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Chapter 16; Finale

Aelita woke in relevant comfort. She smiled at her husband who was still asleep, and slipped out of his arms. She wrapped her pink robe around her pajamas, and went down to the kitchen for breakfast as she descended she saw that Jeremie had been right. Sakura didn't need any help and neither did Linc, which was short for Lincoln. He was a childhood friend of Sakura's and like her hid his desire to be more than friends, but both Jeremie and she had seen through the disguise, so to see them at the table with their hands locked and a look Aelita was very familiar with on their faces was quite uplifting.

The rest of the trip to Colorado passed with relative ease, and soon it was time for the family to return to their homes in New York. Once there Connor made short work of asking for Brooke's hand in marriage. To her surprise and delight Brooke's father readily approved of them. He then revealed that both he and Jeremie had recently decided to merge their companies together, and what better with to symbolize that then by the union of the two families. Of course there was also the fact that he wanted his daughter's happiness above anything else, and he could tell that Connor was the key to that.

It wasn't long after the return to New York that Jeremie remained true to the word that he had given to his wife(when would he ever not). He informed the board of directors of his retirement, and his design to pass the company on to his son Jay. The board accepted and began the process for appointing Jay Belpois to the position that his father held. On the other side of the coin Sydney's first pregnancy was progressing beautifully, and as such she spent much time with her mother and her mother in law getting advice in preparation for her baby. Robyn also began planning her marriage to Charlie, but the date was set so that Sydney wasn't pregnant when it came time for her to walk down the aisle.

That was a year ago. Jay now ran the company that his father had run for most of his life. He was also a father to a beautiful little girl that he and Sydney decided to name Rose. Robyn and Charlie where now married and even teaching at a respected School in upstate New York, and she is expecting her own little one any day now.

Connor and Brooke were married just as soon as it was possible, and they now work as liaisons for several of the branch offices around the world, so the two got to work together and travel the world at the same time. Sakura and Linc are engaged to be married; meanwhile Sakura works for her oldest brother as a secretary while Linc works in the labs as a mechanical engineer.

Bridge and Z remained together. They got married have a little boy that they decided to name Joshua, Bridge still does his mechanic thing, but has been known to branch into other areas. In fact there have been a few projects that Jay sent his friends' way.

Zane and Syrus became the best of friends. They went to college together meet the women who would become their wives at the same time. Even today their friendship is as close as it one could be. In fact it was widely whispered among the crew that they had become the second generation Ulrich and Odd.

The Code Lyoko crew grew old together. They watched as their children got married and had their own children, and even watched as their grandkids grew up in front of their eyes. Then they learned of something that they could not help but feel ironic their grandchildren where being sent to a boarding school oversees. It was one they where all quite familiar with, and even went with the kid just to see it again. I am of course referring to Kadic Academy. It felt good to see the old place again especially for Jeremie and Aelita. The two returned to the spot where so many years ago Jeremie got down on one knee and proposed to the woman he still loves.

"Do you remember?" Jeremie asked,

"How could I forget," Aelita responded, "You asked me to marry you in front of everybody."

"Was that a bad thing?"


"I remember afterwards I promised you a happily ever after."

"You did," Aelita responded, "And you delivered," She finished with her award winning smile.

"You know," he began, "Looking back," He finished, "I wouldn't change a thing."

"Neither would I."

The two kissed with a sincerity that despite the years had never been lost. When they pulled away Jeremie draped his arm around her, and they left through the doors just as they had all those years ago, and they continued to live happily ever after.

That is it.

Sorry for it being so short, but I wanted to put a bow on this fic, so I gave you guys the end.

I hope you've enjoyed