I have taken some liberties in this story. (Don't all fanfics though, someway or another?) The Pokemon are able converse with each other and I changed some breeding possibilities. I'm not sure if the main pairing I have here is possible in the game. I hope you read with an open mind and possibly enjoy this work.

Love or Combusken I:
Not Just Yet

From one of the highest hill of Mossdeep, a figure could be seen reclining, surveying the land and sea like its kingdom. It could be mistaken for a human, with its able limbs and graceful posture and bright, bright eyes of blue. But no human could possibly have the red hot feathery skin nor mistake the strong red beak for a mouth. No, Blaziken was definitely not human...she was a Pokemon.

And the expression on her face was frightening as she continued to stare down on the town and the roaring sea, like an angry ice queen displeased with the world. She breathed in the cool, calm air of Mossdeep and her face relaxed. She rolled to her stomach and lightly scratched the ground, feeling the soft green grass beneath her. Her eyes closed and a slight line of worry creased her face.


Eyes wide opened, Blaziken anxiously searched for the source of the voice. Down on the hills, the tiny speck of a Torchic came running. The feather on top of his head bobbing up and down as he tried to flap his little wings.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy!" Blaziken sat up and held out her arms, extra careful with her claws. The Torchic leapt to her, smacking into her chest and sliding to ground.

"Are you all right?" Blaziken asked urgently. The indomitable Torchic raised his head, blinked a few times and began flapping like crazy.

"That was so much fun, Mommy! Let's do it again." Blaziken completely relaxed as her son ran around the flowers. She had watched and worried and over all made herself a wreck about him but seeing the little chick run around happily is worth it. Everyday held a wondrous discovery for him and he'd shared it with his mommy.

The Torchic raced back to his mother and wriggled his way into her lap. He looked up to his mommy, who was looking at the sea again. She had such a peaceful face, maybe he should copy it. He breathed deeply and closed his eyes. Blaziken opened one eye and tenderly watched him. She affectionately brushed his head; he opened one eye and chirped. Both watched the sea break.

"Mommy? What're you doing up here?"

"I come here to think, darling. It's so peaceful up here."

"Thinking about what?" Torchic was now tugging at her feathers. She played with him, applying as little force as possible.

"Many things. Life, love..." Your father, she had almost said. She wasn't ready talk about that. But Torchic sensed something troubling his mommy.

"Oh! I remembered something."

"What is it?" Blaziken curiously watched as Torchic ran around the hill again, swiveling his head to find it. He flapped his wings and crowed as he used his beak to pick it up. It was red and small and waved at the slightest breeze. He ran back to his mommy and released it into her open claw.

"Mommy, Aunty Hero told me this belonged to you. What's that? What's that?" He jumped up and down. Blaziken gazed at the ornate ribbon draped across her claw. Hot tears stung her eyes so she closed them to hold them back.

"Mommy?" The Torchic worriedly looked up to his mom. Did he do something wrong?

"It's nothing, dear." Blaziken managed a smile. "It's a Contest Ribbon. They're like battles, where humans enter Pokemon to see if they're the best. If you're the best, you get a ribbon."

"Are Contests bad? Is that why you're crying?" Torchic snuggled closer to her.

Blaziken laughed, wiping away her tears. "Not really...if the trainer's good. But if the trainer's bad, nothing could be good. Contests can be lots of fun too." She placed the ribbon on top of his head. "There are many kinds of contests: six in fact. If you enter the Cute contest, you'd definitely win the first prize." She nuzzled the poor thing until he was flushed with embarrassment.

"MOM!" He wriggled out of her grip. But his voice was hopeful. "Can I really win a contest?"

"Of course."

"Mommy, did you ever enter cute contests?"

Blaziken thought she'd have an apoplexy. "No, I wasn't suited for cute contests."

"Then what's ribbon is for, mommy?" Torchic was trying to see the ribbon stuck between his eyes.

She stretched her legs and placed her arms on either side of her. There was a glint of determination and pride in her eyes. She stood up and a strong gust of wind blew the yellow mane beside her.

"That's a cool ribbon, my dear," she said quietly.

A far off shout quickly got her little chick's attention. Her trainer, along with his female Mightyena, was calling for them. The Mightyena bounded and closed the space between them, nuzzling the poor Torchic.

"Aunty Hero!" Torchic protested. The Mightyena gave a loving growl. "It's time for your lunch, young pup." Hero nudged him to the direction of the trainer. While the Mightyena had her own litter, she considered the Torchic as one of her own. "Let your mother have some peace."

"Lunch? Yay!" The little chick darted down the hill and followed their trainer back to their home. Hero would've followed but she sensed something in her friend. Hero had a deep and loyal history with Blaziken. They could trust each other with their lives. From the time she was a poochy, she considered herself part of Blaziken's pack, the Blaze Pokemon being the pack leader.

She took place beside the standing figure and looked below to find what her friend was looking for. Their trainer, Rowen, and the darling Torchic were going back into the heart of Mossdeep civilization. He carried the energetic little thing in his arms. She turned her gaze around. There was the tall building which Rowen said was the Space Center, visible from anywhere in Mossdeep. And finally, the blue watery expanse, which is the sea.

"Soleil..." Hero cautiously said the Blaziken's nickname. Blaziken sighed and crossed her arms.

"I'm not yet ready to use that name again, Hero. That ribbon..." She shook her head. "So many memories came back to me today."

The Mightyena's ears and tailed drooped down. "Sorry."

"It's not your fault. How're your pups?" For the next score of minutes, Hero gleefully filled her in with every sneeze, mishap or wag of tail that her pups did. Hero then asked if she would be joining them for lunch. Blaziken declined. As Hero trotted back, she got one last glance of the fowl staring to the sea.

She had wanted to be in Mossdeep because it was what she wanted to feel. Isolated from everything that had been.

"Mossdeep City. Seems like a nice place." A rickety tugboat pulled into wet shores. Resting on the stern side was a teen-aged guy, bandanna and shades in place along with a smirk that clearly showed he was gonna beat whatever this town got to offer. He jumped off, swinging his knapsack of PokeBalls. What was strange was that the guy was wearing a fur scarf, something which clearly clashed with his grunge look.

Until the scarf moved and blinked its blue eyes. It stretched its neck which sported a black leather collar with hooks. It unwound itself and splashed into the watery sands, sniffing the island air.


After lunch, Torchic went out to explore some more. All of his Aunts and Uncles were busy back home, so he went alone. Maybe he'd get lucky and find a berry. Rowen occasionally gave him berries for dessert and Mommy told him they came from berry trees. There were many trees and there were pretty flowers but no trees with pretty berries.

Aha! He chirped happily. Finally a berry tree with a single berry! He ran for it and opened his beak to eat it. Then stopped to see two blue eyes staring from top of a tree, its paws reaching for the berry. The white and brown flurry stopped at the sight of the chick and they stayed like that, staring at each other.


"Thank you for the berry!" Torchic pecked at the juicy blue berry then whole-heartedly glomped it. The Linoone watched him, head resting on his arms and tail swishing back and forth. The Torchic chewed then forcefully swallowed. It gave a cute little burp and sighed in satisfaction. Linoone paused, did a double-take and muffled its laughter. The Torchic stared, puzzled, unaware that its yellow beak was thoroughly blackened.

"What's wrong?" Torchic hopped nearer to his companion.

The Linoone completely smiled—eyes closed and mouth curved—for the first time in a very long while. "Nothing. You just reminded me of someone I used to know very well." He continued to smile at the sky.

Torchic was fascinated by sheer furriness of his companion and proceeded to peck at it. The Linoone didn't mind, this youngster was really amusing him. Torchic stopped at the thing wrapped around his neck. It had many hooks and some things were hanging from them.

"What's that?"

"It's for hanging things I've picked up. I'm a natural at picking up stuff so the trainer made this device so I'd get more stuff."

Torchic shivered. "It looks painful."

Linoone emitted a disdainful growl. "It is."

"That's awful! If my mommy finds out a Pokemon is being treated like that, she'd give like this and that and this!" Torchic kicked and flapped, trying to demonstrate what exactly his mommy would do. He slipped and crashed to the ground. After a few moments, he spouted tears. Linoone helped him get up, touched by the chick's innocent, if naïve, sense of justice.

"Here." Linoone slid his claws through a hook, freeing a caught item. "This'll make you feel better."

"What's this?" Torchic's pain was replaced by his curiosity.

"It's a hard-to-find treat. Try it; it tastes as good as berries." At the mention of berries, Torchic eagerly pecked at the round concoction. Linoone's ears twitched. He turned and darted towards the trees. Torchic turned too but towards the opposite direction, a voice was calling out for him!

"Sly! Oh, there you are." A young man ran toward the chick. He wore a long-sleeved red shirt with a black PokeBall design and loose camouflage pants. His wavy light brown hair was held back by a black bandana proclaiming the words "Hot! Hot! Blaziken!" in red font. It was mommy's human partner, Rowen. Rowen had said he didn't deserve to be called mommy's trainer. Torchic wondered why as he was scooped up by Rowen.

"C'mon, Sly. Your mom's gonna douse me in flames if I don't get you back safely. Hey, what' this? Whoa! A rare candy! You're one lucky chick!"


"Huh? Is there someone there, Sly?" Rowen understood well enough the feelings of his Pokemon and right now Sly was looking for someone. He searched the surrounding areas. No one was there. He'll just ask Psyche, to check out the place.

From behind a tree, the linoone observed the young man stroll away with the Torchic.