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Chapter 1 : Introductions

The sun starts to rise from the east, bathing the hidden village of Konoha in a soft golden light. All was quiet so early in the morning all except at the Uchiha Manor. A certain dark-haired jounin was currently clutching an antediluvian scroll in one hand and screaming unmentionable obscenities towards his entire deceased clan and one late older brother which he killed himself.

"Itachi this is all your damn fault you $#$$#!" Sasuke sputtered indignantly for the sixth maybe seventh time to no one in particular.

"If you didn't kill the entire clan I might not have this problem you f$ing SOB!" desperation and hopelessness set in hard, as the great Uchiha Sasuke crumpled to the ground clutching his head in despair.

"Oi Sasuke-teme, what in the world are you yelling about!" a disembodied voice boomed from outside his window.

Sasuke half-heartedly reached for a paper weight on his desk and tossed it in the general direction of the annoying yet strangely familiar voice. Resulting in a soft thud and commotion in the trees beside his window.

"Ow! What was that for Uchiha jerkface!" the voice squeaked as a 6 foot blond in ANBU's garb leapt gracefully onto his window ledge, rubbing his forehead vigorously and muttering venomously about how his best friend can be so utterly bitchy in the mornings.

Sasuke merely rolled his eyes in response as he shuffled back to his desk to put away the scroll in his hand not bothering to invite his guest (however unwanted) in. Sensing a scandal or maybe just some good blackmail material, the ANBU tried to intercept the mysterious parcel only to be clocked soundly on the head.

"Go away Naruto!" Sasuke screamed at the ANBU.

"No ! Not unless you tell me what your problem is?" Naruto then proceeded to give that snotty little spoilt brat impersonation. (did a rather good job too)

"Get out!"

" AWW! Come on tell me maybe I can help!" Naruto pouted and gave his best rendition of the infamous "Uzumaki puppy-dog eyes"™.

Exhausted and completely helpless towards the disgustingly adorable blond he rubbed the bridge of his nose and conceded, "Okay, if I tell you will you shut up and get out of my house?" Naruto nodded excitedly in response.

"I cannot have Uchiha heirs..." Sasuke murmured softly.

"What! WHY!"

"Because the sharingan is a sex-linked trait!" he flared, losing complete control of his temper at the stupid, loud blockhead of a best friend.


Suddenly the urge to strangle the dumb blond (no offence to blondes just this one dumb blond) came back in full force.

"It…means…Naruto…,"trying his best to collect himself again whilst he explained. "That only girls can pass down the trait for sharingan and boys can't. Is that simple enough for you?"

"…" Naruto was speechless for once in his entire 23 years of existence.

"Yes Naruto, and I'm not a girl so I cannot have heirs. Itachi didn't leave any other female relative alive so the chances of someone else producing Uchiha heirs is nil" Sasuke slumped down and buried his face in his knees. His dreams were crushed, nothing can save the Uchiha clan now.

"Oi Uchiha don't cry about it. Why don't we ask Tsunade-obaachan for help? She should know bout this stuff, right?" Naruto chirped as he placed a loud smack on Sasuke's back.

"Mm..not crying! And I'm not asking for help from the Godaime of all people!" rubbing his abused back he tried to make for the door before his friend gets one of his "bright ideas".

Naruto however managed to cut him off completely from his path of escape and hoisted the dark-haired jounin onto his shoulders heading straight for the Hokage's Tower with his captive kicking and screaming all the way through.


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