Title: Way of the Sith
Author: Kynstar
Time Frame: A moment in RotS
Characters: Dooku, Anakin, and Palpatine
Summary: Dooku's death (some spoiler but no words except for 5)
A/N: Short and sweet - As if you didn't think I would do this:-( Where's my kleenexes!

My Master had told me to bait the boy…to rile him up. To allow the build up of his anger over ride the Jedi teachings.

The Count of Serenno, the Sith Lord - Darth Tyranus, watched as the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi slump against the ship's flooring. Still he has not learned…did not my old Padawan teach him to learn from his previous mistakes? The dark brows furrow slightly as the tall man twirled to block an incoming strike from the younger man.

Dooku parried and struck back with ease while observing the Knight's moves and facial expressions. This alone had struck a chord in the youth. It has brought back the old memories.

Smirking, the Count started the next volley of attacks.

Palpatine called out from the chair that he was held down in. Dooku could sense that Skywalker was listening and eating up each word. Fool! I am a fool! I knew that this was coming too, but I still went along with the plan. He continued to fight across the floor, parrying, dodging, twirling, and making his own stabs at the Jedi.

Time seem to slow down, as the two warriors rushed at each other at incredible speeds. Blue and red clashed against each other while the two exchanged words as well as blows. The colors reflected off the view port at the back wall, blending in with the laser blasts from the space battle right outside their ship.

Dooku remembered Asajj telling him what he already knew. The way of the Sith was betrayal that in the end the apprentice would end the life of the master. But that was not in Dooku's plan. He wanted power, but not to that degree - as of yet. He knew his limits. He knew that he was too old to become the 'Master'. I made a bargain with him…for the youth to become the next apprentice and I would 'retire', but alas I should have known better.

The battle started to become too much as the youth's anger swelled and engulfed the room, smothering the Count's very own darkness with his more potent, raw energy. The Chosen One indeed…only at the end…

The pain was excruciating, as the once noble and feared leader of the Separatists grasped his severed hands against his chest. He would not allow this whelp to hear him cry out…never.

Dark eyes met flaming blue orbs and for the first time in years, true fear filtered through him. The boy has bested me…just as Sidious expected. I should have taken my old Master's offer…but my pride…my stubborn, death sealing pride interfered. Swallowing heavily, he glanced over at Sidious to see the Sith Master's glee. The Chancellor was urging Anakin to kill him. He could sense it through the Force as well as feel the overwhelming power at the youth's command standing in front of him…over him.

The gall of the boy to use my own blade to seal my fate. He nearly chuckled as the youth hesitated at finishing the deed. Still he hesitates. A pause long enough for himself to ponder on a certain small Councilor. I am sorry my old Master…it appears that I've failed once more in everything I ever set out to do with restoring glory to the Republic. Now it will be rendered and torn asunder even more than what I would have done. There is no candle lit for me on the Other Side…

Looking up into the face of the next Sith apprentice, Dooku raised his chin to accept his fate. There would be no tears…no cry for help…no mercy. Palpatine wanted him dead and the new protégé would obey. The last look from Palpatine sealed his doom.

"Kill him! Do it now!" Those were to be the last words heard by the ex-Jedi Master.

While blue and red blades sliced through the aging flesh, the Count's last thoughts were on what could have been…but now would never become.