Music Box: 21: The Truth Of It All, A Drunken Confession

Riza thought she was having a delusion.

How would it be possible otherwise for Roy Mustang, her colonel to be banging at her door at three in the morning?

It was not possible at all.

After she opened the door, he stumbled in and landed himself onto the sofa. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply.

And he was drunk, not even the I-love-everyone drunk that Havoc was but he was a sober drunk and that just made matters worse because you could never tell if the actual serious person or the drunk was talking.

"Roy." It seemed a little too cold, a little too bizarre, and little too polite to call him Colonel in this kind of situation. And finally, in the last twenty minutes in which all these strange events had happened, Roy Mustang had finally acknowledged her existence.

"Riza." He said, the name rolling off his tongue perfectly, not a slurred syllable to be heard and he repeated her name again.

"I need to tell you something." It was amazing to Riza that the colonel or Roy rather sounded completely sober when he was not. He smelled too strongly of alcohol to have had only a few drinks and he was still holding a bottle of vodka when he had come to her door.


"You know I have a dream. I want to change this place, this country for the better. I want to make this place better than what it is. Do you know what this place is? It's the land of crushed dreams, broken hopes and empty hearts. The government instead of protecting the people, they're destroying them. I want to change that no matter what and this whole time, you've been by my side. You haven't left it once even though you've questioned my decisions and thought that I was an idiot. You've encouraged me and helped push me to the top just like a wife would. That's what you're like to me, a wife… Actually, I want you to be my wife. I don't think I've ever been in love with anyone till I met you. You saw me at my worst and yet you still believe that I'm able to change this place. God, Riza, didn't you already see it? Didn't you already know that I love you by the way I look at you, talk to you and treat you? That's the truth of it all. I love you."

Riza thought her heart just might stop

A/n: Gah. I finally updated. I know the confession is kind of weak. So basically this is a going to be one of those short stories that have three or four parts. I'm trying this "confession" thing out, so you might be seeing a few confessions after this story. I'm so grateful to all the people who still read this and like it. Really, thank you.