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Track 1: Cheesecake Mishaps

Autumn leaves blown through calming breeze that passed by. The sky painted with orange, yellow and red by the sun rays casting over the sky. The white clouds now had a purple hue tint that gave the sky a alluring appeal. Two figures laid in the sea of yellow green with their fingers intertwine with one another. They looked at each other for a split second finding comfort in their own smile.

Nara Shikamaru turned his gaze back to the clouds then back at Neji who was currently eating something white with strawberries planted on the top and gram cracker crust. The scent filled Shikamaru nostrils as his brain began to register what type of food item it was. Cheesecake. The Nara clan boy sat up with a start propping himself Indian-style, looking at Neji conspicuously...attractive. At this, the grey-eyed boy turned his head towards Shikamaru, raising a curious eyebrow.

"What?" Neji said taking his fork out his mouth. Shikamaru stared at the raven haired boy lips for a good minute or two, trying to figure out what to do next. He shook his head of the thought and began to speak.

"How can you eat that stuff?"

"What do you mean?" Shikamaru sighed in irritably closing his eyes.

"The cheesecake. How can you eat cheesecake? I personally can't stand it. The way it taste and the way it looks. Why bother decorating it so nicely if you just gonna mess it up by eating it? There is no logic behind that." When Shikamaru excepted a snide remark from the other teen, Neji just shrugged grabbing a strawberry, placing it on his delicate pale lips.

"Think what you like, that's what you always do. I love cheesecake as much as you love to have sex. So go back to what you're doing and talk to the clouds." Shikamaru groaned, plopping back on the velvety grass in annoyance.

"You're so troublesome, you know that Neji?"

"Yeah and you love me for it too."

"Uh-hmpm!" Before he could get a single word out, Neji kissed him forcefully and passionately. Neji ran his tongue on Shikamaru's lips wanting more. Instead of waiting for Shikamaru lazily opening his mouth slowly, Neji thrust his tongue inside Shikamaru. After 30 minutes of dominating and moans, Neji pulled away gently. His eyes half closed and smirking at the panting teen below him, he had face that said 'Victory'. He leaned in close to Shikamaru's ear sending chills down the boys spine.

"So, how do you like cheesecake now?" Neji said huskily. The Nara clan boy blushed furiously at the comment. Giving what seem like a pout, he threw his head into the opposite direction to get away from Neji gaze. "That's what I thought." Laying back down where his beloved cheesecake awaited, Neji began eating again. "See, it wasn't all that bad now, was it?"



"Remind me to get you back later."

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