The Return of the Cat
Summer Dreams

Haru groaned in annoyance, muffled by the pillow, as her new orange cat alarm clock began to vibrate and ring. It bore a strong resemblance to…

She resisted the urge to throw the thing into the wall and smash it to pieces like other students. She no longer viewed alarm clocks as the enemy. Besides, she was rather fond of this one.

She glanced out of the window as she stretched, which she immediately stopped doing when she saw a group of cats running down the street. "Huh?"

She leaned against the sill, leaning her head out to see what was happening, letting her hair (a bit longer since her encounter) dangle over the side of the window. There were only a few cats, and they had gotten into a little brawl, with loud yowls and hisses. It wasn't what she had thought.

"Hm." Haru shook it off and managed to get down the stairs without falling. Before her adventure in the Cat Kingdom, the usual scene would have ended in a tumble or a clumsy recovery of a slip.

She accidentally allowed herself to space out. She let out a small scream when she realized that she was burning breakfast. It turned out perfect, though.

Her eyes locked onto the crazy black cat clock on the wall. It was one of the silly ones where the seconds ticked with the swish of its tail, its eyes rolling simultaneously. She took a sip of her tea that she had blended herself, a new habit. Somehow, it always tasted good, even though it was never the same, and it was always the flavor that she needed at the time.

"Morning, Mom!" Haru greeted her mother, looking up from the papers.

"Good Morning," came the mumbled reply.

Haru stood and refolded the paper. "I'm going to hang out with Hiromi today, okay? I'll call you later."


The brunette closed the door softly, meeting up with her friend right outside the driveway. Together, they began to walk. It was becoming a weekly routine.

"Awesome shirt!" Hiromi began as they went in-step along the sidewalk.

"Hello to you, too," Haru joked with a smile. She was sporting a white shirt with a black and white cat outlined in red. She hadn't even noticed.

As they passed the museum in silence, her head turned. Cats began to stroll casually by them in all different directions.

It astounded Haru. Ever since she had last seen the Baron, she was seeing cats everywhere. How many cats were there, anyway?

Suddenly, Hiromi ran off, pausing to say "good-bye". Haru was confused until she saw 'Romi's boyfriend. She smiled once again. It was cute, how they flirted, with playful punches and giggles. But sometimes, it made her feel alone…She had to admit, she did miss that little escapade that now seemed so long ago.

About to walk on, she perceived where she was. This was where it all began. Sort of. The café…Moota?

Haru sat in a seat beside the huge kitty and began to stroke his ears. "Hey, Fatso."

But the cat rose and jumped off the chair. He then disappeared between some buildings. Haru wanted to follow, but thought better of it. As much as she craved a visit, she couldn't bring herself to go. It would hurt too much.

Summer was perfect, she though, resting her chin in her palms. 'You can do pretty much what you want, not even care about school, and enjoy the gorgeous weather.'


Moota returned, with a chain clutched in his teeth. He skillfully and easily hopped back into his spot.

"Whatcha got there?"

He dropped his burden into her hand.

"What…?" she whispered curiously, examining it. It was a necklace. A white cat pendant hung from a thin, silver chain. She slipped it around her neck. "Pretty. Thanks, Moota."

"It's not from me," he growled, then fell into a doze.

"Oh…Thanks, Baron," she said softly, gazing at the horizon.