Wanderer and Waverer

Fireflies float on the cool night breeze. The river's mist rises, moistening her skin, frosting her hair. Night's birdsong caresses her ear, moonshine gleams on the water.

She pauses her search. Familiar footfalls break the silence.

Heartbeats clamor against her eardrums, drowning the quiet, intolerable words. Ragged breaths drawn against overpowering pressure. Her body paralyzed, unresponsive. Overwhelming helplessness.

Sudden, shocking strength of encircling arms. His warm, vibrant breath against her cool skin. Her body no longer paralyzed, instead faint and failing. Embrace long desired, desperately craved; now promises only emptiness.

She empties herself in tears—he takes his first step.

Review Responses: You all said you thought this piece was beautiful, and from such writers as yourselves, this really moves me.

Yes, somehow the irony of this tender moment at the start of this heartwrenching parting just kills me. I'll bet that this scene, along with the FAB-U-LOUS fight between Kenshin and Saitou in the dojo, are the two most-watched scenes in the entire anime! This one certainly gets written about a lot, so I'm especially happy that you all liked it.