Legacy of the Lion

Chapter 1
Baby Rose

Disclaimer: you know, don't you think people would get the idea by now? Nobody owns FF8 and it's characters besides Squaresoft! Jeez, I hate writing these things.

Author's Note: Okay people, you wanted a sequel, and you got one! I started this right after I put up the epilogue to ATEA, so the chapters should be flying in after I get this up. Well, enjoy! I write only to please you, tell me what you think!

Three year old Rose Leonheart stifled a giggle as she hid behind a lush green bush. She could hear her twenty four-year-old father call out, "Ready or not, here I come!" She let out a little cry, trying to stop tittering. "Rose, where are you baby?" he cried. She laughed once again, and Squall turned to the childish sound coming from the greenery. "I heard something… is that my babe Rose?" he asked as he approached the bush, crouching over. "I… found you!" he shouted as he looked over the plant at the tiny girl. She shrieked in delight and ran. But Squall caught her before she could get away. He swept her up onto his shoulders, causing her to squeal once again. As they walked toward the house, she began to play with his hair.

"He's changed so much." Rinoa commented as she looked away from the window. "I know. Too bad we can't say the same for me." Seifer replied. "Oh you! You've changed just as much as he has!" she said, hitting him playfully. "The Seifer I knew seven years ago wouldn't have jumped in front of that sword." She pointed out. "Hmm. Oh, here he comes now." He noted as Squall walked through the door, Rose still perched on his shoulders. "Hey Seifer. What's up?" Squall asked as he removed his daughter from atop of him. She started to run off, but Squall stopped her. "Don't I get a kiss from my girl?" he pouted playfully. She ran up and gave him a quick kiss, Rinoa too. She then scurried up the stairs.

"So, Seifer, how have you been?" Squall inquired, pouring a glass of lemonade for himself. "Pretty good. You?" he replied. "We're okay." "Have you still been talking about enrolling Rose into Garden?" he questioned. "We aren't sure yet. Rinoa doesn't want her to go. I understand her point, but she was born into that kind of family you know?" Rinoa looked up sharply. "Hello!? I'm still here you know! Stop talking about me like I'm 300 miles away!" Squall and Seifer looked over at the angry woman, and burst out laughing. "I'm sorry. We'll move on to a different topic okay?" Squall offered. And another conversation struck up between the three.

As Squall settled down into bed that night, Rinoa asked him a question. "Squall?" "Yeah?" she turned over to face him. "Have you ever wondered what might've been?" Squall looked puzzled. "If what?" "If we had had that baby. How our lives might be different." He understood now. 3 years and she was still crushed about losing that baby. "Yeah, they said it would have been a boy. What would you have wanted to name him?" he asked curiously. "I'm not sure. I was thinking about the name Baedan. I really liked that name. So did you, before we knew it was going to be a girl." She replied. "You're right, but I guess we'll never know huh?" "I guess not. Goodnight Squall. I love you." "Goodnight Rin. I love you too."