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Warnings: This is SLASH people, as in male/male relationships, guys perving on guys, guys KISSING guys. 'Kay? Don't flame me, you have been sufficiently warned!

READ: In My Harry Potter universe, Voldemort was defeated by Harry when he was in 6th year, Sirius never died in book 5, Sirius and Remus are TOGETHER (or are going to get together) Blaise fancies Hermione, and him and Pansy are Draco's best friends. Lucius is locked away in Azkaban, Narcissa is NICE and YES men can get pregnant!

And it's up to you people:

Is Ron evil? I would like to make him betray Harry, possibly a Homophobe? But I want a few of the weasley's Ginny! to be on harry's side. But it's up to you!

And have Millicent and Pansy as a couple. I read in one fanfic and liked the idea. It's better than her drooling over Draco. But if you want I'll make her the evil pug-faced Bitxh!

Harry James Potter absentmindedly strolled down a corridor on his way to Transfiguration, oblivious to the swooning girls and drooling guys falling at his feet. He twirled a stray lock of hair and gave a small sigh, causing a few first year Hufflepuffs to get nosebleeds.

With full candy-pink lips, long eyelashes that any girl would die for, and emerald eyes that you could lose yourself in, he was truly a masterpiece. How had this amazing transformation come about you ask? Well after Harry had moved out of his so-called family's house and moved in with Sirius he had been forced to eat a lot more than what he usually did, and finally with the proper diet all his Quidditch training had paid off!

The skinny little body from before had turned into a lithe, golden-brown, drool-worthy body, and he had grown a few inches, and now stood at 5 foot 9. And while this was good news, it still irked Harry to know that thanks to the Dursley's neglect his growth had been permanently stunted.

Harry had then swapped his large, plastic glasses for magical contact lenses (at Hermione's insistence) and grew his hair long, claiming the weight helped control it more. Well most of the time…

Walking with him was his best friend Hermione Granger. 5 foot 10 she had had filled out and now had curves in all the right places. Her frizzy hair was now glossy mouse brown curls down to mid back, complimenting her honey coloured eyes. Her looks had attracted the attention of many a suitor, but she had turned them all down saying that she had no time for a relationship: 'NEWTS are this year, Harry. In fact you really need to stop lazing around and get studying…'

But back to The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Save-The-World. He had looks, fame, fortune and a great personality, and was there fore one of the two most desired guys at Hogwarts.

And the other eligible bachelor… (AN: Who could that be?) was Draco Malfoy.

The ice prince of Slytherin's looks had only improved with time, he was 6 foot 1and had perfectly pale skin, luscious platinum blonde hair, and eyes as silver and deadly as Mercury. A Quidditch-toned body and sexy smirk completed his Bad-boy look, that and his well known reputation as the Slytherin Sex God.

Both popular, both unattached, and both sexy as hell…what is to become of our two favourite guys?

The characters have been introduced and the scene is a Slytherin-Gryffindor Transfiguration lesson late one Thursday afternoon…

It involves Harry Potter and a sugar-coated quill, and Draco Malfoy's Epiphany.