of mine so it's ineffective on me."

"Wha-What are you? Only the legendary Sennin the Slug-hime Tsunade has that much power!" he yelled, he had jumped out of the ground and was now standing in front of a tree, she chuckled" How about this, I'll tell you if you're still conscious!" she yelled running towards him, grabbing the lone katana that he had dropped after her attack. She placed it front of her and slammed it….onto the tree…a hair away from the man's head. She sweat dropped at the man who was foaming at the mouth and wrinkled her nose in disgust" Gross!"

Using the katana she placed on the ground, she used it to help her stand. Panting for air she winced at her reopened wounds, they had just started to heal and now that it ripped open she could feel her blood dampening the bandages. Wincing she stood up and placed a hand on her stomach, she spat out the blood in her mouth. Disgust filled her as she could taste the metallic flavor in her mouth." Impressive." She heard a voice say in an arrogant voice, he was covered in the shadows so she couldn't exactly see his description.

"Who are you?" she asked standing up straighter, she had been hunching down a bit holding onto her wound."….That is of no concern…as for you…Sakura-chan­, I'm here for you…I know the truth about you…and I'm coming for you, you have been warned." The voice whispered and disappeared" Great…what else can go wrong?" she grumbled.

"Sakura?" she heard a voice whisper from behind, she became as hard as stone as she recognized the voice, turning around she saw Itachi standing there with an impassive look as always." Uhh…hi….Itachi-kun…uh you don't mind if I call you that right?" she asked with a fake smile, he didn't answer except started to analyze the situation." What happened here?" he asked, he quirked an eyebrow at the fissure that was on the ground.

"Hikaru-chan and Sasuke-kun and I were out shopping when we sensed the missing-nin, I told her to leave and I took care of them." She said bluntly" Now if you don't mind I'll go to sleep now." She mumbled falling forward, he caught her easily. The scent of strawberries and sakuras invading his senses once more' I forgot how light she was' he thought cradling her into his arms' I better hurry before her wounds get worse' he thought as he disappeared in a blur.

'You may have escaped today little Sakura-chan but next time you won't be so lucky' a voice thought in the darkness as he watched, with dark icy blue red eyes, the boy carry her away.