I Hate Everything About You


Disclaimer: I do not own all original DBZ characters. I do have claim on Lynk, Ryn, Elise, Daimyo, and Koneko and Arix Also, the ages of everyone are kind of changed so that everybody is around the same age. Gohan, Ryn, and Elise are 23. Goten, Trunks, Daimyo, Kokuseki, and Koneko are all 22. And Lynk and Arix are 21.

A/N: Okay, if you've read New Life by Anime Law 11, my dear friend, then you've already heard of Ryn-san and Lynk-chan. I've tried writing several DBZ fics, but after my first one A Saiyan's Heart that I never actually finished, I just can't seem to keep one going, but I'm seriously gonna try this time. So everyone is allowed to hit me on the head once if I don't finish this eventually!

On Earth there was a great rock band called R3. The band consisted of three members: Rage, the oldest and the bassist/vocalist/writer, Rave, the second oldest and the guitarist/vocalist/writer/composer, and Ret, the drummer/vocalist, when he was allowed to be. They were the most loved band of their time. No one had known who they really were though. These three hotties always wore black hats and sunglasses whenever they performed, did videos, and photo shoots. In fact, Rage, Rave, and Ret weren't even their real names.

When R3 went on tour for their sixth album release they went to planet called Felinoa. Felinoa was a planet of high technologically advanced warriors who lived almost like people in the olden Earth days. There was a band from Felinoa that was to open for them. This band was called Amaratsu.

Amaratsu consisted of many members compared to R3. Ryn, the eldest and the bassist/vocalist/writer, Lynk, the guitarist/lead vocalist/writer and composer, Elise, the drummer, Koneko, the keyboards, Daimyo, the back up guitarist, and Arix, the back up bass and male vocals.

After the first performance R3 and Amaratsu became well aquatinted. In fact, Rage had begun dating Ryn. Rave and Lynk started seeing each other. Elise and Ret dated, too.

Amaratsu also found out the boys' true identities. Rage, was Gohan Son, and Ret was Goten Son. Lynk had also found out that her father was Goku! Her and Arix, who were twins, had a mother who was more or less a whore. Rave was Trunks Brief, and he met his twin older sister Ryn and Elise, the princess' of Felinoa and ½ Kais'.

The two bands decided to merge and become Blood 'n' Wine.

Everything seemed to be going well until Gohan had been sucked into an alternate dimension. The others had retrieved him with almost no problem. But soon following problems began to strike within the band. Gohan and Ryn had gotten married, they seemed to be doing good. Lynk and Trunks began to fight constantly, almost to the point where the two would come to fists, but never did. Elise dumped Goten to try some other men. Koneko began dating Goku.

In only a matter of a year and half Gohan decided that the band should disband. So Gohan and Ryn moved away into a new apartment in West City. Trunks moved back to Capsule Corps to work on a solo album. Lynk joined another band, one of all guys her age, and began a new album. Elise moved out and with a new boyfriend. Koneko was last known to be pregnant with Goku's 5th child.

This is where the story begins…