Cry Little Sister

Summary: Sheryl just wants to forget about her past. Attempting to move on with her life, she buys a house in Santa Carla and starts dating her new boss, unaware of the situation she has put her daughter in.

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Pairings: Minor David/Star, Paul/Marko, and Max/OC


The hotel bedroom was filled with the putrid scent of blood and sex. A young woman was unconscious on a bed in the middle of the room, surrounded by sheets soiled with mildew and evidence of her rape. Dried tears and sweat had plastered her oily hair to her forehead. She was shivering and pale from blood loss. Her body was marred with bruises. A soft groan escaped her lips when the blaring sound of sirens erupted in the distance. One of the hotel maids had probably stumbled across the scene and called the police.

Sheryl spent the next two weeks in a hospital, and it was there that she learned she was pregnant.

Fourteen Years Later

Sheryl has been driving nonstop for at least five hours now. She was determined to get away from old her apartment as soon as possible. For the past fourteen years it had been nothing but a grim reminder of Wanda's conception. Now she was finally free. She could start her life over and actually make something out of herself.

"Wanda, sweetie, we're here!"

Wanda had been leaning her head against the window for almost the entire trip. She raised it now to get a better look at the approaching sign. There was nothing unusual about the front of the billboard; no, not with its bright colours and warm welcome declaring your arrival in Santa Carla. The back of the sign, however, interested her.

Murder Capital of the World.


"Isn't it wonderful?" Sheryl beamed.

Wanda jumped out of the truck and observed the house. It was one-story, painted white, and there was a picket fence surrounding the lawn. She smiled softly and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. It was definitely an improvement from their apartment. She had to hand it to her mom; the house was beautiful.

"It looks great, Mom," she said, her voice cracking a little. She coughed to clear her throat.

While a few men carried furniture from the moving van and into the house, Sheryl helped her daughter unload the eleven boxes they had brought with them. Three were filled with clothes, three with person items, one with toiletries, two with kitchen supplies, and another two with bedding. Sheryl frowned when she looked at the small amount of boxes. What could she say? Until now she could barely afford to pay rent. But all of that was going to change, she was sure of it.

"Mom?" Wanda set down the box she had been carrying and glanced over her shoulder. "If we get everything unpacked today, can we check out that boardwalk we passed?"

Sheryl stepped around a few boxes to get back outside. "That would be fine. I should probably start looking for a job anyway, don't you think? I'm sure I could find one there."

Four hours passed before everything was unloaded. Sheryl paid the movers and they left, leaving the furniture randomly scattered about the house. It didn't bother her. There would be time to sort everything out later. Right now, all she wanted to do was get to the boardwalk and find a job. She was determined to make up for the bad example she had been setting for Wanda.

They climbed into the truck and drove off. Sheryl couldn't stop grinning. She was so excited that her life was finally turning around. Wanda seemed happy too, which only added to her joy.

"Cool. Amusement park," Wanda pointed out when they arrived at the boardwalk.

"Come on. Let's see if we can find me a job."

Santa Carla was truly remarkable. It was crowded with dyed hair, leather jackets, pierced body parts, tattoos…but that wasn't what really stood out the most. Santa Carla was covered in missing posters. Wanda took one look at the flyers and instantly remembered the graffiti she had seen on the back of the billboard earlier that day.

Murder Capital of the World.

"Wanda, look!"

Wanda stopped walking and looked over at her mother, who was pointing to a Help Wanted: See Manager sign.

"Awesome," she grumbled. "Mom, can I…?" She gestured toward the stores behind her with her head.

"Of course!" Sheryl laughed. "I'll meet you back here in half an hour, okay?"

"Got it."

The girl wandered off and Sheryl took a deep breath. She had been to job interviews before and they had all turned out badly. What made now any different?

'You're different,' she thought, raising her head confidently. 'You can do this.'

She stepped inside the video store.


Wanda's half-hour had flown by before she could find any shops she liked. She struggled to weave her way through the sea of people, occasionally mumbling "excuse me" under her breath. She would have to come back later, that much was for sure. Half an hour wasn't nearly enough time to tour the entire boardwalk.

As she approached the video store, Wanda could have sworn she saw a pair of icy blue eyes watching her from the crowd.


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