Return of the Cat
Chapter 13: Escape

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"Lune's father allowed me to work in the palace as a young cat," Maroon explained. "But that wasn't enough for me. If I couldn't be king, I didn't want any part of the palace life. For years, I watched Lune - the perfect prince. I thought that perhaps he could be a good king. I entertained fantasies of stealing the throne right from under his very nose. But I put them out of mind when I saw how talented a ruler Lune was. How wrong I was. Lune, you're a traitor, just like your grandfather! To choose a human to be your betrothed - it's disgusting! It's treason! My family was right - I'm the rightful king! And my first order of business is to get rid of the cat who would lead our kingdom to certain doom!" Maroon then let out a maniacal laugh that sent shivers up Haru's spine.

"What will killing him solve?" Baron challenged Maroon, confusing the villain.

"It will make me king!" Maroon answered, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Wouldn't it be more appropriate to banish Lune, just as your grandfather was banished?" Baron suggested. "Surely, you can find some way to persuade Lune to renounce his throne, clearing the way for you." Lune and Haru, although they trusted Baron, were not sure what the detective was up to.

Maroon thought for a moment, contemplating all aspects of Baron's plan. He could find no fault with it. "You know? You're right! I agree completely!" he announced, to the relief of all. "But for now, to the dungeons with you!" Maroon told Lune and escorted his cousin to the prison beneath the palace.

"Will Lune be okay?" Haru wondered aloud of Baron.

"He'll be fine, Haru," Baron promised, already plotting the next step of his plan.

Night crept up upon them slowly. Haru stayed with Yuki, hiding in her room from Maroon. He had forgotten that he wanted to eliminate her as well, but he could remember at any time.

Baron stealthily made his way to Lune. He didn't know where Maroon was, but Baron was confident that the crazy crimson cat was gathering his gang of followers for the next day, when he was probably going to announce Lune's stepping down, and his ascention to the throne.

It didn't take Baron long to discover Lune waiting for him. "I knew you would come!" Lune exclaimed as quietly as he could, watching as Baron hurriedly picked the lock on the cell door.

"Come quickly!" Baron commanded in a soft voice, leading Lune through the halls.

When the young king realized that they were headed for the roof, he demanded to know what would become of Yuki and Haru. "You are the priority right now, Your Majesty," Baron replied without stopping. "Yuki knows her way around the palace better than anyone. She won't let anything happen to Haru."

Although Lune was convinced, Baron wished silently that he had as much faith as he had claimed to have in the girls.

Toto awaited them on the palace rooftop. Baron helped Lune to mount, then climbed on Toto's back himself. As the bird took off, Baron hoped with all his heart that Haru would be alright. There was still so much to tell her.

Before the palace was out of sight, they heard sirens. Apparently, Maroon already had guards in the castle who had spotted Toto's flight, even though he seemed to blend in with the evening sky. Regardless, Baron knew that Toto was faster than any method of transportation that Maroon had at his disposal. And once they were out of the Cat Kingdom, they were on Baron's playing field. They would never be able to find Lune after they reached the Cat Bureau.

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