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Chapter V - The Damn Camera Diana!

"Diana" Martin shouted to his sister while holding onto Marty's hands "The damn camera! Get the damn camera!"

Diana took out the camera, stood at the edge of the hole and pointed at camera at Jeremy but Marty's body was obstructing her view, preventing her from taking the picture. "I can't Martin, Marty's body is obstructing my view"

Marty kicked his legs into the rock. Swinging Jeremy into the air and hitting him into the wall several times until he lost his grip, falling into the bottomless pit. With Alex's help, Martin pulled Marty up to safety.

"You little bastard" Cried a raging voice. Alex, Diana and the Martins looked up to see Jeremy standing right infront them. He was in a rage, his eyes were red, his skin was covered in sweat and his hands clenched into fists, ready to give them a piece of his mind. "Sam, Clover, Java! GET THEM!" He commanded

Sam, Clover and Java appeared from behind Jeremy. Again, Sam was covered with nothing but green slime all over body, face and hair. Clover and Java's skin were pale. Their faces carried an angry look with bright red eyes observing. The trio growled and charged towards them. All of a sudden, SNAP! Diana took a picture of Jeremy.

"Damn you Diana!" He screamed as his body turned blue and sucked into the lens. There was a loud, high-pitched shriek. Everyone including Sam, Clover and Java was thrown to the dusty floor. Immediately, the house turned back to normal. Leaving the seven friends stranded in the living room on a sunny Wednesday morning. Clover and Java were returned back to normal but Sam was nowhere to be found.

"Man..." Marty brawled, stroking his aching forehead "Is everybody all right?"

"Yup" Martin answered, getting up from the floor.

The aged antique camera turned back to Sam's Polarold One 600 Jobpro instant camera with the developed image sitting beside it. Alex picked up the photo and stared at it. A teardrop fell onto the photograph

"Uh... can somebody get me a towel please?"

Everyone turned around to find a disrobed Sam hiding her body behind the television. Java and the Martins started to blush as Marty removed his denim jacket before passing it to Sam.

An hour later, everyone left the house, resting on The Center's white Dodge Durango, waiting for MOM to arrive. Marty was flirting with Diana, Martin eyes were fixed on Clover's looks, Sam and Clover were asking Java a few questions and Alex just sat sadly on the hood of Sam's red 2004 Pontiac GTO sports car, which was parked beside the Durango. A second later, a pearl white Canadian registered 1998 Lincon Town Car Limousine drove by before stopping beside them. The right rear passenger door windscreen jerk down to disclose MOM behind it

"Good work team" MOM congratulate "The Center will make sure that Jeremy's ghost will never be freed again"

"Hopefully!" Clover cried.

Martin gives the Polaroid photo to MOM and she deposited it into an electronic box. MOM gives a salute before the Town Car Limousine rode off into with the wind.

"Finally this nightmare's over. Can we get some rest now?" Clover asked with her arms open. Together with Sam and Diana, they slowly trodden back to the house.

"Hey um.. Martin. I just wanna say, thanks for saving my butt back there and I'm sorry for all that bickering, insulting. You're ain't so bad after all dude." Marty complimented.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too. Thanks Martin"

"You're welcome Martin"

The Martins shook hands, ending a 3 month argument over an SUV accident. Together with the girls and Java, the entered the villa, whilst Alex just sat alone on the hood of the Australian built red 2004 Pontiac GTO, daydreaming about the times she had with Jeremy. She looked around, there was no one around the area. She took out the keys to the GTO, which she secretly took away from Marty, and pushed herself off the hood. She walked slowly to the driver's door, slotting the key inside the lock, turning it to unlock the door. Alex opened the door and sat in the cockpit. She slot the key in the ignition and turned it. The 6.0 liter Gen IV LS2 V-8 engine roared to life. Alex then activated the high beams and the headlights brightly flashed onto the tarmac. The car zoomed out of the driveway and turned left, heading towards Downtown Los Angeles, flashing the rear California License plate which read OUTAHERE. Meanwhile, Sam was in her blue pajamas, about to sleep when Marty suddenly barged into her room, waking her up.

"Sammy, wake up. I need to talk to you, but you've gotta promise me, never take sides." Marty sound very serious. Usually he will turn to Sam whenever he has problems related to the spies.

"Okay? So what cha wanna talk about?" Sam asked, eger to know what the fuss was all about.

Marty wasn't sure whether to tell or can she be trusted. But since Sam is the most mature and smart of the trio, he taught that she could be trusted. "Well, I think... I'm in love with Diana"

"What?" Sam was surprised. Marty is in love with Diana Lombard? She taught to herself. It was not like Marty to be like this. Usually he would stick with one girl until she decides to break up with him. "Marty, girls don't just come and go you know"

"I know, I know!" Marty yelled and stood up, looking outside the window "But if I were to go with Diana, I'll disappoint Alex. And If I were to continue with Alex, I would be unhappy!"

"What cha gonna do about it?" Sam asked

Marty turned his head to look at Sam "I don't know..."


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