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Chapter Nine: Wrong With You

Haley couldn't believe that this was happening to her. Chris was kissing all over her body and in minutes, seconds, he was going to go way past the line. There was nothing stopping her now. Her pants were gone, underwear torn and it was looking hopeless.

She looked around for a sign, or something that would turn this thing around. "Chris? Chris!" Haley yelled as he paused for a moment, looking at her in drunken bliss. It was then that Haley realized that he had a huge problem and she knew exactly how to get out of it.

"I love you too." She whispered, kissing him while trying not to cringe and waiting for the right moment to knee him in the balls and running back to Nathan's house, the door.

"Nathan ... Ms. Scott, please!" She yelled, preparing herself for Chris to make his next move, which he never did. Haley looked back to see him curled up in a ball, in pain over the numerous blows that she had just sent his way.

She quickly dialed out Lucas's number, and left a message on his machine, telling him everything. Then, she texted everyone to say where she was and who she was with before finding the secret key and opening it. Haley looked to the left to see him still lying on the ground, which made her really worry. She knew that she shouldn't, but she just did.

Haley carefully walked over to him, leaving the door ajar, to make sure that Chris was alright and no major damage had been done. Even with what he had just tried to do to her, she couldn't leave me out here to die. She rolled him over on his back and sure enough, Chris was passed out.

"Oh no, no, no. Wake up. Wake up Chris!" She yelled directly into his ear, slapping his face slightly. His eyes started to open, and then fluttered back shut. "Wake up!!!" Haley demanded, lifting him to his feet as a heavily intoxicated Chris Keller smiled back up at her.

"Haley..." He whined one last time before conking out completely.

"I'm getting you into the house." She whispered. He was so ... gone and she already knew it. If Chris remembered what happened tonight, they'd talk about it tomorrow. If.