Adventure of a Lifetime

Adventure of a Lifetime

Ch. 1-Unexpected Guests

I do not own Sailor Moon or Ronin Warriors in any way shape or form. I highly respect those who put a lot of effort in making these 2 fabulous animes. They are so fabulous that I am writing a bunch of fanfictions and even a shrine to them. I just love the RW/SM pairings!

Anyway, to start, I just want to give a little info before you read the fic (don't worry, it's coming, it's coming!). This is based in the medieval, early times. You've seen those pics of the ronins and warlords wearing that cool, old, medieval type armor, right? (And if you haven't, you should, because it's soo cool lookin'!) That's what the ronins and warlords are wearing. The sailor scouts still transform, but their uniforms are different but you'll see how later. The warlords are in their bad state at the moment but Tulpa is not around. So the warlords and ronins are still rivals until they meet the scouts. To make the story medieval like, I gave some sailors medieval/fantasy identities.

Serena: Princess Serenity (duh)

Darien: Prince Darien. (I dunno how to spell his other name…Edimooni what? Oh, doesn't matter, he's a minor character here!)

Ami: A water sprite. She hangs around rivers and streams. She looks like a human but has little fins on her feet when she's near water. Likes to study too. I'm calling her Amilynn because it sounds more medieval like. ^_^

Raye: A priestess lives with her grandfather in a temple. Chad is not present. (yay!).

Lita: Amazon/hermit. She lives alone, like in the anime. She is afraid of boats/sailing like she was afraid of flying in the anime.

Mina: She's kind of like a wandering troublemaker and thief. (She got in trouble with the police in the anime but I don't know what she did. I just thought it would be interesting to add a troublemaker to the story. In England, she was the Sailor V heroine for a while too. People thought she was just a myth though because no one saw her.)

Hotaru: She collects candles where as in the anime she collected lamps. Still has her ability to heal and is still weak. Not much change. Kind of a dark healer person.

Amara: A horse trainer/racer who wears men's clothes and armor.

Michelle: A mermaid. She's the sailor scout of the sea and she certainly looks like a mermaid, doesn't she? She can become human when she comes on land.

Trista: Astronomer, fascinated with time and space. (I'm trying to keep them with their sailor titles as much as possible here. I'm afraid this is gonna be a bit harder than I thought.)

Molly: I like Molly and I hoped she would be a Sailor Scout soon but she never did. ::pouts:: Since she's proposed as Serena's best friend, I decided to make her Serena's servant and call her Mollynn (I like "lynn" in names),

Yuli, Mia, Lady Kayura and Rini aren't in the fic. Sorry. This is just about the scouts and ronins and warlords. Now, on to the story!


Princess Serenity sighed as she looked out her window while fingering her white crystal amulet. Next week she will be queen and married to her child hood sweetheart, Prince Darien. They were good friends since they were young children. Their parents have decided for them to be married the moment Serena was born. They in a way, forced their relationship, having Darien and his parents come to the palace every week for dinner and a ball. They went to his palace often too. They probably did all this because Serena had trouble making up her mind. It soon grew boring. Did Serena love Darien? In a way, yes. At least she thought she did. Did he love her? She wasn't sure. He acted kind and polite to her when their parents were around. He never did tell her his feelings. But being kind and polite was much different than being in love.

It somehow, wasn't right for her parents to plan her future this way. Their parents planned their marriage and they didn't' seem happy sometimes. Of course she heard her father address her mother with "My Dear" but she did not see him be affectionate with her much. They were kind to each other like man and wife should be, but shouldn't they be in love too? Shouldn't they be happy that they spend the rest of their lives with each other?"

"Life," Serena whispered, "life…." An unwanted tear trailed down her cheek. What kind of life is this? she thought to herself.

"Serena," her mother said, "Prince Darien is waiting for you. It is not polite to make your future husband wait for you!"

If he loved me, he would, Serena thought, I'd make him wait forever if I wanted to. "Yes, Mother," Serena mumbled, still looking out the window.

"The chef made your favorite," Queen Serenity said in hopes to make Serena hurry down stairs.

However, Serena was not very hungry. Which was a first. Normally she would run down the stairs and eat everything in sight but now, she lost her appetite.

"I'm not hungry," Serena moaned.

"You come down there this instant!" she snapped, "everyone is waiting for you! Were ar your manners, girl? I did not raise you too--"

Serena turned her head, "I'll come but don't expect me to eat anything." She walked by her mother and down to the dining room.

"Ah, they you are, my daughter," her father addressed.

Serena curtsied to her father and then to her future husband. He was dear to her but she still felt that she should make the choice. He bowed and smiled to her.

"Glad you could join us," Darien said he pulled her chair out and set her down like a gentleman should.

Serena looked down at the dinner she couldn't eat but to be polite, she forced down a few bites. I wish I could choose I could spend the rest of my life with. She thought in silence, life, life, life, and love.

Anubis battled it out with his rival Rowen of the Strata on top of a mountain. Anubis nearly knocked Rowen off but Rowen saved himself in time. He shot an arrow in Anubis' shoulder and after that, Anubis slashed Rowen's left arm. He pushed him down and he fell on his cut arm on a rock, breaking his already cut arm and a few of his ribs. Rowen fell down in pain and held his side and wounded arm. Anubis nearly finished him then in there but for some reason, chose not to. If he killed him now, what was he supposed to do then? It was his destiny to fight Rowen and win and he had his chance but it just didn't seem like the thing to do. He felt like he did enough by breaking his arm and his ribs. Rowen would die on his own in the wilderness anyway.

"You are beaten," Anubis said. "You thought you were better than me, didn't you Rowen of the Strata? I am still better."

"I will get you," Rowen winced, "someday."

"You can't even load an arrow with your arm like that," Anubis told him, "I've broken some of your ribs. You'll die in a matter of hours." He grinned evilly and walked away. "Your miserable life will be over."

Rowen, although he felt like hell, chose not to believe a word from his mouth. Life must go on, he thought. His kanji of life glowed upon his forehead. "I will find someway to live," he stretched his bow over his head and upon his shoulder and held onto his arm. With the fractured ribs, it was hard to get up and walk, even to breathe, but he forced himself to press on. Life must go on. Life.

Serena nibbled at her dinner and sipped her drink while she was lost in her world.

"My Princess," Darien said, "are you ill?"

"No," she replied, rising to her feet, "just not very hungry."

"It's your favorite!" the chef hollered.

"I do appreciate it," she bowed her heat to the chef and smiled. "Another time!"

"Where are you going?" her mother demanded.

"Outside, I need some air," she said, "please, excuse me." She bowed her head respectfully to her parents and guests before heading outside. Taking a deep of fresh air, she closed her eyes. When she opened them, she noticed drops of blood leading to the stables. "Blood?" she mumbled. The stable door was wide open and she heard the horses neighing. "Thief!" she cried, running into the stables. She shouldn't have yelled because the person inside heard her and prepared himself. When she stepped inside, someone covered her mouth with a dirty and bloody hand. She tried to scream but it came out muffled.

The person looked down and saw she was just a woman. "I won't hurt you. Please, don't scream." He took his hand off her mouth. She turned around and stepped back. He noticed by the way she was dressed that she was a princess.

"Oh, forgive me!" he fell down to his knees, "I did not mean to scare you, your highness." He bowed his head respectfully.

"Get up, you are injured," she said, noticing that one of his arms was bloody and he was unable to use it. It appeared broken. His ribs looked broken too. She came to him and helped him up. She became lost as she looked into his deep blue eyes. His light, gray-bluish hair made him look handsome. His bangs hung across his forehead and down his nose. He wore a dark blue headband. Something told her to take care of the soldier, that he was good. She waited for something like this for a long time. He was so handsome that she forgot that she was to wed Darien.

"I was only just going to stay here for the night," the wounded soldier said, "until my wounds heal."

"Nonsense," she shook her head, "your wounds will not heal in one day. I can't you leave in your condition. It's dangerous out there. You'll die."

"Your highness, I--"

"What happened to you?" she asked. "Did you get lost and fall down?"

"No," he grunted, "I was in a fight. You don't need to let me stay."

"Of course I do," she said, "whoever did this to you could be looking for you. Wait here, I will get something for your wounds. You're probably hungry too. Don't' go anywhere." Serena stood up and hurried to her castle. In a basket, she placed in bread, fruit and some drink. She placed some bandages in the basket and took a lantern. She has told her father that the stable needed a lantern or a torch to give the stable light but he didn't think it was necessary. She thought that the horses would like some light. If she was a horse, she wouldn't' want to be in the dark all the time. She was able to get her supplies without being seen. "I hope you weren't waiting long," she told the wounded soldier.

"It's alright, your highness," he said.

"You don't need to address me that way," she smiled. "Just call me Serena."

"Serena," he breathed effortlessly. It rang in his mind. He nearly lost his pulse when he looked upon her beautiful face and gorgeous figure. Her blond long tresses with two ball shaped buns on the top of her head. She hair a fair colored face and her lips were painted with a pale pink. She wore a long beautiful strapless white gown with silver rings over the chest. The site of her took his breath away.

"What's your name?" she asked.


She placed the basket next to his feet and took out some bandages. "Can you," she blushed, "remove your amror of rme please?"

"Yes your hi---I mean, Serena," he smiled and tried to remove his shoulder and arm guards but it was hard doing it with his wounded arm.

"Let me help you," she carefully lifted the armor off him and pulled down the underlining armor from the waist up. She carefully pressed his side to feel how many ribs were broken, "you have three ribs broken." She noted, "Must have been some battle. Who did this too you?"

"I cannot tell you," he replied.

"I can keep a secret, Rowen," Serena said.

"It's best that you do not know," he explained. "You're just so, innocent. You're a princess. A soldier shouldn't tell everyone about the people he fights."

"But if this person is looking for you," she said, "it's better that I do know."

"Please, I can't tell you. I respect you enough not to tell you."

"That's sweet," she smiled, "but if you ever feel like you need to tell me, I'll listen." She pulled his arm into a sling and wrapped bandages around his ribs. She dabbed scratches and cuts on his chest and face.

Serena never saw a bare-chested man before. She didn't care for a soldier's wounds either. Her parents wouldn't let her go near the soldiers. As she continued to care for his wounds, a strange sensation developed within her. It was a new, personal yet interesting experience for her. Rowen closed his eyes as he felt the pain become ten times less than it was before. Her fingers trailed across his chest. He always cared for his own battle scars or one of his fellow warriors helped him. A woman, especially a princess, never cared for his wounds. He fingers were soft and smooth on his scared and calloused skin. When she was finished caring for his wounds, she took out the lantern and lit it.

"It's always dark in here at nights," she said as she placed it over a hook, "I thought you and the horses might want some light."

"I appreciate that," Rowen thanked.

"I brought you some food too," Serena informed, opening the basket and handing him a piece of bread, "I know it's not much but at least the cook wouldn't notice that it's missing!" she giggled.

Rowen laughed lightly. Her giggle and sweetness made him feel better.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" she asked.

"This is fine, Serena," Rowen said, tearing a piece of bread and placing it in his mouth. It was kind of awkward doing it with one hand. She smiled as she watched him eat.

"You can sleep there." She pointed at a corner. "There's plenty of hay here and you can make a bed out of it."

Rowen nodded, "thank you."

"I must go back to my party now," she said, "I'll come see you in the morning."

Rowen continued to finish his light dinner. It wasn't much but more than enough. He didn't expect for a princess to find him and take care of his wounds and give him food. He was grateful it happened. As sleepiness took over, he placed the remains of his dinner in the basket and made a pile of hay and lay upon it. The horses looked at him and neighed.

"Oh hush," Rowen moaned, "I'll be your new roommate for a while."


Splash. Splash. Spatter. Splatter. Splash. Two pairs of feet jumped and ran in a stream. The feet belonged to two soldiers. The soldiers being Sai of the Torrent and Sekhmet of Venom. They were fighting one another.

"I got you now," Sekhmet growled as he advanced to the warrior. Sai readied himself with a small sword, ducked and thrust the dagger into Sekhmet's leg. He groaned and backed down, ripping the sword from his leg. Sai backed up and held his staff in front of him, waiting for Sekhmet to attack again. He kept a safe distance away from Sekhmet because he knew the swords he had were filled with venom.

"You are afraid of me, boy," Sekhmet taunted.

"I'm not afraid of you," Sai snapped.

"Then why don't you come after me?" Sekhmet demanded, "If you're not afraid, come attack me."

"I know of the poison in your swords," Sai said.

"And soon it will be inside of you!" Sekhmet shouted. He advanced to Sai again. He slashed his sword around while Sai began to back up and keep the swords from touching him.

Sai tripped over a rock in the water and fell painfully on his back. Sekhmet sliced Sai on the sides of his face, leaving two long scars. He wanted to play with Sai a little bit before he killed him. Sai screamed as he felt the poison burn his face. Sekhmet pulled his sword up and was about to run Sai through and Sai forced himself to move over and he grabbed his staff and pushed Sekhmet away. He grunted and stood up and swung his staff across Sekhmet, cutting the guards of his armor. They left each other with injuries until they couldn't fight anymore. Sekhmet soon tired of the fight and left.

"We will fight again," Sekhmet warned.

Sai dropped his staff and knelt down in the water, splashing the water on his face. He washed his scratches and he felt the burning wear off.

Amilynn the water sprite peeked on Sai. She tried to keep a good distance but couldn't help her curiosity. She hid by the bushes next to the water. She heard Sekhmet fighting with him and when he left she stayed too look at Sai. She watched him clean his wounds with the water. Trying to be quiet, she stepped into the water and started to walk closer to him, just to get a better look. She was at least ten feet behind him. She stepped into the water again and slipped and fell. She got up and began to run away before she got caught.

Splash. Splash. Splash.

He heard splashes in the water, like a person running in the water. He stood up, thinking it was Sekhmet returning to finish him. There was no one around. "I know you are here, Sekhmet," Sai said, "Where are you?" He stood still, waiting for the sounds of splashing feet again.

Splash. Splash. Splash.

Sai decided to find out where the splashing noises were coming from. He had to know what was at the stream besides him. He saw a glimpse of someone who was not Sekhmet. He did not get a good look but he was certain it was not his rival. "Wait!" He pursued the person who made the splashing sounds. The person ran away and he followed the sounds of splashing feet. "Don't leave!" He realized that the person he saw was scared of him.

Amilynn the water sprite knew a human saw her and ran as fast as her finned feet could carry her. She couldn't let a human come close to her. Water sprites must not be seen. They don't know why they can't let humans see them. Maybe they feared that humans would kill them. She could hear the person coming closer.

"Wait!" Sai cried, "wait!" he came closer to the being. He saw that she was a woman dressed in a blue top that covered the top of her back that covered her breasts. She wore a matching small skirt around her waist that was decorated with fish scales. He jumped and wrapped his arms around her and they fell into the water.

"Go away!" Amilynn cried.

He turned the woman around, "I won't…hurt you…" he looked into shining blue eyes and forgot who he was and where he was and what he was doing. Time stopped for a moment and all he wanted to do was just look at her and adore her. She wore a blue crystal amulet that came down past her breasts. She wore another necklace that came down to her color bone. It had a small spiral shell.

Amilynn froze, waiting for the pursuer to kill her. She looked up to the handsome soldier. He had reddish-brown hair that covered his ears. He had still green eyes. She studied the scars on his cheeks. "What do you want from me?" she demanded.

"I just, wanted to know who was here," Sai said, blinking. He blushed, "I'm sorry I scared you." He stood up and helped her up. "I thought I was alone. What are you doing here? Don't you know it's dangerous?"

"I live here," Amilynn replied.

"You have a house near here?" Sai asked.

"No, human," she said, "I live here."

Sai stepped back. She called me human. "Here?" he mumbled. He looked down at her feet and saw her webbed finned feet. Two blue fins were sprouted on the sides of her ankles. Now he knew what she was, "You're a water sprite." He noticed that her hands looked a little scaly too.


"I thought you were human."

"We look human and our fins disappear when we step on land."

"I thought they weren't real," he said, "I thought they were---"

"A myth?" she smiled, "I thought humans were a myth. But there's more things out here than you know of."

She's smart for a water sprite, Sai thought.

Amilynn turned and began to walk to the deep side of the stream that led to the river. "I must go now."

"Wait, can't I have your name?" Sai proposed.

"It's Amillynn." She replied over her shoulder.

"Sai." He said.

Amilynn nodded and continued to walk to the deep side of the river.


In the middle of the night, Serena found sleep difficult. She couldn't help but think about Rowen, lying there in a pile of hay with a broken arm and broken ribs. He could be wide-awake, shivering and groaning in pain. He could also be bored, there in the stables with the horses. Wondering what to do, she got out of bed and threw a long blue robe over her pink and white nightgown. Pushing her feet into some slippers, she took an extra pillow from her bed and a blanket. She took her candle and went to the library and grabbed a few books. When she came to the stable, just as she predicted, Rowen was trying to fall asleep.

"Oh, princess," he mumbled. "Are you allowed out here after dark?"

"Of course I am," she smiled, "I live here," she came closer and sat next to him. She helped him get comfortable and laid the blanket over him and propped his head with a pillow. "I brought you some books. I wasn't sure if you like to read or not."

"I do," he confirmed, "thank you."

"Are you comfortable enough?" she asked. "I wish I could do something more and let you stay in the palace but my parents might not approve."

"You've done enough," he told her. "I appreciate it, your highness."

They sat there in silence, lost in each other's eyes. Neither of them knew what to say or what to do. If he wasn't wounded, Serena might move into his arms this instant. She began to have more doubts about the wedding than she already did. There was just something about Rowen that made her attracted to him. It's almost as if she fell in love with him the moment she laid eyes on him. Rowen felt the same way. It was too early to tell, but it was true. There was something going on between them when she found him in the stables. Something was there. It was heavy and thick. No one mattered. Nothing did.

Finally, Serena said, "I better get going. Good night, Rowen."

"Sleep well, princess." Rowen whispered then blushed, "Serena."

Serena stood up and walked out of the stable. It seemed like the hardest thing she ever did.


After Anubis was traveling from the mountain, he came across a house that appeared to be haunted. He pressed on and decided not to go near it. He had removed the arrow that Rowen shot in his shoulder and the pain was aggravating. Down the road, Anubis saw light, six glowing lights coming from candles. He saw a figure, a woman dressed in black she was holding a candle in her hand and the five was around her. Anubis wasn't sure if she was performing a dark ritual or not. She wore a purple crystal around her neck.

"What are you doing?" He demanded.

Hotaru raised her head, "creating the circle of life. When someone sets five candles around them while holding one, they can become stronger."

"That's not true," Anubis cracked.

"It is!" Hotaru cried. She noticed that his shoulder was bleeding. "You're hurt." She stepped out of the circle and came closer to him.

"It's nothing," he mumbled as he stepped back.

"Step into the circle," she said.

Anubis laughed in disbelief.

Hotaru raised an eyebrow, "you will be surprised."

Sighing, Anubis stepped into the circle. "I don't feel stronger yet," he complained.

"Just wait," Hotaru informed, "close your eyes."

Anubis did as she said. She touched his wound and a purple glow surrounded her finger and his shoulder, followed by a yellow glow. The blood stopped and the hole closed up.

"You can open them now," she said.

"What did you do?" Anubis asked. "My shoulder." He put his hand to it. The wound was gone. "Why did you heal me?"

"You were hurt," she replied, "I didn't want you to be hurt anymore."

The girl was awfully kind to Anubis. No one showed him kindness before. He didn't show kindness to someone else either. Being the warlord of cruelty was everything that he knew. "Thank you, but I have nothing to give you."

"I don't want anything," Hotaru said.

She did it without reward. Selflessness. Why would she care for a complete stranger? Anubis pondered this and he couldn't stand to be near her. Not that he found her ugly or anything; she was just being too kind. She was beautiful. He didn't feel worthy of her kindness when he was nothing but cruel his whole life.

"I must go now," Anubis said.

"Don't you want to rest or something?" she asked. "My house is right over there," she pointed to the haunted-looking house.

Anubis forced a smile, "I can find a suitable place to rest down the road. I don't want to intrude."

"You won't."

Truthfully, Anubis wouldn't be able to trust himself in a stranger's house. The girl seemed too innocent and he found it strange that he even cared. Something changed inside of him.

She touched her arm, "I don't mind."

"I'm on a journey," Anubis said, "I must continue it."

"I see. Can you at least tell me who you are?" she asked.


"Hotaru," she smiled. "I hope I see you again."

Anubis nodded, stepped out of the circle of candles and headed down the road. He didn't know it, but inside, the ogre was dead and the cruelty left.


Sekhmet traveled down the river to the ocean. When he couldn't walk anymore, he fell onto the shore and began to wash the deep wound in his leg where Sai stabbed him. He wasn't sure why he didn't finished Sai when he had the chance, even though Sai had him wounded. However, Sekhmet felt like he was being watched. Someone was there besides Sekhmet and Sai. He could sense it.

The salt in the water stung his wound. He winced and clenched his teeth. Sekhmet heard some noises. He wasn't sure what they were. Sekhmet stood and tried to comprehend the sounds. They were coming from the water. He took off his armor and began to walk into the water. He held his breath and went under the water. He could hear the sounds again. It sounded like dolphins singing. There was another voice he heard. It sounded like a woman's. Then it dawned on him. A mermaid. Sekhmet decided to swim to the sound. He swam over a giant clam and the clam clamped his foot. He cursed himself for being foolish. Trying to wiggle away, he tired himself and passed out as the water began to fill his lungs.

A mermaid with aqua colored hair and tail began to swim to Sekhmet. She wore an oyster shell necklace and an aqua colored crystal. Swimming around Sekhmet, she opened the mouth of the giant shell and placed her mouth over his to give him air. She wrapped her arms around him and began to swim to the surface. She lay him down on the shore and gave him room to breathe. Sekhmet coughed, hacked and wheezed. That's the last time I swim over a giant clam.

"Are you alright, human?" the mermaid asked.

"Yes," Sekhmet answered immediately. His eyes widened and he turned around to see the beautiful creature that saved him. Sekhmet tried to say something but seemed to lose his voice. A mermaid. He thought, I don't believe it.

The mermaid smiled and cocked her head, "I'm glad." She turned back to the sea.

Sekhmet pulled himself up, "wait, do you have a name?"

"Michelle," she replied.

"Sekhmet," he said.

Michelle dove back into the sea and swam with her ocean friends. Sekhmet smiled. Now he figured he must truly be insane.


The next day, Princess Serenity woke up early and got dressed in a casual but elegant dress. It was blue with long sleeves and a lacy collar. She came down and asked the cook for breakfast.

"Aw, now you're hungry!" he muttered and gave her a plate of toast, eggs, flapjacks and milk and juice.

She took a few nibbles of everything and put the rest in a napkin. She brought her glass of juice with her. She ran to the stable and knocked before entering, incase he was 'indecent'. "Rowen, it's me."

"Come in your highness." He said.

She opened the door and greeted him with a warm smile, "I brought you some breakfast." She opened the napkin and set it down in front of him.

"Thank you," he picked up the piece of toast and began to chew it.

"Sleep well?" she asked.

"I did," he smiled and nodded, "thank you for bringing me a blanket."

"My pleasure," she said.

"I hope no one finds out that I've been staying here," Rowen said.

"Oh don't' worry," Serena said, "no one ever comes here!"

Just then, Serena's servant, Mollynn, came in to feed the horses, "are my four-legged friends ready for breakfast?"

"Mollynn!" Serena cried. "Oh, I forgot about her!"

Mollynn gasped and backed up, dropping the bucket of oats, "my lady; look out!" She grabbed a stick that was lying on the ground and ran to Rowen, who she thought was a horse thief, "he's after the horses!"

"No, stop!" Serena got in the way, "he's just, well, sleeping here."

"Guards!" Mollynn shouted and ran outside.

"No, Mollynn, wait!" she went after Mollynn, "you don't understand.

"Guards, there's someone in the stables!" Mollynn screamed.

"What's that, my lady?" a guard asked.

"There's a---" her sentence was cut short when Serena placed her hand over her mouth.

"A rat!" Serena said, "That's all. Mollynn saw a rat in the stables. A big, furry, blue rat!"

Rowen heard this and he wrinkled his nose, why I never…!

"Hmm?" Mollynn moaned.

"Would you like us to take care of it, your highness?" the guard asked.

"No, it's no matter," Serena said, "carry on."

The guard bowed and walked away. Serena sighed.

"I know what I saw," Mollynn snarled. "It was a thief, not a rat!"

Serena took Mollynn's hand and took her in the stables, "look, Mollynn, he has a broken arm and broken ribs, does he look like a thief to you?"

"Well, I--" she blushed, "he has no business here anyway."

"I found him here last night. He was injured and was going to stay the night until his wounds heal," Serena explained, "of course his injuries are too bad to heal in one night so he will stay here until he is completely healed."

"Your highness," Mollynn protested, "someone might see him!"

"You and I are the only ones aloud in the stables while he is here," Serena told her servant, "we can't let his presence be known. The man is still wounded and we are going to look after him."

"He looks harmless," Mollynn said. "Handsome too. Alright, my lady, I'll check on how he is healing every day he is here."

"He won't hurt you," Serena walked to Rowen and helped him to his feet. "His name is Rowen."

"I'm Mollynn," Mollynn said.

Rowen nodded in greeting.

"You look like you could use some new clothes," Mollynn said kindly to Rowen. "May I, your highness?"

"Yes," Serena said, "I'm sure he would appreciate that."

Mollynn smiled and walked out of the stables.

"Big Furry Blue Rat?" Rowen muttered to Serena as soon as Mollynn left.

Serena blushed and giggled slightly. "At least the guards know that you're not a horse thief!"


Ryo faced off with Saber Strike (he's the closest thing to Ryo's worst enemy besides Tulpa that I can think of.) and his black tiger Black Blaze. White Blaze growled at Black Blaze and Black Blaze growled right back. The two tigers jumped at each other and began to fight.

"You, Wildfire," Saber Strike snarled, "are mine! Surrender to me now."

"Never!" Ryo drew his two swords of wildfire and ran to the demon. Saber Strike jumped back and clashed his swords with Ryo's. They turned around and hit their swords together as they tried to get through. "I won't let you win." Ryo hit a sword out of Saber Strike's hand and Saber Strike lifted the boy up by the plates of his armor before Ryo had a chance to finish Saber Strike. Ryo wiggled around and he dropped his swords.

"You're through, Wildfire."

Ryo clenched his teeth and kicked Saber Strike in the face. Saber Strike dropped Ryo. "Not yet!" Ryo said, picking up his swords. Ryo stabbed through Saber Strike just as Saber Strike cut his arm. Saber Strike grunted and fell back.

"I am pleased with your abilities, Wildfire," Saber Strike groaned. "But let this be a warning to you. There is more evil than you know. Something is waiting for you."

"For me?" Ryo asked, clutching his arm.

"Yes. Prepare yourself." A gust of smoke came from Saber Strike's armor and he was gone. With his master gone, Black Blaze left.

White Blaze walked to his wounded master and Ryo sat on him. "I'll be alright, White Blaze," Ryo said, "let's find someplace where we can stay."

A light shower began and grew to a thunderstorm.


"Grandfather, I brought you some tea." Raye said, placing a tray with a teapot, sugar and two teacups. "My, it's really coming down out there." She screamed when the door swung open.

"It's just the wind, Raye," her Grandfather said.

"It scared me," Raye felt a bad feeling when she went to close the door. She stepped outside into the poring rain. Someone, or something, was out there. "Is anyone out there?" she walked down the steps. She saw a white tiger come up the road. She stepped back and gasped.

"He won't hurt you," Ryo moaned. "We just saw your temple here and we needed a place to stay."

"You're tresspassers!" Raye snarled. "Go away!"

"Huh?" Ryo whispered as he held his shoulder.

"We don't let just anyone stay here," Raye said.

"Raye, who is that?" her grandfather walked up behind her.

"Um, nobody," she replied.

Her grandfather stepped outside, "oh, hello. What can I do for you?"

"I'm sorry to disturb you," Ryo said, "but I'm injured and tired. I just needed a place to stay for the night."

"Of course, our temple doors are open to all!" he said.

"Grandfather!" Raye muttered.

"Raye, where are your manners?" her grandfather muttered back. He stepped closer, "forgive my grandfather. Please, come on in before you catch cold."

"Fine, but his animal stays outside."

"I happen to like big cats," her grandfather protested.

"Grandfather, do you know how bad wet cats smell?" she whispered.

Both Ryo and White Blaze grumbled.

He ignored her and let the traveling soldier and cat enter. "Oh, my, you're injured. I'll get some bandages for you." He as he went to another room, he told Raye to make Ryo comfortable and pushed the teapot in her arms.

"But Grandfather, I---" she turned around to try to talk him out of it. She sighed and walked to Ryo who sat on the floor, staring her down with a mad look. "Would you like some TEA?!" she walked up close, about to pour the hot liquid all over him but her grandfather walked in and she knelt down and poured it in his teacup. "Here you go!" she said with a fake cheerful voice.

Raye's grandfather dressed Ryo's wound and he asked what happened. Ryo was a little hesitant but told him he was a warrior that fought for good. He nodded in understanding of Ryo's story.

"I see," he said, "and this other soldier who injured you, where is he?"

"Dead," Ryo replied, "He was a demon. Before he died, he warned me about something that would become my new enemy."

"Hmm," Raye's grandfather hummed, "that's quite a story. I'd like to hear more. Here you are safe." He stood up and left.

"You don't take kindly to strangers very often, do you?" Ryo demanded.

"I'm only taking care of my home," Raye snapped. "How do am I supposed to know you're not here to steal something?"

"I'm injured, weak and tired," Ryo groaned. "I just wanted a place to stay for the night."

Raye put her hands on her hips, "there's an inn just down the road, why didn't'you go there?"

"I have no money," Ryo put, "and I'm too weak to keep going."

Raye sighed. The warrior somehow got on her nerves but at the same time, she found him handsome. "I'll show you around." She took him to the bath, the rooms and the place where she did her meditation. "You are welcome anywhere in the temple except here."


"Because," she said, "I cannot be interrupted when I am meditating!"

"Oh, sorry."

She took him to a guest bedroom. "You can rest here for the night."

"Thank you," Ryo mumbled as his sleepiness over took him.

Raye walked to her room and sat on her bed. "He was pretty handsome."

Ryo fell upon his bed and pet White Blaze's head, "wasn't she pretty, White Blaze?"

White Blaze groaned.

"I asked if she was pretty, not nice. I know she's not nice."

White Blaze groaned again.

"Well, I thought so," Ryo smiled, "too bad she doesn't act nice to strangers though. Pretty black hair, brown eyes," Ryo went on talking about what he thought about Raye. "What do you think White Blaze? White Blaze?" Ryo sat up.

The big white tiger snored.

Ryo sighed, smiled and shook his head, "my own tiger thinks I talk too much."

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