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Harry groaned as he made his way to DADA first thing on a Monday morning. This year Defence had been slowly becoming Harry's least favourite subject. Hermione had badgered Harry about his lack of enthusiasm towards his once favourite class, but the emerald eyed boy was always at a loss for an answer.

Something about Professor Desdomona wasn't quite…right.

For one thing, due to his childhood Harry wasn't used to a lot of physical affection, and Professor Desdomona was very…very affectionate. Almost disturbingly in fact.

She even talked strangely, she almost…purred…rolling the 'R's a lot more than necessary. The other boys in Gryffindor said it was hot, Harry said it was irritating.

Well, how was he supposed to concentrate with his defence teacher purring in his ear?

Harry and Hermione sat at their regular desks near the windows overlooking the Quidditch pitch, and began to set up for the lesson. Half the class jumped in fright as Professor Desdomona knocked the doors open with great force, and strode down to the front of the class. A skin-tight black halter neck dress clung to her…curvaceous…body, barely hidden by a set of matching black wizarding robes. She wore strappy black stilettos that were ludicrously high-heeled for walking castle corridors, and had copious amount of face powder and blood red lipstick, and she also had enough eye-liner to put those ancient Egyptians to shame.

"Helloooo classs…" Their professor greeted in a caressing tone, "Today I will be demonstrrrrating the more –pause- physical side of defence…"she trailed of with a wicked grin. "A volunteerrrr and myself will display some self-defence techniques you can use if everrrr you find yourrrrsssselfff withour yourrr wand…Harry!" She barked suddenly, the saviour of the wizarding world snapped to attention. "If you would be so kind as to be my demonstration -pause- partner…"

Harry groaned inwardly, while multiple other boys groaned outwardly, what they wouldn't do to get up and close with that! Meanwhile several members of the H.P.F.C (Harry Potter Fan Club) had faces of utter outrage. How dare that…that…that…TRAMP dare tothink she's good enough for their Harry! They certainly weren't alone in thinking that…

Draco gave a quiet murmur as he stretched a little, a devious smirk appeared on his all-too angelic face as his eyes cracked open.

After his recent…discoveries during a certain Transfiguration lesson he had spent a good few days just thinking, and had come to the conclusion that Harrison (AN: NOT Harold) James Potter was HIS.

The smirk widened.

After finalising that this was no everyday run-of-the-mill crush that was purely based on lustful thoughts, he had accepted that he, Draconian Lucifer Malfoy truled lo-LIKED the Wonder-boy.

And said Wonder-boy was HIS.

Malfoy's don't share, never have, never will.

After all, his Harry was perfect, and didn't all Malfoy's strive for, and didn't he deserve, perfection?

Famous, rich, popular, utterly EDIBLE, and so…nice…and…cute

Yup, he was HIS!

Now, all he had to take care of was fan-girls and boys, win over Granger, convince Mother, Severus, Blaise and the rest of the Slytherins he wasn't bonkers…then take care of that snivelling, worthless, penniless, tasteless, classless, low life, piece of shit, Weasel.

….best to start winning over the gorgeous brunette now. What class did he have fir- Oh God. God, God, God…DADA, with that skanky slut-faced HOE-BAG Desdomona!

Draco's silver eyes turned stormy and cold as he remembered all his past defence lessons…that Prostitute-turned-Professor whispering seductively in his Harry's ear…pushing her hideously over-sized cleavage practically into his Harry's beautiful face…stroking HIS Harry's shoulder or back when he answered any question correctly…that…that…that…DISGUSTING MOLESTING BITCH!

His fists clenched his bed sheets tightly and he ground his teeth, trying to suppress his fury. Taking shuddering breaths he calmed down, then made a silent oath to himself that he would get his Harry, and protect him from the clutches of evil, conniving paedophilic Professors.

After all…Malfoy's don't share!


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