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Chapter Proposal

It was the night of the senior prom. Ulrich was helping Jeremie fix his tie because he was all butterfingers that night Ulrich straightened the tie and had to ask Jeremie a question.

"Hey Einstein is everything okay," Ulrich asked "You haven't been this nervous since you asked Aelita to be your girlfriend."

"Yeah I'm fine Ulrich," Jeremie said a big smile on his face, "I'm just a little excited that's all."

"Oh," he said noticing a glint in his eyes, "What are you planning Jeremie?"

"That is for me to know," he said grabbing the corsage he bought for Aelita, "Now I have to go and pick up my princess."

"We all have to pick up our dates," Odd said, "Remember Jeremie they are all at Yumi's"

"Oh yeah," he said feeling rather sheepish.

"What's wrong with you," Odd said, "You never act like this."

"Like I said I'm a little excited, so naturally I'm jumpy."

"Oh, so what did you buy Aelita when we went to that jewelry store," Ulrich asked,

"That is for me to know and you to find out." Jeremie said a bright grin on his face.

"What is with all the secrecy Jeremie?" Odd asked,

"You will find out later ok?" Jeremie said picking up three long stem roses, "Gentlemen your roses."

Odd took a red one, Ulrich took the black one and Jeremie took the pink one. The headed for the door, and went to pick up their dates. As they walked Jeremie had an uncharacteristic grin plastered on his face.


The girls where busy getting ready. Naomi was putting the finishing touches on Aelita's makeup. Normally Aelita wouldn't want to wear any, but Naomi had talked her into it. Although it was only lightly applied. When she finished she gave Aelita a mirror to inspect her work.

"Wow," Aelita said, "Thanks Naomi,"

"No problem," She then whispered into her ear, "Jeremie won't be able to keep his eyes off of you."

Aelita's face reddened. She put her hands on her cheeks and felt her face heat up considerably. They had been dating for years and yet the mere mention of him made her blush. Yumi and Naomi smirked at each other knowingly. Then the doorbell rang. The girls rose and went downstairs to greet their dates.

They decided to go in turns. Naomi went first. Odd watched as his girlfriend descended the steps. She looked amazing in her simple red dress. Her hair was fixed up and a single strand of her hair dangled in front of her face.

"Wow," Odd said, "You look amazing tonight."

"Thank you Odd," Naomi said quietly.

Odd gave a flick of his wrist and a red rose appeared in his hand. Naomi accepted it blushing like a mad woman, "Thank you."

"But wait I'm not done yet," Odd said, "What is that?"


"That thing in your ear?"

"What thing?" Naomi asked,

"This," Odd reaching to her ear and pulling out a golden bracelet with rubies along it,

"Oh Odd," Naomi gasped its beautiful,

"Not nearly as much as the woman wearing it," Odd said fastening it around her wrist.

She then wrapped her arms around Odd's neck and kissed him so purely. That Odd felt like an angel was kissing him.

Then Yumi descended the steps. Ulrich was amazed by her appearance. She had a sparkling black gown with spaghetti straps. There was also a slit that ran up to her thigh. Ulrich was in wonder. In fact it was like he was in another world.

"Good evening," Yumi said approaching Ulrich,

Not being able to find words Ulrich presented her with her rose. She took it smiling at the awestruck boy.

"Thank you," She said smiling at him.

"I uh got something for you Yumi," He said.


"Yeah," he then gave Yumi a black velvet box.

She opened it and gasped when she noticed a pearl necklace inside. She couldn't believe her eyes. Ulrich seemed to have come out of his stupor and put the necklace around Yumi's neck and fastened it.

"Ulrich you shouldn't" Yumi said but was stopped when a finger pressed against her lips.

"I wanted to," He said giving Yumi a sweet kiss.

"Awwww," was spoken then Yumi and Ulrich sprang apart.

"Hi," A voice spoke from the top of the stairs.

They all turned their attention and saw Aelita up there. Jeremie felt his heart beat so fast it felt like it was about to break out of his chest. She was in a dress that just seemed to flow. I clung to her though. As in awed as Odd and Ulrich had been Jeremie was stunned more then both of them put together.

Aelita approached Jeremie. He could seem to find words. However Aelita could see what he was thinking in his eyes. He then pulled his rose from his pocket. Aelita laughed. He knew she loved pink roses.

"May I," He asked.

"You'd be in big trouble if you didn't," Aelita spoke playfully.

Jeremie then fixed the rose into Aelita's hair. Fortunately he had the thorns clipped of. She smiled at him and gave him a simple hug. It may not have been as fiery as a kiss but it was the best way she knew to express the love she was currently feeling.

"I got you something," Jeremie spoke, "But I'll give it to you later okay."

"You didn't have to get me anything," Aelita spoke, "I have all I will ever need or want, because I have you."

Jeremie smiled and tilted Aelita's face up and gave her a kiss that was so soft and gentle that the others could only smile at.

"You know," Odd said, "I don't think anyone can be as in love as those two are."

"Really," Naomi said a little cross.

"Don't get me wrong," he said, "I love you very much, but they had to endure loving each other while existing in different worlds."

"Yeah," Ulrich added, "I agree with Odd."

"You do," Yumi said then smiled, "So do I,"

"Me too," Naomi said, "Now who want to break them up so we can go."

"Not it," Ulrich, Yumi, and Naomi said quickly leaving Odd to do the dirty deed.

"Um excuse me Princess, Einstein," He began, "Uh we kind of have to get going so could you wrap it up."

The two pulled apart slowly. Then they rested their foreheads against each other. Then Jeremie spoke, "Sure Odd."

They all left the house each girl on their boyfriends arm. When they reached the bottom of the steps a limo pulled up in front of them. Then the driver stepped out of the car and walked back to the back door and opened it for them.

"Well ladies first," Jeremie said leading Aelita to the open door and helped her in.

"Ah Jer," Naomi asked, "Where did this limousine come from?"

"The company," He answered, "I hired it, consider it a thank you for being my friends."

"You didn't have to Jeremie we where happy to be your friends." Yumi said earning a united response from the others.

"I know," He said, "Now come on, we have a prom to get to."

The group smiled and Yumi and Naomi climbed inside followed by Ulrich and Odd lastly Jeremie joined them. They rode in comfort to the prom that was held in a hall down town. They arrived and entered together. They all sat at the same table during which time Yumi poised a question.

"So Aelita," She began, "What are you going to do if you are elected queen."

"I'm nominated?" The girl spoke confusedly,

"You didn't know," Naomi spoke.

"Uh uh," Aelita said, "My focus has been on my studies my job, and of course Jeremie, not popularity contests."

"Well someone nominated you," Yumi spoke.

"Like I care," Aelita responded.

"And as if you could beat me," A snobby voice spoke.

"Sissi go away," Ulrich said.

"Now Ulrich dear," Sissi breathed, "Why would you want that?"

"Well let's see," He said, "You are,"

"Beautiful, stunning, charming," Sissi spoke putting her hands on Ulrich.

"Actually I was going to say conceded, egotistical, and a stuck up brat," Ulrich spat removing her hands from him.

"You are just saying that, because your friends are here," She spoke reaching for him again.

"You want to step outside so I can repeat myself," Ulrich spat, "Now go away before I sick Yumi on you."

"Yumi," Sissi said looking up to see the girl seething as she bent a fork in half.

Sissi gulped, "Well your little pink haired freak isn't going to win this contest you geek. Sissi shot at Jeremie before making her retreat.

"How dare she," Jeremie growled then calmed when he felt Aelita's hand on his shoulder.

Aelita shook her head and Jeremie felt his anger recede. He then took Aelita's hand and kissed it simply before he laced his fingers through hers.

"You know Jeremie You have been nominated as well," Ulrich spoke.

"What," he asked,

"You are on prom court," Odd said.

"But how," He said, "I mean Aelita I can understand but why me."

"It is probably because of that tutoring program you and Aelita started," Ulrich explained, "Now how did you manage that and stay out of trouble."

"It's simple," He said, "I tutored the boys and Aelita tutored the girls."

Then a slow song came on and Jeremie rose to his feet, "Aelita may I have this dance?"

A smile appeared on her face, "Of course," She said taking his hand as he led her to the dance floor.

Jeremie placed his hands on her waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. They danced slowly to the music. The light seemed to make Jeremie's eyes sparkle like sapphires. She didn't know how it happened but she reached up and kissed him as tenderly as she could. Jeremie lost himself in Aelita's kiss they where dead to the world, nothing existed to them except each other. They snapped out of the stupor when the principal began to speak.

"Good evening," He said, "I hope all of you are enjoying yourselves tonight."

The students applauded their approval.

"Be sure to thank your student government representatives," He said, "Now its time to announce this year's prom king and queen."

He then opened the envelope he was holding and read the card inside. His eyes went wide. Then he read proudly.

"Your prom King and Queen are, Mr. Jeremie Belpois, and Ms. Aelita Lyoko."

Jeremie and Aelita where shocked, but none more than Sissi. They made their way toward the stage while receiving pats on the backs by their fellow students. They got up on the stage and where crowned. In the back Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, and Naomi put their hands together for a job well done.

"Now our prom King and Queen will share their first dance." The principal announced.

Jeremie lead Aelita back to the dance floor that had been cleared and again danced slowly. In the meanwhile as the principal descended the steps Sissi confronted him.

"Daddy why wasn't I made queen," She complained.

"Sissi I have no power over who is made Queen and who is made King." He said, "The students nominate, the student committee decides who goes on the ballet, and the students vote."

"I'll bet it was Ulrich's friends that made sure I wasn't voted for," Sissi hissed.

"Well dear," He said, "You only got two votes."

"Only two," She shouted, "That is popostrous."

"Sorry Sissi," He said, "I counted the votes myself."

She grumbled and then stormed off.


The song came to an end and then Jeremie pulled away and looked deep into Aelita's green orbs. He then reached into his pocket, and pulled something out.

"I'm ready to give you your gift," He spoke softly.

"Jeremie I told you as long as your with me I don't need anything," Aelita spoke in an equally soft tone.

Jeremie smiled and put the box into her hands, "Open it."

Aelita did as she was instructed and opened the box. She gasped when she saw what was inside the box. It was a gold engagement ring. On it where small diamonds and in the center was a pink gem. Aelita looked between the ring and Jeremie. She could barely breathe. She couldn't even figure out everything that was going on in her head. Then he took the ring and got down on one knee.

This attracted the attention of everyone in the room. The disc jockey even turned down the music. Everyone including Ulrich, Odd, Yumi, and Naomi watched with interest.

"Aelita I love you," He said, "Here as we are about to embark on the journey into our future, and I've realized that you are my future, you are my life, the very reason I get up in the morning, so here in front of our peers, and friends, I have to ask." Jeremie stopped and let out a breath, "Aelita will you marry me?"

Aelita's mind was reeling. Her mind was tumbling around as she tried to process what Jeremie had asked of her. Then it hit her. They would be together forever. She would be his, and he would be hers. That was all she ever wanted out of life. Tears began to fall down her cheeks as she dropped down and gave him a big hug.

"Wow," he said, "So is that a yes?"

Aelita pulled back smiling brightly with tears still streaking down her face, "Yes," She said, "Yes Jeremie I will marry you." With that she gave him a passionate kiss and hugged him. He then slipped the ring onto her finger. This was the happiest moment of her entire life.

The student body didn't take this lightly. They cheered wildly when Aelita accepted Jeremie's proposal. The loudest being their friends. After the excitement the party resumed.

After a couple more hours the gang decided it was time to leave. They all got into their limo. They rode back to Yumi's. On the way they discovered the mini bar in back of the limousine. Yumi fixed up some drinks and passed one around to each of her friends. Then she held her glass up.

"To Jeremie and Aelita," She toasted, "May the two of you live the life of happiness that you truly deserve."

"Here, here," everyone chorused taking a drink.

They all arrived back at Yumi's the girls went upstairs to change. After the gowns had been put away the makeup had been washed off and the pajama's put on. They climbed into their respective beds. Aelita looked at the ring again and a joyful giggle escaped her lips. Yumi and Naomi smiled and then let sleep claim them in its warm embrace. Aelita followed, and dreamed of her life with Jeremie.

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