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Lt. Riza Hawkeye was a complicated woman or maybe she was so simple that it was complicated. It that made any sense at all.

Her birthday was coming up, not that she even did disclose her age, there was something about women and thier age.

Roy had no idea what to give her, a gun would be bad because she already had so many (to point at him).

He walked down the street, still puzzled about the whole gift problem when Roy stopped in front of a store and walked in quietly. His eye was caught by a small pretty and pink box.

Roy carefully opened the latch and pushed the top of the box up. He brought the box close to his eye and saw a small wooden ballerina right in front of the mirror. He turned the knob and the ballerina began to spin. A heart-breaking melody filled his ears. It was perfect.

He hurried on to the cash register, exited that he had gotten the perfect gift for Riza Hawkeye though it was so unlike her, she wasn't the type of the girl who was into the pinkish and prettyish things.

He smiled, it was the perfect way to express his feelings. He could imagine the late Maes Hughes saying "A better way to express your feelings is by giving her a ring."

But this was perfect; it wasn't like he was going to ask her to marry him. At least, not yet. 'Perfect' he thought again and smiled at the store clerk, 'Just perfect.'