It had bee four week, five long and semi-hellish weeks since Frank's kidnapping. Frank had recovered slowly after surviving a major set back. His lungs had collapsed during the procedure to reduce the swelling on his brain and it had cost him another surgery and an extended stay. That was the only setback though. Today, Frank got to go home.

He sat impatiently waiting in his room while the doctors went over everything with his parents. Joe was there with him, just as impatient, but both boys were silent. The TV was on, turned to the news, and they were watching the report on the Kolplay trial.

The trail had been successful, even with Frank unable to testify. They had more then enough evidence and Jesse's, Reynolds', Mike's and Jake's testimony to put Kolplay away. However, most, in fact a great deal, of the evidence had been circumstantial and the FBI hadn't been able to flip any of Kolplay's guys. It had taken three weeks to present the cases and another for deliberation. There was always that chance that Kolplay would get off, Frank couldn't see how, but still his insides were tying themselves up in knots.

Joe, sensing his brother's tension did his best to reassure, "He's going away Frank. They buried him under evidence, there's no way the jury couldn't lock him up.

"Yeah, I know, but a week?" Frank whispered.

There was nothing Joe could say to that. If they were so sure of his guilt why'd it take them a week to decide? He didn't have an answer. Luckily, though, the TV provided one.

"I'm Sandy Fisher outside the Federal court house here in Washington. Moment's ago the Jury just gave a guilty verdict in the Kolplay case. Kolplay..."

Frank toned the rest of the reporter out, he already knew about the case. The only thing that mattered to him was the verdict. He breathed a sigh of relief, excepting the pain in his chest. It was over and he could relax.

Joe, who had cheered, only got more excited as he saw Frank relax. The last few weeks, when they had backed Frank off the pain meds a bit, he could tell that his brother was shaken. Frank was unusually quite, even for him, and restless. There were times he couldn't have anything touching him or he'd start to panic, other times he stare off blankly at something, some unseen horror. He was always on edge. Every night it seemed he'd have a nightmare.

Seeing Frank relaxing, and smiling for the first time in days was past joyous to Joe.

Joe was so caught up in watching his brother that he was startled when Frank spoke. "Joe?"

"Yeah Frank?"

"Do me a favor will ya?"


"When I die I want to be cremated, not buried, got it?"

Joe chuckled a little, "I got."

"I mean it Joe," Frank said, his brown eyes locking onto Joe's blue.

"I won't Frank, but you're not going to die anytime soon," Joe said the last part with such a fierceness; it was if by saying them he could keep all the bad things away.

The two brothers fell into a silence, kind of having a staring contest so they were both startled when Maggie came in. Maggie had been in and out the whole time Frank was there and they boys and she had sparked a friendship so it was almost sad to see them leave. Almost.

She wheeled in a wheelchair, and smiled at the boys. "You're all set suga'," she said to Frank. "You're parents are waiting and I have you ride right here."

"I don't need a wheelchair," Frank said with a tired smile as he slowly eased himself up.

"Oh pish-posh, you can barely walk down the hallway. Joe, come help," Maggie said, as she wrapped her arms gently but firmly around his waist. Joe came over, smiling and helped his brother stand while Maggie position the chair.

"You're enjoying the hell out of this, aren't you?" Frank grouched.

"You bet, normally it's me in the chair," Joe teased as he helped Frank sit down.

"So why don't you take the ride and I'll push?"

"Oh you two hush, you sound like a bunch of clucking hens. Now you just sit back and relax while I wheel you out to the car," Maggie said in a fake scolding way. For the second time that day, Frank's face lit up into a smile. And as Joe watched Maggie wheel him away he thought;

'I swear Frank; I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you never get hurt again. I swear.'

So here it is, the last chap to my first story. La sigh. Thank you all for reading and reviweing, and stick around. I got another story in the works and there's still Control.