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Dawn. It was the rainiest, gloomiest dawn the young boy, nearly a man, had seen in a long time. He turned over and pulled the covers over his blond head. This was no weather to be concious for. He looked across the room to the sleeping girl on the floor. Poor kid. She had a rough night.

Edward opened the door to the most pitiful sight he had seen in years. The girl was soaked and dirty in the heavy downpour and though he couldn't tell tears from rain, he knew she had been crying. Of course she had a good reason. After all, she seemed pretty attatched the the equally muddy boy, dead in her arms. Caked with blood and dirt, the auburn haired girl looked like she'd traveled a long way.

"You must tell me!" she cried desperately, "Are you Edward Elric-san? The one they call the Fullmetal Alchemist?"

"Y-yes." stammered Ed. "What's this--?" he inwardly cringed at the expressionless face on the boy. The expression he had seen over a dozen times. The expression of souless death.

"You have to bring him back! I'll pay any price, do any deed. Just bring him back!"

Ed physically cringed this time. He pushed the memories of the deformed creature he and his brother had hopes on calling Mother from his mind and shook his head, "I can't do that." he stated, "I won't perform human alchemy. That stuff's meant to be left alone, just like the dead." He squatted a little as she sat there on his stoop and looked into her bright green eyes. "I'm sorry, but he's gone. He'll never breathe again."

"No!" the girl cried, holding the dead boy closer, "Please! There has to be something you can do! He is my happiness! The reason I keep on breathing! I owe my life to him more than once..." she lowered her voice to a solemn wisper, "It's the least I can do for him."

Ed melted inside and sighed, "Stay the night," he said, "I'll see what I can do in the morning."

"Really? You're wonderful, Elric-san!" she yelled happily.

"I didn't say I'd bring him back, I'll make no promises there. There is a reason human alchemy is forbidden; you can't play with death like that."

"Sleep well?" Ed asked, shaking the young teenager awake. She blinked a few times and sat up. She looked much healthier this morning. Ed had insisted that night that she took a warm bath and ate some food, saying that everything would be worked out in the morning.

She looked to the peaceful boy's body, laid out on the floor.

"Sakura was your name?" Ed asked, she nodded so he continued, "Well, Sakura, I absolutely refuse to attempt to bring back your friend here. However, I think his body may be enough to exchange for his soul."

"Soul? What would I do with just his soul?" Sakura asked, glancing to her fallen beloved. Ed smiled.

"You're not going to do anything. I am going to attatch it to an inatimate object using alchemy. You'll be able to talk to him, laugh with him, share your life with him. The only thing is, just because his soul is there, doesn't mean he's a living thing. He won't eat, he won't breathe, he won't have a heart beating under him, and he will be cold as ice."

Sakura thought for a few moments, clearly in deep thought, "I don't care what it takes. Just as long as he's there."

Ed cracked his knuckles and stood up, holding his hand out to help Sakura, "All right then. There is someone who specializes in creating walking talking computers. They're the closest thing to an actual human being that technology will ever get. I'm sure he can fix you up with something."

"Who is he?"

"His name is Minoru Kokubunji and he lives in Tokyo, Japan."

"Tokyo! That's not far from where I live!" Sakura said cheerfully.

"Then to Tokyo, we shall go!"

"Who is it? Do you have an appointment with Minoru-sama?" crackled an intercom system on the gate to a rather large estate. Ed pushed the button and spoke into the speaker.

"My name is Edward Elric, an alchemist. With me is Sakura Kinomoto, a..." he turned to Sakura, "What do the call you again?"

Sakura walked up to the intercom, "I'm Sakura Kinomoto, I am the Mistress of a sacred deck of cards."

Ed nudged her out of the way, "We may have some business for Kokubunji."

Sakura pushed her way back over, "We do have some business for Kokubunji-san."

There was a pause.

"Please proceed." said the female voice as the gates swung open. Sakura and Ed exchanged shrugs before walking to the mansion door. They were greeted by a young maid with long dark periwinkle hair.

"Please sit," she stated in a monotone voice, gesturing to the couches in the middle of the room, "Minoru-sama will be with you shortly."

"It's all right, Yuzuki. I'm here." said a young male voice. Sakura was stunned, this boy was hardly a year older than herself. She and Ed bowed politely before sitting down on the couches.

"Let's see if I have this right," began Minoru, steepling his fingers, "You wish me to build a persocom so that you," he pointed to Ed, "Can use alchemy to attatch her, " he pointed to Sakura, "Boyfriend's soul to it?"

"Yeah," replied Ed, "And I'd like to do it as soon as possible. I don't know how much longer I can capture his soul."

Minoru nodded, "Right, I'll get on that now, then."

Sakura's face lit up. She was going to get him back!

"Sakura, do you realize that this may not work? Something like this has never been done before. Even I can't predict how his soul will react with basic persocom thought process. He may seem a bit..." his face twisted into a slightly amused smile Sakura had seen before in Eriol, "...different."

"Like I said before, Kokubunji-kun, I don't care about circumstances. I just want Syaoran-kun back."

Minoru's smile widened, "Well Elric. I'll be needing your assistance. Would you come with me, we've got some work to do!"

"Sakura, this is hardly the time for this!" droned the teen hopelessly as he stormed out of the house and into the street. Every couple has its arguments. Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li were getting one of theirs out of the way now.

"Why can't you just treat Kero-chan with respect?" Sakura cried out the door.

"And not a lick a miss I reckon! He had it coming to him!" Syaoran yelled back.

"How can you be so insensitive? Hurting Kero-chan is like hurting me! He's my friend, Li!"

Syaoran was exasperated, his brown eyes flaring in anger, "Friend? So what does that make me? What about my feelings, Kinomoto?"

"It's always your feelings!"

"Since when? What have I given to you? What have I sacrificed for you? Does that mean absolutely nothing?"

"Well if that's all you can think about, then maybe we're thro-- Syaoran! Look out!"

Syaoran turned just in time to see a bright teal mass of car come hurtling toward him. He didn't even hear the driver laying on the horn. Something was wrong with their car, they couldn't stop! He didn't even have a chance to run or jump out of the way. The last thing he remembered was Sakura's scream and the feeling of all his bones being crushed at once. Sakura's arms, blood on the pavement, the frantic driver in tears, and then, nothing.

"PLEASE! Someone help me!" Sakura screamed into the afternoon. She had just felt Syaoran's heart beat its last beat, his shaking stopped, his breathing ceased, his pain, all feelings, were gone from him forever.