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Track 5: The Quest to Find Shikamaru's Lover

The smell of cigarette smoke filled Shikamaru's nose as he walked through the tiny tea house. He absentmindedly wondered around the corridor, constantly beating himself in the head for coming here of all places, but he need help for a big problem. A problem that no one knows about and if Neji ever finds out somehow about what he's about to do, sure enough, he won't live another year, hell, not even another day. His mind found his way thinking about the short tempered teen, shortly after he passed a couple of a man and a woman. They were sitting down drinking tea, so it seems, but it was some other substance that was causing the wild behavior between them. The man poured the olive green liquid down her lap with his hands covering inch of her pale fragile body. And the woman..who just giggled in a way that made the Nara boy cringe. However, Shikamaru sub noted to do the same with Neji but not pouring scolding hot tea down his lap. Just the thought of Neji getting up and beating the bloody hell out of him sent shivers down his spine. Of course the Nara boy could fight back easily, but as lazy and extremely tired he is, its troublesome. Very troublesome and he partly blame the grey-eyed teen for that tiredness that he is recently feeling. Sighing roughly and scratching his head, he bumped into the one person he was looking for.

"Sensei?" The smoking man gave a brief wave and grinned as far as the high seas.

"Yo, Shikamaru-kun." the rugged man said placing a firm grip on Shikamaru's shoulder. "You alright? You look like hell but in a good way." Hell? Oh yes. Neji hell of constant teasing, bitting, and touching in place that made the Nara boy cry in pleasure. Once you passed the those 3 circles, you still got another 4 more circles of hell to go through. Shikamaru is afraid of the other 4 and he doesn't want to find out anytime soon. The teen just looked away casually out the thin paper window, decorated in assorted roses on the curtain.

"Yeah.." he manage to say finally. Asuma sniffed and cleared his deep throat softly.

"So, is there something that you want to talk about. This is the reason I'm out here correct?" the Nara teen nodded.

"I-I" Shikamaru stuttered, fumbling around for right words to say. When he build up enough courage to say what he about to say, he looked straight into his teacher's dark eyes. "I need your help about something." the older man arched an brow with a crooked grin.

"Oh?" Asuma rubbed on his goatee, looking at his student carefully, studying him. "This is interesting. What kind of a big problem that the great thinker Shikamaru can't solve with is IQ over 200?"

"A person." Shikamaru said quietly under annoyance.


Ino sat at the counter of the flower shop, with chin rested on her hand and her finger tapping rapidly on the glass. Her thoughts ran through like a windmill, just repeatedly turning around and around in 360 degree circles. Possibilities ranged from strange to extra odd. Why was she so bent over trying to find out who Shikamaru is seeing? Did it bother that much for her to know. I mean, she could easily ask her teammate Shikamaru to find out, but then again, Shikamaru would skip around the rose berry bush for an answer. Why in the hell do she care in the first place? For all she knows, she has gotten her eyesight and the hots for Sasuke. She so lost in thought, she didn't hear anybody come in. Well, no in particular, she thought, except for a loud mouth over excited Naruto...Wait! That's it! Her frown was turned upside down, teeth and all. Naruto would be perfect to help her to find out who's Shikamaru lover is. He is just as good in meddling as a Sakura is with Sasuke's personal hygiene. She snapped herself out of it and zoomed over to the wondering boy, whom was looking around at arrangements of flowers. Clasping her hands together and making the best face of the year, she stood closely to the shinobi, with her eyes shimmering.

"HelloNaruto-kun! Is there anything I can help you with?" she said while making a cat-like face.

"Ah. I'm just looking around for some flowers for Sakura-chan!"

"Oh really! I know the perfect flowers to get her." Ino ran off to the back, grabbing the scissors on the way. Naruto waited patiently, humming to himself. When she returned, she held some a couple of the same flowers in her hand.

"Here you go, Naruto-kun." Naruto put his nose up to the flowers and took a big sniff of the soft scent.

"Ah, thank you, Ino-chan! What are they?"

"Petunias." Ino said quickly and smiling evilly. The last thing she remembered was how that big-forehead girl hated those flowers. Mostly because it reeled up her allergies and the smell of, well, there's hardly a smell. The well-known teen was about to dig in his frog wallet for the money, when Ino stopped his hand.

"No, no, Naruto. This is on the house." His eyes lit up like a moonlit sky. He bowed and wave, turning on his heel to leave. Ino figured that she can take this chance to seize the day, or leave it be and drop the whole thing. But who in the world who drop a great opportunity such as this?

"Hey Naruto." she called back.


"Have you heard any recent rumors lately?" the teen did his famous thoughtful face at the blonde haired girl. He turned his lips to the side and roughly shook his head. Ino on the other hand, smiled a very fake smile that Naruto doesn't seem to notice at first glance. Just like the loud boy, she too put on a 'pondering' face. "Oh really? That's odd. I thought everyone knew about this rumor." she said pretending to be shocked.

"Nani! What is it!"

"Well," Ino said turning her back on the boy, "It seems that good ol lazy Shikamaru has a lover that no one currently knows about." Naruto jaw dropped to the floor. Out of all people, Shikamaru actually got someone. Who in their right mind would go out with such a foul-mouth, lazy-ass man? This intrigued him, indeed. Lost at words, he finally manage to say, "Since when!" Ino sharply turned on her right heel and shoved her face right into the young boy. Her blue-green eyes lit up like a starry night sky.

"I don't know, but it makes you wonder, doesn't it!" Naruto rapidly shook his head. Ino relaxed back into her 'pondering' position. She stride over back to the glass front desk and sat down, while Naruto just stayed in the same spot. Not moving an inch and barely breathing. I got him where I want him, Ino thought, now all I have to do is...

"Hey Naruto-kun. How about I'll make you a deal."

"A -a deal?" the hyper boy stuttered.

"Yes, a deal that you can't possible pass up, even if you tried." Naruto was puzzled. What kind of a deal? What do she have up her sleeve in the first place? It better be something to do with ramen. Just the mere thought of ramen, made the Hokage-wannabe mouth water.

"The deal is-" Ino said interrupting Naruto thoughts. "If you help me find out who Shikamaru is dating, I'll make you a wonderful date with big fore-I mean Sakura." Before the blonde haired girl could even blink, the other teen leaped from where he was and was now on the counter, hunching over Ino with, and for the second time that day, wide glowing eyes.

"Really!" exclaimed Naruto that made his voice shake the walls. The girl grabbed the boy downwards covering up his mouth.

"Ino Is everything alright down there?"

"Yes, mother! Everything is just fine!" Ino released her hand from Naruto mouth, looking at him cautiously.

"Pipe down will ya?" Naruto big blue eyes stared in the blue-green pools. Ino sighed from relief and closed her eyes.

"Anyway, is it a deal?" the young teen held out his hand in form of a handshake. The blond girl got the clue and smiled.


Back at the tea house...

"Checkmate." Shikamaru said setting the king Shoji game piece over Asuma's pawn. A game of Shoji usually calms the teen, however he was mentally disturb and physically worn out. The teacher gathered all of the game pieces and place them where they respectfully belong. As soon as the Nara boy knew it, another game commenced. The older man took a sip of his green tea that he sneaked some hard liquor in it to give it a 'bite'.

"Who this person that you want me to help you with?" Asuma said sitting his cup down on the floor and picking up a new cigarette, inhaling the scent that he adores so much. "Is it a friend or something?" the teen tossed a pawn piece in the air and caught it in one easy stroke. He opened his hand to stare at the piece of wood momentarily before he answer to his sensei.

"My...companion I shall say." the man immediately stop what he was doing and gazed Shikamaru with his eyes filled questions. He smiled a toothy grin and took his smoke into his mouth.

"You don't say...I thought I would never see the day, Shikamaru-kun. So, who's the lucky girl?" Shikamaru didn't say a word. The truth was, he felt like he didn't have to, knowing that his sensei would get the idea sooner or later. The Nara teen began to move the starting piece, still not saying anything. After he was done deciding where to move the piece, the boy looked back up at Asuma who eyes was slightly wide from a little state of shock. He chuckled deep in his throat, that seem to rumble the little tea house walls and lit up his cigarette up with his last match that he kept hidden in his vest.

"No wonder you be ranting off women like you do. I never would have guessed. Well then.." he chirped, smiling at his student. "Who is the lucky guy?" Shikamaru once again, didn't say a damn word. He picked up his tea and drank the green lucid liquid, still awaiting for Asuma move on the game board.

"You wouldn't believe me if I said his name."

"Just try me. There's a lot of things I do and do not believe. Plus, there's nothing that could shock me. I've seen a lot, Shikamaru-kun, you can trust my word on that."

"Say that after you heard it." Tch. This was already becoming troublesome. The way Shikamaru put it was either now or never...which he prefers never and just sleep on it until it dies down to a tiny speck. Drinking more of his tea, but this time, he gracefully placed the cup down and laid on his back, still in indian-style. His face wore the same lazy expression that he always wore when he's bored or trying to avoid a problem. He wished that there was some clouds or fog floating around in the little tea house, but all he saw was a broken down ceiling with cob webs hanging off of each corner.

"Well, who is it?" Asuma asked curiously.

"They say curiosity kills a cat." Shikamaru remarked lazily.

"Well this cat wants to know and help you. So who is it?"

"Why do you want to know so badly? This is so troublesome.."

"Well if you said the name already, it wouldn't be 'troublesome', Shikamaru-kun."

"Asuma-sensei..." he roughly sighed and mentally threw his arms in the air and ran off a cliff to get away from this, but he was the one who started it and now he is the one who is got to finish it. After much debating within himself, his heart began to beat irregularly when his lover's name flew off his lips.

"Hyuuga Neji."

Inside the Hyuuga House...

Neji sat on the floor, writing a scripture for his uncle, when footsteps was heard behind him. He smiled gently getting up from his position to face the welcome 'stranger'.

"Shikamaru what are you do-" His eyes went widen in horror. He dropped the paint brush on the glossed wooden floor and his breath was caught in his throat when his back hit the ground. Rough hands roamed on Neji neck and on his crouch. The man forcefully grabbed hold of Neji locks of hair into his hand pulling his head backwards. The grey-eyed boy cried of pain when he felt the weight crushed on top of him. Neji's eyes shut tightly as the man's voice ranged through his ears.

"Oi, cupcake. Long time no see."

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