If you wanna know about me, read my profile. Yeah, yeah, so much for "The President's Run". Let's just say I decided to do the sequel of "A Ghost of You" instead. The Martin Mystery crew will be making an appearance at about half of the story. I might make this story a trilogy to close the problem at the last part (you'll find out)

Some locations and information might be false or inaccurate.

Action/Adventure, Horror, Romance, Suspense

Chapter I - Where's Sammy?
Chapter II - Where the Hell are we?
Chapter III - Here Comes Martin Mystery
Chapter IV - A long Drop to Hell
Chapter V - The Damn Camera Diana!

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Chapter 1 - Where's Sammy?

Monday, 28th August


A photograph is a picture with a thousand words, it freezes those moments we treasure most or the embarrassing ones that we didn't want to hold. It can make us cry, laugh, smile or even frown. A tiny photograph can also tell a very long story, even longer than the Harry Potter series combine. But photographs can also lead a path into the paranormal world. Trapping unwanted objects like a wandering spirit within the sharp corners.

While a clocktower in downtown LA struck ten 4 minutes ago, a fire had broke out 30 minutes ago in an office building in Stanley Avenue, one of the few famous roads in 'The City of Angels'. Fire trucks, police cruisers and an ambulance surrounded the 50 story skyscraper. The firemen fought hard to control the fire that was burning the 3rd floor. The police officers however drove away unwanted attention away from the area and a pair of paramedics attend to those who are injured. The action continued as a small piece of photograph was flying with the breeze, heading straight towards the fire. It was a Polaroid photo of Clover attacking Marty at the pool last night. It was a night the spies inclusive of Marty will never forget, the 2nd anniversary of Jeremy Matthews death. But because of Sam's quick actions, Jerry's ghost was trapped inside the piece of paper, for now.

The wind blew the the photo into the fire. The Polaroid film burned, releasing Jeremy's ghost from the tiny prison. The building exploded. The glass windows shattered and scattered the sharp tiny pieces all over the fire fighters, the police officers, the paramedics and innocent people.

Totally Spies: Undercover and Martin Mystery in
"Ghost of You Part II: Jeremy's Revenge"

Tuesday, 29th August


Everything was calm and peaceful in the spies' household and the houses around theirs. The girls, Samantha Simpson, Clover Edwing and Alexandra Vazquez just got back from a tiring day at school. A minute later, Alex's boyfriend, whom is on vacation at the spies' house, Martin "Marty" Mitchell came in and closed the front door as he put the keys of Sam's 2004 Pontiac GTO into his pocket.

Martin Andrew Mitchell or as he'd like to be called Marty, is your average, old skool style, 19 year old Chicagoan. Like Sam, Alex and Clover, Marty was a WOOHP agent and once trained with the girls. He had extraordinary driving skills which he picked up from his dad and training in WOOHP. He is also handy with the guitar and the tool box. His driving skills was what Jerry was impressed about.

Alex had her light blue t-shirt, a brown skirt and a pair of black Nike Air Jordon V shoes. Sam wore a pair of bellbottom jeans, a purple long sleeved sweater cut above her belly button and a pair of pink and white 70's Nike Blazers. Clover had her yellow tank top on, a pair of jeans cut below her knees and black high hells shoes. Marty had a denim jacket above a black shirt, a pair of black denim jeans and a matching pair of black and white Nike Air Force 1 trainers, looking a little punk.

"Let me guess, another hard day?" Marty assumed. By the look at the spies' faces, they look tired.

Clover, Alex and Sam looked at Marty in a 'duh' way. He smiled and grabs his guitar from the corner of the room. He sat infront of them and starts to play a song.

"What cha gonna do? Beg for Money?" Clover asked, having no idea what Marty was about to do.

Marty ignored Clover and continued to play the tune on the guitar. It was Green Day's Good Riddance, also know as Time of your Life, without the violin. Sam, Alex and Clover stayed quiet while Marty play's and sings Time of your Life. Sam and Alex seemed to admire it while Clover was still unimpressed and starts to yawn. When Marty finished playing, Sam clapped along with Alex in appreciation

"Wow very nice Marty" Sam complimented and blushed.

"Yeah whatever" Clover getting up "Can I have the keys to the car Marty? I seem to have forgot my cell phone"

"Here you go" Marty took the keys to Sam's Pontiac GTO from his pocket and gave it to Clover. Clover then left the house to get her phone from Sam's car.

She opened the door of the bright red 2004 Pontiac GTO and crawled into the rear passenger seat looking for her expensive pink Nokia 8800 smartphone. She was busy searching for her phone that she didn't notice the door closing by itself, trapping her inside the brown sattle interior.

"My cell!" She cried, digging it out from the tight corners of the seat. Once the pink Nokia 8800 cell was in her hands, she checked and found 8 unread messages from her friends. She reached for the door. But it was shut tight.

"Open you damn door!" Clover cursed, trying to force the door open. But it was useless. In frustration, she kicked the door hard and the interior of the car rapidly changed into a big room with 6 white empty walls. The room had no windows, doors or cracks. Just a small lamp on the selling keeping the room bright

"Where the hell am I?"

Meanwhile back in the villa. Alex was pleading Marty to play another song.

"Can you play another song for me Marty?" Alex asked

"I'm gonna go take a bath." Sam stood up and walked up to her room and closed the door. 5 minutes later, she left her room wearing nothing but only a white bath rouge and walked over to the bathroom. In there, she removed the cloth and hung it on the towel holder.

Sam entered the bathtub, drawed the shower curtain and turns the shower on. As she was sweeping the soap all over the body, she starts singing the chorus of one of Green Day's new songs, Holiday from the American Idiot album. Unknown to her that the clear water turned into slimy green. She opened her eyes and finally realized that the water in the tub turned into bubbling slime, filled to the brim and her uncovered body.

"What the hell is this?" She asked herself and tried to remove herself from the tub but it was unsuccessful. Her ankle was stuck to the slime. If felt as if someone was pulling her down and before she knew it, she was sinking fast into the slime like quicksand. She promptly held onto the shower curtain, but it snapped.

"Help! Somebody, anybody!" Samantha yelled. But no one heard her. The slime had already reached her chest but she remained calm. She held her slime covered hands onto the edges of the tub but the slippery surface made it impossible to get a good grip. Her whole body had sank into slime, leaving only her screaming head calling out for help. She took one last breath before the slime sucked her whole. When Sam was completely gone, the slime empties itself, leaving a clean white surface.

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