Adventure of a Lifetime

Adventure of a Lifetime

Ch. 4

We Are One

I do not own Sailor Moon or Ronin Warriors. Bummer. My hat off to those who made these cool animes.

The Sailor Soldiers found the Ronin Warriors about to battle it out with the warlords. Even though the warlords may have changed a little bit after meeting the alter ego forms of the outer sailors, they still had the pride that made them want to fight the ronin warriors.

"Rowen!" Sailor Moon cried. "'Tis you!"

"Serena! What are you doing here?"

Anubis refrained from running Rowen through. He looked up to Sailor Saturn.

"Don't you recognize me?" Sailor Saturn asked, "It's me, Hotaru."

"Hotaru," Anubis mumbled, the girl with the candles, he remembered and smiled, "I remember."

Serena ran to Rowen and she jumped into his arms as she wrapped hers around his neck. He held her in a carrying position and he twirled around in a circle. "You look so different!"

"I'm the soldier of justice and love," she said, "Sailor Moon."

"I didn't know you were a soldier," he remarked.

"Neither did I!"

The warlords suddenly forgot that the ronins were they and they stared at the outer sailor soldiers. Dais almost lifted the eye patch over the eye he didn't even have. Sailor Mars casually walked to Ryo.

"My grandfather askmed me to follow you," she said, "He thought you might need some help."

"Thank you," he mumbled. You missed me, admit it. "How were you able to find us?"

"Our amulets showed us the way," Sailor Jupiter answered for Sailor Mars, "they're magical."

"You nine are all enemies?" Sailor Mercury asked Sai.

Sai nodded.

"You don't have to be," Sailor Moon said, "We should fight together as a group."

"What? Are you insane?" Anubis demanded, "We are destined to destroy the warriors! I will not rest until Rowen is dead!"

Sailor Moon stepped betweent them, "it was you who wounded Rowen, wasn't it? I will not let you harm him again!" she pointed her sword at him, "there is a much greater evil coming and you will never forgive yourself if you kill Rowen now. You fight them because you crave victory and glory, isn't that true?"

"So what if I do?" Anubis snapped.

"You will not have a victory if you killed Rowen and the others," Sailor Moon said, "but if you help us fight this darkness that could destroy the world, you will be forever victorious."

"It was like your grandfather said," Ryo recalled to Sailor Mars, "The warlords are like us. The darkness that is coming is powerful it can over come the warlords. They need to let go of their pride and hatred or they will become slaves to the darkness."

"We are nothing like you!" Sekhmet snarled.

Michelle folded her arms, "then tell me, Sekhmet, just what are you?"

Selhmet found the answer to her question quit hard to find. He sighed and lowered his eyes to the ground.

"And what about the rest of you?" Trista questioned, "What makes you feel that you need to destroy the warriors when in truth they are not all that different from you?" she walked to Cale and put her hands on her hips. "You never took time to think about what's good in life. You looked at the stars that night like you never saw them before."

Kale looked away, "I've seen the stars before," he muttered. "Just not very often."

"Of course, because you're too busy trying to kill someone that is just as good as you are!"

"Good?" Sage mumbled.

Something happened to me when I met Hotaru, Anubis pondered as he looked at her. After nearly killing Rowen I thought I won. I thought I was victorious. But it did not fill the void inside my soul. It only made it bigger. He looked at the rest of the group to see them still arguing about the reasons to fight and other such nonsense, Perhaps what they say is true. We are the same. We are one. The cruelty inside me disappeared when I first saw Hotaru. When she healed my wound she also healed my heart.

"Anubis, something wrong?" Sailor Saturn asked, noticing the far away look on his face. Everyone stopped and looked at him, as if they knew he was going to say something important.

"Our purpose in life is not to destroy the warriors," he said flat out.

"What?" Sekhmet growled, "Anubis, you traitor!"

"It is true we've been warriors far longer than the ronins have. That's probably why we take pleasure in fighting them," Anubis said, "but perhaps, we are not supposed to fight against them but to fight beside them and teach them while they teach us." Anubis smiled and put his hand on his chin, "thouse countless duels we've had were supposed to be only learning experiences."

"You mean," Kale mumbled, "we're supposed to 'tutor' them?"

"I wouldn't put it like that, but yes," Anubis said.

Kale grunted under his breath.

"I agree with Anubis," Dais said, "I grow tired of fighting with Hardrock all the time." Even with only one eye, I can see everying more clearly. He thought to himself.

"Are you saying," Sage said, "we shouldn't' have to fight the warlords anymore?"

"The next time you are in battle with each other," Sailor Jupiter said, "you will be fighting the same enemy for the same reason and not each other for different reasons."

Sage was surprised to hear an amazon say something so thought provoking. He smiled, "I didn't expect you to say something like that."

"You think because I'm an amazon I am stupid?" Sailor Jupiter demanded.

"No! No!" Sage blushed, "I meant, well…"

"Just because I was raised by wolves," Jupiter muttered, "doesn't mean I don't know the difference between right and wrong."

"You were raised by wolves?" Kale questioned with a grin, "and you call us savages?"

"We never called you savages!" Jupiter snarled, about to pounce on Kale. Sage held her back.

"Stop this!" Anubis commanded, "we won't get anywhere if we fight one another!"

You just now realized that? Rowen thought to himself as he remembered his broken ribs and broken arms.

"Listen to me," Anubis said, "we've all met one of these girls and something happened to us when we met them. I know you felt like you wanted to change because I felt it too."

The warlords said nothing because they knew he was right.

"Let's help them," Anubis said, "we don't need to be enemies anymore. We are one."

"Anubis is right," Dais told Sekhmet and Kale, "we might find answers to the questions we've been asking our selves for our whole lives."

Sekhmet sighed; he wasn't sure what to do. Something did happen to him when he met Michelle. She did save his life after all. He wanted to continue to fight someone but he grew tired of sparing with Sai. Sai wasn't a challenge anymore. Maybe the new enemy will be a challenge, "I'm in."

Kale looked at Sage and then to Trista. He remembered when he looked at the stars that night and wondered why he never did take time to look at them. Kale never bothered to take pleasure in the small things in life. He wasn't afraid of the darkness because he loved the dark. The cold didn't bother him either. Then he thought of something that scared of him; what if the darkness was too dark, for even him to handle? What if the darkness took away the stars? And what if it got too cold for anything to live? He didn't want to be left in the dark cold forever. Kale would be alone and he wouldn't have Sage to fight anymore. Darkness was his only friend but now that he has met Trista and looked at the light of the stars, he knew that the light was not his enemy. He fingered the scar on his eye and smiled. I've seen the light. "Me too," Kale finally said, "let's go."

"Where exactly are we supposed to find this evil darkness?" Sailor Uranus asked.

Suddenly, without warning, the clouds hid the golden sun and seemed to devour it until it was gone. The light blue sky turned black as midnight and it was still early afternoon. The darkness was so thick, that it hid the light of the stars and moon.

"Looks like it found us," Dais said.

"I can't see anything," Sage mumbled.

"I can see just fine," Kale bragged.

Everyone ignored his remark. The crystals in the soldier's amulets began to glow but it looked faint because of the thick darkness. The warriors were only able to tell that the sailors were still there and tell who was who by the color of the crystals.

"We need to go to the church," Sailor Mars said.

"And where are we supposed to find it?" Ryo demanded, "There is thick blackness all around us!"

"I know exactly where it is," Sailor Mars said, "its only south of here. I can find it no matter how dark it is! Follow me, everyone!"

Sailor Mars led the way and the others followed her, with only the light of her red crystal to show them the way. Of course, Kale had no problem seeing in the dark. He walked on past them.

"Kale, wait for us!" Sekhmet shouted. He could barely tell it was Kale because of the dark but he knew it was Kale because he always wanted to be the leader in everything. "We all can't see in the dark like you can!"

"Remember, I've only one got one eye!" Dais growled, "thanks to someone who I will leave anonymous!"

"You all don't expect me to hold your hands now, do you?" he demanded and stopped.

"Actually, that might not be a bad idea," Sailor Mars said, "Why don't you go to the back of everyone and watch our backs incase something is following us?"

Why do I always have to be last? Kale thought to himself.

Sailor Mars took Ryo's hand casually and he squeezed her hand. She cleared her throat and Ryo smiled as he took Sailor Moon's hand. Sailor Moon gladly took Rowen's and gave his a little squeeze. He squeezed her hand back in return and he reached for Sailor Mercury's. Sailor Mercury shyly took Sai's and he barely held her by her fingertips. The two both blushed and he reached for Sailor Jupiter's hand, holding hers the same as he held Sailors Mercury's. Sailor Jupiter took Sage's hand with a good grip. Amused with the strength of her hand, he took the hand of Sailor Venus. She felt for Kento's hand and he held on it tight, making sure she wasn't getting anywhere. She giggled slightly to herself. Kento took Saturn's hand and she took Anubis'. Anubis looked down at her hand although he could barely even see it. She was holding his hand like she was afraid to let go. Giving Saturn's hand a reassuring squeeze, he reached for Sailor Uranus' hand. Sailor Uranus took Dais' and held it like she thought holding hands was ridiculous. Dais placed his thumb over her hand and rubbed it gently and she felt her face become hot. Grinning, Dais took Sailor Neptune's hand. She took Sekhmet's and he took Sailor Pluto's. Sailor Pluto reached her hand into Kale's. Used to the chain, Kale almost reached his hand out behind him. He tightened his fist and the line began moving.

They made it to the church and Sailor Mars went inside. It was dark in the church too. She let go of Ryo's hand and she heard him make a sad little moan. She sniffed the air, "wait here," she said and took one of her arrows. She scratched the arrow onto her bow and a flame lit the arrowhead. She placed the arrow into a curve that was attached to the wall, serving as a rack for light and then the flame grew around the wall, lighting up the whole church. {I've seen things like these in movies; I don't know what they're called so I hope you know what I'm talking about!}

"You certain this is the place?" Ryo asked.

"I am," she replied. "I've had visions of something awful taking place here."

"Let's move around," Sailor Jupiter said.

The group moved deeper into the church. They didn't see anything peculiar; until Sailor Neptune screamed.

"What is it?" Sekhmet asked, turning to her.

"I heard something," she answered.

"I didn't hear anything."

"Didn't you hear it?" she asked.

Sekhmet shook his head followed by the rest.

"I'm certain I heard something," she left the group and entered another room.

"Wait!" Sailor Mercury went after her, "we need to stay together!" she went into the same room Neptune went to and screamed for Neptune because she wasn't even in the position to breath. "Come quick!"

A giant cobra wrapped Sailor Neptune in its coils and was about to eat her. Its mouth was hanging right over her head. She couldn't move or breath because it was squeazing her so tight. She dropped her trident.

"What's wrong?" Sai asked Sailor Mercury. She pointed up to the giant cobra.

The cobra was just a moment close to eating Sailor Neptune when Sekhmet jumped intothe room and onto the creature. He was attacking it on his own. He forced the cobra's jaws down to prevent it from biting him, although he did not have to worry about the venom of the snake. Sailor Mercury reached for Neptune's hand while the snake forgot about its dinner in its coil and its tail loosened. Neptune gasped for breath.

"You alright?" Sailor Mercury asked.

"I think so, where's Sekhmet?" she looked up to see her rescuer fighting with the giant reptile. "Don't just stand there, someone help him!"

Because of her amzon fighting nature, Sailor Jupiter was the first to react. She brought out her spear and flipped in the air. Before she landed, she held her spear over her right shoulder, "Lightning Spear Sizzle!" {Yes, that's not one of her attacks but I like the sound of it!} She launched the spear to the creature and it pierced through the middle of its body. Sparks swarmed over it and that was Sekhmet's cue to let go. The snake hissed as it fell down to his death. It dematerialized and nothing was left but Sailor Jupiter's spear. Sailor Jupiter picked up her spear. "I was waiting to put this spear into some good use," Sailor Jupiter said.

Sekhmet knelt down to Sailor Neptune, "are you alright? It didn't bite you, did it?"

Neptune smiled and wrapped her arms around him, "You saved me, Sekhmet. Oh thank you."

This surprised Sekhmet, "I owed you. Now we are even." He said, trying not to sound all mushy.

"Let's move on," Sailor Mars said, "I have a feeling that the snake is the only thing we'll find in this church." Sailor Mars was right, not too far down the hall were some small demon-like creatures. "Where did they come from?"

"I don't really care," Ryo growled, "but I know where they are going! Flare Up Now!" A wave of fire flowed to the small creatures, burning them all.

"Here come more!" Sailor Mercury noted. She pressed her earring and a small veil appeared over her face. {Like her visor!} "I'm getting readings of other creatures here, some even bigger."

"We can stop them," Sai said.

"Everyone, stay close together," Mercury ordered, "I've got an idea." They did as they said. "Wait for them to get closer."

"Why?" Sailor Jupiter demanded, "let's just get them!"

Sailor Mercury waited for the right moment, when they were about close in on the group, "Ice Slippery Slide!" she pulled out her ice hammer and hit it on the ground. Ice formed on the ground and protected the group as it expanded outward to the demons. They couldn't walk on the ice and they slid all around and bumped into each other and into the pillars and the walls, knocking themselves unconscious. "They won't bother us for awhile." The ice melted and they continued onward. It wasn't long until they were met with other scary creatures.

"Skeletons," Sailor Mars observed, "and zombies!"

"They'll die for good this time!" Sailor Jupter cried, "Lightning Spear Sizzle!" her spear went right through a skelenton and hit the wall. It had no effect on the undead. "What?"

"I've got an idea," Sailor Mars took out some charms, "Holy Fire Ball Charge!" She threw the charms to the undead creatures. The skeletons fell down into a pile of bones and the skin of the zombies rotted away.

"This is becoming rather disgusting," Sailor Moon grumbled.

"It's only going to get worse," Rowen said.

They heard laughter coming from below the church. "Are you afraid of the dark?" a low voice echoed through the church. For a split second, the fire went out. Sailor Moon screamed and clutched Rowen. He looked at her.

"I'm alright," she mumbled and stepped away, "let's find this person."

They went down the stairs into the next floor. They saw a man waiting for them holding a staff wearing robes. "We've been waiting for you."

"Who are you?" Sailor Moon demanded, "Are you the one who has been causing this darkness?"

"I am the necromancer Mekosh. Only the most powerful sorcerer in the world." Behind him was high-pitched giggling. "And my sister, Lelandra, the Enchantress." He looked over his shoulder and his sister came up to him.

"These are the ones, my brother?" Lelandra asked. She looked the warlords and warriors over, "Mmm, very handsome men if I don't say so myself." She grinned and walked up to Kale and walked around him. Kale stood still as she rubbed her hand over his chest and ran her finger down his face, "can I play with them a little before we kill them? Please, brother?"

"Lelandra, stop that!" Mekosh ordered.

"I don't want to kill them yet," she talked back to him sass fully. "I want a little fun." she smelled Kale's hair. She could tell that he was the warlord of Corruption. He will be easy to trap, she thought to herself. So easy, he's attracted to my darkness like a moth to a flame.

Both Mekosh and Lelandra had black hair and green eyes. They were also dressed in black in red. Meekosh wore a black robe with red trim and Leelandra wore a red strapless tight dress and the dress came down to the middle of her shins, with slits on both sides. There was a large open gap on the chest of the dress, showing off her pale skin. She had black trim on her dress and wore an ashy-gray cloak covering her rear-length hair. She wore thigh length boots and gloves that exposed her blood red finger-nailed fingers, coming down to a thread, that came inches from her shoulders.

Kale finally got a hold of himself and pushed Leelandra away, "get away from me, ruthless wench." He looked at Trista, who was pleased with the way he handled the situation.

"What!?" Lelandra cried, "Brother, did you hear what this man just called me?"

"My dear sister, stop playing with them!" He shouted, "That's not why they came here."

Lelandra shot Kale a sexy look and stood beside her brother, "can we kill them now?" she asked impatiently.

"Just wait, my sister," he said, "let's just handle this a bit more elegantly, shall we?"

"You knew we were coming, didn't you?" Sailor Moon cried.

"We have, my dear," Meekosh bowed. He acted like a gentleman for a wizard that worked evil dark magic pertaining to the dead. "You've arrived on time."

"What do you want from us?" Sailor Moon demanded, placing her hands on her hips.

"Just your miserable life," Meekosh gentlemanly smile turned to an evil grin. "And your world!" he stretched out his hand and a giant bony hand came out of nowhere. Sailor Moon didn't even have time to scream as the giant bony hand grabbed her and lifted her off the ground, squeezing her tight enough to break her body.

"Sailor Moon!" Rowen gasped, "No!"

"Mercury Ice Hammer Freeze!" she threw her hammer to the bony hand and it froze into solid ice. It broke into pieces and Sailor Moon fell back down to the floor.

"Thank you, Mercury," Sailor Moon choked. Sailor Mercury helped Sailor Moon to her feet. "You're outnumbered. We won't let you win."

"On the contrary my dear," he snapped his fingers and thirty undid minions came out of the ground. "You are!"

"Mars Fire Bow Scorch!" Sailor Mars fired her arrows at the zombies and skeletons. Even if she missed, when the fire arrows landed near the minions, a fire will start and the stupid minions would walk right into them.

"Jupiter Thunder Spear Fence!" Sailor Jupiter threw her lightning spear in front of the minions, with the end standing at an angle.

"You've missed!" Lelandra cackled.

"Did I now?" Sailor Jupiter teased and just then, sparks went up and down her spear and a fence of lightning trapped the zombies and skeletons. The lightning zapped them and they fell into pieces.

"Curses!" Lelandra hissed. She looked up at Sailor Jupiter and got into her mind with her enchanting ability, making her feel like she was on a ship because she knew her fear.

"No," Sailor Jupiter mumbled, "the boat is going to sink, we're not going to make it. No! No!"

"Jupiter!" Sage cried. He started to run to her but when he took his first step, he was unable to move. Lelandra held him motionless.

"Rigid Thinking!" Lelandra held her hand up and cast another spell on the group. No one was able to think clearly and they wandered around, attacking the nearest person or stood confused. {Ever played the game "Baldur's Gate?" That's where I'm getting ideas for these spells!} Except for Dais, who was immune to the spells. In a way, he was a wizard himself, an illusionist. He looked at LeLandra and smiled as he got an idea.

Time to work my own magic, Dais thought. He shook awake his comrades and told them the best way to fight a wizard is with magic. "I've got some magic tricks up my own sleeve," he told them.

Lelandra looked at her brother, "what are they doing?"

"Just wait," he said, "maybe they are choosing to surrender."

"Are you sure one of your illusions will work on them?" Kento demanded.

"They work on you," Dais sneered.

Kento snarled silently.

"What are you going to do?" Kale asked.

"That woman likes you," Dais replied, "I'll make her think I'm you."

"She's an enchantress, Dais," Kale grumbled, "she messed with our minds just a moment ago. How do you expect her to really believe you're me?"

"I'm not sure that's a good idea," Uranus said with a frown, sounding a bit jealous.

"My powers are more natural," Dais said, "it's not a spell, it's an ability. Just watch. Come with me, Kale."

{An: Dais is immune to magic spells because of his ability to cast illusions. But Lelandra, Mekosh and other mages aren't immune to abilities. Maybe I should be fair, but Dais isn't really a mage. He's just a gifted warlord!}

Kale followed Dais to the shadows. They clasped hand to forearm and they began to change. Dais' long wavy white hair became short and blue like Kale's and his eye patch disappeared as Kale's eyes took place with the star shaped scar. While Dais took the place of Kale, Kale looked like Dais so Meekosh and Lelandra would still think Dais is there. Kale, who looked like Dais, stepped out of the shadow and to the rest of the group. Dais slinked away behind Lelandra.

"LeeeLandraaaaa…." Dais said with Kale's voice into her ear. She turned to see the look alike Kale stepping back. She immediately fell for the illusion because she lusted for Kale. Dais motioned for her to follow him.

"You," she murmured. Lelandra forgot about her brother and left him to handle the others all by himself.

"Follow me, Lelandra," Dais said. "Follow me." He led her to a dark room.

Lelandra smiled, "I knew you couldn't resist me."

"I was only playing with you," Dais grinned, "isn't that what you wanted?"

Lelandra touched the Kale-look-alike's chest, "I know you love the darkness." She turned around him while rubbing her left around his chest and stomach and down his thigh. She placed right arm on his shoulder as she started to excite him with her hand, whispering sensually in his ear. "It suits you. I've always loved a man who wasn't afraid of the dark."

"There's no reason for me to be afraid of the dark," Dais said.

Lelandra smiled and fingered his blue hair, "oh you're so brave." She turned around him a few times, going on how gorgeous he is and how the dark makes her feel. "Your eyes look cold but they make me feel hot." She whispered. "So hot…"

Dais had a little trouble keeping himself together. Lelandra was exceedingly beautiful and he still had a bit of evilness left in him. He did decide to help the warriors but that did not cure his tricky behavior and wicked ways completely. Dais closed Kale's eyes and tried to push the bad thoughts out of his mind. She stood in front of him and spread her hands over his chest and got very close to him.

Dais lifted down the cloak hood and reached his hand into her hair. Lelandra's hair was straight with a few locks flying outward in a vampy, harlot-like look.

"We are lost in the dark, handsome," she breathed as she moved her face to his. "Why don't we find each other?" she giggled and placed her mouth over his.

Lelandra closed her eyes slowly and Dais squeezed them shut tight. She kissed him deeply and nibbled his lips. Lelandra lifted her leg up onto Dais'. Dais found himself moving his hand to her bare leg and finally realized that she was playing with his mind too. He let his hands hang to the sides. He almost became a victim of his own illusion. He thought about Amara and the way he felt when he saw her. The anger and hate disappeared from his heart when he saw him. She made him feel like a man. Lelandra did not make him feel that way. She made him feel like a fool.

The kiss was over and she stepped back to see Kale change back to Dais. "What?"

"Welcome to my parlor said the warlord to the wench!" Dais shouted.

"Meek--" she tried to cry out to her brother for help but Dais placed his hand over her mouth.

The walls disappeared and they were outside in bright daylight. The sun was shining down hard on them.

Lelandra hissed as moved her head down.

"I do not like the darkness as much as you think I do," Dais snarled into her ear, "I can't stand the cold. I prefer the warmth. I've seen the light and now it's your turn. I made you feel hot before, just wait. Look at the light, Lelandra," he forced her to look at the sun, "and bask in its warm glow." He pushed her against a tree and when she turned around to fight back, Dais changed back to Kale and disapeared.

Lelandra held her hood over her head. The heat, I can't stand it…I'm going to burn out here…the light. It's too bright. "Don't leave me out in the light! Don't leave me out here, please!" she screamed hysterically, "the light is too bright! I'm going to burn out here!" She felt the sun on her skin. Normally, people would like to bask in the sunlight but Lelandra just couldn't stand it. She looked at her hands and saw them turn pinkish-red like sunburn and she thought she saw blisters. "Nooo!"

Still in the form of Kale, Dais returned to the others.

"Where've you been?" Meekosh demanded, "Why've you left your friends behind? Could it be that you don't care what I do to them?"

"I can ask the same about your sister," Dais said.

"What?" Meekosh turned to where Lelandra was standing, "Lelandra? Lelandra, where are you?" He heard footsteps barreling down the hall and Lelandra came into view.

"Meekosh!" Lelandra cried, sobbing. "Blisters, blisters all over me! From the sun!"

"Nonsense," Meekosh said, "it's dark outside. Remember?"

"And it's also still afternoon," Dais reminded. "Sunset isn't for a few more hours."

"What were you doing outside?" Meekosh asked.

"I was inside, brother but suddenly I was outside! Look at these blisters, these burns!" she held out her hands. She saw burns and blisters and Meekosh saw her usual pale skin.

"There are no burns, Lelandra," Meekosh said, "I assure you. It was only an illusion."

"You don't believe me!" she accused, "my own brother!"

"Lelandra, look," Meekosh said, "you look just like you've always had."

Lelandra looked at Dais, "you, you did it!" she pointed at him, "it was him, Meekosh! He's an illusionist! He played a trick on me thinking he was him!" she pointed to Kale.

"But he was here the whole time," Meekosh took a double take as he saw Dais and Kale change back in front of his very eyes. "No! They switched places! How dare you make fools out of us!"

"Not much of a lover of surprises, are you?" Dais teased.

Meekosh tightened his fists and growled as he held them over his head. He drained half the life from Kale and Dais.

"Uranus Space Sword Slash!"

"Pluto Deadly Scream!" Sailor Uranus and Pluto sent their attacks to Meekosh but he made a wall of bones to protect his self.

"I will make you pay dearly for what you did to my sister," Meekosh threatened as he lifted his arm and a staff with a skull on the top of it entered his hand. "Death Skull Doom!" A black light escaped from the skull and centerd around the group, taking away all their strength and leaving them helpless. They fell down, unable to get up. Soon they will die as they felt themselves growing old.

Sailor Moon tried to get to her sword but couldn't reach it and she felt so weak. Meekosh began to walk to her. Sailor Moon then remembered the arrow that was with the note Rowen left. She saved it and kept it in her boot. Carefully, slowly, she reached into her boot and pulled out the arrow. She held it behind her back and kept her head down to look like she was weak.

"Sailor Moon!" Rowen cried.

"Admit it, my dear, we are just too strong for you," Meekosh teased, "surrender to the darkness and I guarantee you a quick and painless death." He knelt down in front of Sailor Moon. "Or I can kill all your friends slowly and painfully and force you to watch before I kill you." He lifted up her face.

"There's one more option, Meekosh," she grunted with a sneer, "I can always kill you instead!" She took Rowen's arrow and forced it into Meekosh's heart as far as it would go.

Blood squirted from Meekosh's mouth as he tried to talk. He looked down at Sailor Moon in disbelief and his hand fell onto her shoulder. She shook him loose and stepped back. He was gone, leaving only the arrow behind.

"Meekosh!" Lelandra cried, "No! My brother!"

Sailor Moon took her sword of the moon and she was rejuvenated. "Now it's your turn, Lelandra," Sailor Moon stepped forward and held her sword over her head and brought it down in front of her, "Moon Sword Beam Slicer!" Gold, blue and white beams from her sword swarmed to Lelandra, cutting her diagonally under the shoulders, in the middle of her torso and at the knees.

Meekosh, the necromancer of death and Lelandra, the enchantress of torture, were gone, along with the darkness. The darkness lifted and the sun shined through the windows.

Exhausted and relieved, Sailor Moon fell to take a knee, holding the blade of her sword into the ground. It's over…it's all over…

"You did it, Sailor Moon," Rowen helped her to her feet. "Let's all return home now."

"I have a feeling that it's not all over yet," Sailor Mars said, "there is probably more out there."

"But how?" Sailor Mercury asked, "The sun is back out," the veil went over her eyes, "and there is nothing left in the church."

Ryo placed his hand on her shoulder, "if something does go wrong, we'll be ready for it."

"Almost hard to believe that the darkness came from just two people who loved the darkness more than light," Kale said, looking where Meekosh and Lelandra just fell when their lives ended. It could have been me on that floor too. I could have gotten so caught up in the darkness that the darkness will take over me if I haven't seen the light in time.

"Are you alright, Kale?" Sailor Pluto asked.

Kale nodded, "let's go…. it's too dark in here…. even fore me."


In the hot summer sun, Artemis nestled in Mina's lap as she stroke his back. He rubbed his head over her and purred. Mina smiled. If it weren't' for Artemis, she would be all alone. He was her only companion. She didn't see Kento after that battle. She suspected he went on another battle or something. She sat with her back on the outside wall of her small home. Artemis perked up his head and meowed. He jumped off Mina's lap and wiggled his whiskers.

"Artemis?" Mina stood up, "what's out there?" She laughed when she saw the familiar bluish black-haired warrior walking to her. She welcomed him with a warm embrace. "I thought I'd never see you again, where did you go?"

"I went to your homeland, England," Kento replied, "It appears that they didn't forget you after all."

"They haven't?"

"Not after I told them I had encounters with you, of course," he smiled, "you're more than a legend, Mina, you are an idol!"

Mina smiled back, "and that's exactly what I want to be! Oh thank you!" she embraced him again and invited him in for a meal right after he gave her the kiss of her life.

Amara just came back from going on a horseback ride. As she unsaddled her horse, her horse neighed and shook her head to the door. "Abigail, there is nothing out there." She said. "I'll prove it to you. It's just an," she found Dais standing in front of her, "illusion?"

"Hello, Amara," Dais said.

"What are you doinig here?" she demanded.

"I came to see you, of course." He replied, "is there something wrong, Amara?"

Amara tried to hide away from the subject but Dais said he knew something was on her mind so she went ahead and said it.

"What happened between you and Lelandra when you switched places with Kale?" she asked flat out.

Dais laughed, "is that what is bothering you?"

"Well? What happened?" Amara asked, "what did she do? What did you do?"

"Amara, you saw the way she acted around Kale. Do you really need to ask?"

"Oh dear God," Amara mumbled. "You didn't---"

"Relax, Amara," Dais said, "Nothing happened, you should know that."

"I was afraid that you two--"

"Please, I don't really want to talk about it," Dais grumbled.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she mumbled.

"That woman is insane," Dais said, "that's the last time I pose as Kale. In fact, I kept thinking about you," Dais admitted.

"You were?" she asked with a smile.

Dais nodded, "it kept my mind from straying."

"I feel relieved," Amara sighed and Dais took her hand.

"I wouldn't do anything to harm you," Dais said, "I promise." He pulled her close to in his arms and assured her with a kiss.

"I knew you would come again," Amilynn said with a smile, standing with her hands on her hips as she stood in the water. "Can't seem to stay away from here, can you?" It was the beginning of autumn. The leaves were just starting to change colars but it was still warm and the cold water of the stream was refreshing.

Sai blushed, making her blush too. "I was just passing through and I got thirsty and…" he rubbed the back of his head and realized his excuse wasn't very convincing. He knew Amilynn was right. He couldn't stay away from her; no matter how hard he tried.

Amilynn walked to him and held out her hand, "would you like to walk with me in the stream?"

Sai took it without question and without hesitating to give her a kiss.

In autumn came the time of the harvest. Sekhmet pulled out a hat and walked to a boat. He breathed in the scent of dew and trees. He wasn't a farmer but in the harvest time, he fished before the waters froze. Sekhmet fished whenever he found the time. {I wish I knew more about Sekhmet other than he was a fisherman.} He paddled into the water of the ocean. He saw dolphins jumping far off into the sea. He smiled and placed his net over the boat.

There was a squeaking noise over his head and then a splash into his face, "what on earth?" he grunted. Then he noticed his hat was gone. Sekhmet sighed; realizing a friendly dolphin wanted to play and just took his hat from him. "Which one of you has my hat? Come on now, let's have that back."

He saw a glamorous and familiar aqua colored hair splash the water. Michelle's head came up above the water just in front of Sekhmet's boat. She wore Sekhmet's hat.

"I believe this belongs to you," she said with a smile, taking it off and holding it to him.

Sekhmet took the hat and looked at it. He smiled at her and placed it back onto her head, "here, you keep it. It looks nice on you."

Michelle was speechless and she placed her hands on the edge of Sekhmet's boat. She sighed and looked at Sekhmet longingly; for he was the first human she set eyes on. Sekhmet placed his hand over hers and gave her a short and sweet kiss.

Ryo couldn't seem to stay away from Raye's temple and her grandfather wouldn't even let him leave even if he wanted too. Although Raye told him never to come into the room where the great fire spirit was, Ryo couldn't help it and entered as she did her meditating.

"Fire, Sun, Earth, Rock, Water, Air---," she went on with her chanting, unaware that Ryo was watching her. "Great Fire Spirit, tell me what I need to know, tell me…"

"What is it that you need to know?" Ryo blurted.

"Ryo!" she turned around, "what's wrong with you!? I told you not to come in here when I'm meditating! First you come in on me when I'm taking a bath and now you come in when I'm meditating! You must have a good reason to come in here!"

"Well, you see, I," Ryo knew he should have planned this out.

"I'm waiting," she groaned.

He blushed and smiled as he took her hand, "I just wanted to say I liked how you handled everything when we fought. And I wanted to thank you for leading us to the church."

"Oh," she mumbled, "you're welcome."

"Another thing," he said, "could you show me how you do this?"

"Do what?" she tilted her head.

"Your meditation thing," he confirmed, pointing to the fire, "Can you show me?"

Raye smiled, "I sure can. Kneel down with me." She pulled him down next to her and placed her palms together, "now chant with me, 'Fire, Water, Sun, Earth--'" she closed her eyes.

"Fire, Water, Sun, Earth--," Ryo echoed, keeping one eye open. He pulled his hands down and placed them on her shoulders. Raye opened her eyes.

"What are you doing?" she demanded.

"Shh," and Ryo kissed her softly on the lips as the crackling blaze of fire burned as the fire between them.

Raye's grandfather opened the door just a crack. He grinned and closed the door as he petted Whiteblaze, "I knew my grandfather would find someone suitable for her. Come with me, Whiteblaze, I have a special dinner for you."

Whiteblaze would never be angry with Ryo for choosing to stay here ever again.

In the mountains, snow, cold and winter came and Lita finally made herself some winter clothes. She wore snow moccasins on her feet and longer wolf skin garments. Sage decided to remain with her at her cave and having a man stay at her cave made her feel a bit uneasy wearing her small wolf skin garments, no matter what season it was. She was preparing dinner while Sage was outside playing with the wolves. The wolves were as great a friend to Sage as she was to him, although, he wasn't exactly fond of deer meat as they were.

Sage walked down the bank of the river while the wolves chased him. They jumped on his back playfully and he fell into the snow. They growled and Sage growled back and rubbed the wolves' bellies. He raised his head up and saw on the other side of the river was one lone pink flower. Getting to his feet, Sage wondered how a flower could exist in the cold. Lita will really like that, he thought. He began to walk to the edge of the river and the wolves whimpered behind him.

"Don't worry, I'll be back," Sage said behind his shoulder. He tested the strength of the frozen ice on the river. He didn't hear any cracking and he knew that the water was deep enough. He carefully walked to the other side of the river and plucked the flower. He took a whiff and was reminded of how sweet Lita's hair smelled whenever he was close enough to smell her hair. Lita was an amazon and a pretty one at that. But she was a warrior and he didn't know how she felt about him. Sage wanted to let her know how special he thought she was without making her mad or lose her tough amazon attitude.

With these thoughts in mind, he stepped back onto the ice. The wolves whimpered again. One barked and growled, but it wasn't a growl of hunger but a growl of warning and concern. Sage was in the center of the frozen river and just as he heard the cracking sound of ice, he tried to get to safety but fell into the ice frozen river. The wolves jumped in to save him and pull him to shore while another went back to the cave.

Lita made rabbit stew and kept it warm over the fire. "Dinner is ready!" she cried as she walked to the entrance to the cave. One of her wolves came to her and pulle don her sleeve as it grunted. "What is it?" she asked.

The wolf grunted and growled, looking at her with the look of fear. Then Lita knew that something was wrong. She followed the wolf to a wet and cold Sage. The remaining wolves were lying next to him to keep him warm.

"Sage, what happened?" she asked as she knelt down to him.

"Here, this is for you," he caughed, giving her the flower. "It w-was across the r-riverrrr." His lips were becoming blue but at least he was still alive when she got to him.

"OH sage, why ever would you do that for?" she asked with a tear forming, "don't you know that it's dangerous?"

"I did it because I'm y-your friend," he stammered, his teeth chattering together. "And, and, and, I-I l-l-l-loooove y-you."

"I love you too," she held him close, "dear God, Sage, you're freezing! I must bring you back to the cave before you freeze to death!" she smiled, "I'm really getting tired of finding you laying in the snow!" she helped him to his feet but he was too cold to walk. He walked a few steps and she dragged him the rest of the way.

"I'm sorry," Sage mumbled as Lita laid him against the rock wall.

"Sorry for what?"

"I'm such a burden to you," he replied.

"That's not true," Lita said, "you know that. I'm just glad you're safe. Let's get you out of these wet clothes."

"What?" he asked.

Lita pulled off his wet shirt; "you'll just get colder with these wet clothes on." She took off his shoes and hung them over the fire to dry, "some stew should help you warm up."

Sage removed his own pants after asking Lita to turn around. He got underneath a cover and she turned around to see him close to sleep. She knelt down to him and fed him some stew and it did warm him up a little more. "I'm still a little cold though," he shivered.

"You'll be alright," she placed the pot back to the fire and fed some to her wolves. Soon, Sage fell asleep. Lita stayed close to him. She touched his forehead and felt a slight fever. She placed her hand on his chest and it still felt cold. "Oh no," she mumbled. There was one last thing to do to help, she had to give away some of her own body heat. She lifted off her long over garment shirt to reveal a small midriff shirt she wore underneath and took off her long pants to reveal short pants.

The wolves looked at Lita like she had lost her mind and left. Holding the flower he gave her, Lita lifted the blanket and nestled onto Sage, rubbing his chest to keep the blood moving. "Come on, stay with me," she coached, "don't leave me." Moments later, sleepiness took her over and she fell asleep on Sage's chest.

Sage thought he was dreaming or maybe even dead. He felt Lita's warm body on his and tried to lift his achy arms up around her. They felt heavy but he looked at her and tried again and succeeded. Sage smiled and breathed in her hair.

Am I dead? Am I dreaming? Is this an angel that I'm holding?

Lita awoke, "you're awake! Are you alright?" she asked.

"If I'm going to die," he said, "I want to hold you in my arms before I go."

Lita grinned, "oh, Sage, you're not going to die. You're going to be just fine."

Sage reached his hand to cup her face, "are you sure? Because I swear I'm looking at an angel."

Lita smiled and tried to keep herself from becoming teary eyed, "oh, Sage. I thought I lost you!" she pressed her cheek against his chest and he laid his chin over her head. Their hearts began to beat fast and rhythmically with each other. Lita lifted her head and kissed Sage on the mouth as he held her close. As long as he had Lita, Sage never had to worry about being cold again.

Trista was surprised to find Kale looking at the stars as the snow was falling down at the mountains. He was sitting with his back against a tree and he wore a black cloak and a brown leather suit. Trista wore a long red dress but no coat. She shivered and smiled. "I didn't expect to see you here, Kale."

"Trista," Kale turned his head and smiled back. "I just wanted to look at the stars. I don't' want to go another night without looking at the stars."

She sat next to him and hugged her knees. "They are beautiful, aren't they?"

"I don't know if I could take it if the darkness swallowed the stars. I loved the darkness and I loved the cold but what if the darkness became too dark for me to handle? What if it took away the brightness of the stars?" Kale looked down and raised his eyes to the sky. "I never knew how beautiful they were until that night."

Trista shivered.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"No, I'm fine," she fibbed.

"Trista, you're shivering," he removed his cloak and wrapped it around her shoulders, keeping his arm around her. "There you are."

Trista leaned against Kale's shoulder. "Kale, I'm very pleased the way you handled yourself when Lelandra tried to---"

"You don't have to talk about it, Trista," he said, trying to avoid the subject, "the woman loves the darkness even more than I do. She's crazy and she's not half he woman you are."

"That's sweet, Kale."

"The truth is," Kale said, "I'm getting a bit fed up with the darkness, it's just, so, dark. It's empty. It was my only friend until well, I met you of course."

Trista grinned and kissed Kale on the forehead and nestled her head on his shoulder. Kale kissed her back and the stars sparkled overhead.

The seemingly sickly Hotaru sat in a meadow filled with flowers not far from her home. She wore a pale purple dress and white slippers on her feet. When someone called her name, she rose up her head and saw Anubis not too far away.

"Anubis!" she cried out happily.

Anubis smiled and walked to her, carrying a flower to add to her bouquet. She thanked him and smelt it and pushed the bouquet of flowers to his nose. He sniffed them lightly.

"It's good to see you again, Hotaru."

Hotaru nodded in understanding, "you too, Anubis. I've missed you." She stood up and felt a little light headed, nearly fainting.

"Are you alright?" Anubis asked as he caught her.

"I think so."

"Let me take you out of the sun," he looked around and found a gazebo. He picked her up in his arms and carried her there. He laid her against a pillar and a light shower started to fall.

"Well, I'm out of the sun now," Hotaru smiled, "and the rain. Anubis, what can I do for you? I get the feeling you didn't come to see me just to see me."

"I never told you the way you make me feel," Anubis said.


"When you healed the wound in my shoulder," he touched his shoulder where Rowen pierced with his, "you healed my heart too. You filled the void inside my soul. You gave my life meaning."

"I only meant to heal your wound. I didn't know I could do that." Hotaru blushed at the kind attention Anubis was giving to her.

"Thank you," Anubis said finally as he took both of her hands in his, his greenish-blue eyes shining with loyalty and kindness, "thank you." And he kissed her hands. He lifted her up and wrapped his arms around her. Hotaru looked up at him with a sweet smile.

"I knew you weren't cruel as you said you were," Hotaru said. "I sense loyalty in you. I like that in you, Anubis. I don't have many loyal friends."

"Well, you do now," he kissed her and all was silent except the light tapping of the rain hitting the roof.

Darien eventually went to a good school in France. As he walked down the road to the university, he saw the girl in front of him trip and drop her books. Being the kind man he was, he knelt down and helped her pick up the books.

"You alright?" Darien asked.

"Yes, thank you," the girl raised her reddish-brown head and noticed the medallion he wore, showing he was a prince from another country. "Oh my!" she bowed her head back down, "I didn't know you were a prince!"

I knew I should have left this thing home! Darien put his hand over the medallion, "Oh, get up, please. You don't need to address me." He helped the girl to her feet. "I'm not at my country right now; I ran away so I could go to school. Just forget I'm a prince. I'm a commoner like yourself."

"The royal life is too glamorous for you, your high--" she began with smile.

"Please, call me Darien."

She blushed, "Darien."

"Yes, I found all the glamour just a bit too boring," Darien replied.

"My name is Mia," she introduced herself, "I go to the university too."

"Well, Mia shall we?" he lent Mia his arm.

Mia smiled and took his arm and the two walked to the university together. {AN: I know I said in the first chapter I was not going to have Mia but since I put Darien in here, I thought I'd put them together!}

And so, the warriors and warlords became quiet close with the soldiers. They were all one. Darien found something better than a wedding and he began to learn things he's always wanted to know. He wrote Serena every now and then but they were letters of friendship, not love that of course they both did not mind. For Serena has also chosen her own path to follow.

The End. Oh, I'm kidding! Here's the real ending! Although, I must warn you, this is a bit limey. I don't know why people call them limes and lemons when the writer only intends to make them sweet! Well, it's my story and I want it to be sweet so it's not a lime or lemon, I'm calling it a STRAWBERRY!

In mid late spring, all the animals were in pairs. The birds flew together, the butterflies flew together and the rabbits and squirrels played together. Serena and Rowen were together also. They were in the forest where their hearts led themselves to each other when Rowen left and Serena went after him. They wanted some time alone and the castle was always too crowded. They were enjoying a picnic.

As Rowen was reading a book, Serena picked up a strawberry. {Hey, I'm calling it a strawberry, might as well strawberries to it! Do you know that strawberries actually increase someone's sex drive? I'm serious; I read it in a magazine!} Serena leaned to Rowen and fed him the strawberry. He savored the sweet taste of the fruit and also her fingers. He held them to his lips as he kissed them lightly.

"This was a wonderful idea, Serena," Rowen said. "Let's do this again tomorrow."

The pair was naked and their clothes were a pile on the ground. Serena pushed the basket away and picked up Rowen's cape and wrapped it around her as she lay upon him. Now Rowen fed her a strawberry, watching the way she closed her eyes when she bit into it and the way she licked her lips when she finished.

"We have the rest of our lives, Rowen," Serena whispered, "we can do this every day of spring if you want."

Rowen smiled and stroked her cheek. She closed her eyes as she leaned her head into his hand. A tear brimmed into her eyes, realizing how close she came to not share this moment with Rowen. If she made the wrong choice, she would be married to Darien and they would both be unhappy. Their lovemaking would not be this magical, this beautiful. She knew Darien cared for her and she cared for him too. He would be gentle with her but there would be no love in his eyes. They would only be making love because they would need a child to carry on the family name, not because they loved each other. And when they were finished, they would turn on their sides and go to sleep, wondering why they weren't satisfied. It would never change. Darien wouldn't hold her while she slept. That just was not the way he felt about her.

Serena sniffed as she let the tear fall. Rowen wiped it away, "what's the matter?"

"I'm just so happy," she said, "and I'm also sad, to think that I almost married Darien, that I would never be able to see you again."

"Shh," Rowen stroked his hands through her long hair that was free. She took her hair down so it wouldn't be in those long pigtails. It fell down around her and onto Rowen's chest. "What matters if that we are here now, Serena. We're together." He looked far into her shiny blue eyes, "when there's love, Serena, we can't be apart."

Serena smiled and laid her head upon Rowen's chest. She ran her fingers up and down his chest and arms. His hand went up to her back and to her hair. She kissed his chest up to his neck and to his lips. They turned over and Rowen outlined her face with his chin. Overwhelmed with excitement, devotion and affection, Serena tilted her head back. Rowen showered her face and neck with kisses. Serena pulled up and laid her chin on his shoulder. She needed to be close and feel his love.

Their hearts were racing together with each other. The birds singing were pleasurable sounds of music. Everything was so beautiful. Rowen never knew he could love somebody as much as he loved Serena. He couldn't recall when he felt so alive and Serena could say the same. Serena moaned Rowen's name as she reached her hand to his hair. The love, the passion, was so intense; it made Serena feel more alive than she's been in all her days.

"You're so beautiful," Rowen said, pushing his self up. His hands were on the blanket, inches from her shoulders. He looked admiringly over her body. Serena placed a hand to his chest. "To think that I almost let you go. I'm so glad I found you again."

"I wouldn't let you leave," Serena said, "I couldn't stand it; I couldn't live with someone I did not love."

Rowen smiled and lowered himself back down to her. Everything was going to be all right now that they found each other. They were one and there was nothing, nothing that could tear them apart.

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