Legacy of the Lion
Chapter 5
Tests and Twins

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"Here is your SeeD rank report." Squall informed Rose, Flaeme, and some random guy named Ace after the short pep talk about what SeeD was and what they would have to do. He handed Rose hers, and she left the room quickly and looked at the report. It read:

Conduct: 70 Points

Judgement: 80 Points

Attack: 100 Points

Spirit: 90 Points

Attitude: 100 Points
SeeD rank: 7

"Yes!!! I passed!!" she shouted happily. She ran back in to Squall's office happy as a clam.

"I love you, I love you, I love you!!!" She said over and over as she hugged him tightly. "They told me about you saving that boy's life. I can't tell you how proud of you I was." He told her.

"That means a lot to me Daddy. Thank you so much!" she praised for the third time. "You said he wanted to talk to me?" Squall questioned. "Not right now. I have to talk to him first. Would that be okay Daddy?" She asked sweetly. "Sure. Just let me know when he's ready okay?" She nodded, and raced out the door. 'She still acts like she's twelve years old, but has the maturity of a seventeen year old. It doesn't matter to me, as long as she's still my girl.' Squall thought happily after she left.

"And then he told me that saving your life made him prouder than ever of me!" Rose jabbered to Baedan. "That's great! I'm so happy you passed!" He replied, matching her enthusiasm. "I'm so delighted I could cry. But I won't. Now, we've got time. Tell me what you were really doing on that island." Rose prompted. "Alright. I guess I'm not going anywhere for a while. These beds are really comfy! Anyway, this is going to take a while, so get situated." He warned her. "Okay. Shoot."

"You see, it all started when I was born." He started. "I was taken away from them at birth, and the Aganes hired someone to take me away and tell my parents that I had died. Apparently they were devastated. But they did have a baby girl." He took a breath and started again.

"Well anyway, the Aganes took me with them, and raised me to the age I am now. I never knew what, but they wanted something from me. They always had a lot of people come in and 'study my behavior.' They took me to that island, I escaped, and well, you know the rest from there." He explained. "I'm hoping to find a way to figure out who my real parents are." He finished.

"Wow. That sucks." Rose laughed lightly. "Tell that to my Dad and he'll be sure to let you into Garden." Baedan laughed as well. Rose sat for a minute, deep in thought. Something about his story seemed strangely familiar to her. She just couldn't put a finger on it.

"Hey Angelo." Rose greeted as she and Baedan walked into her house. He looked at Baedan, and whined lightly. "That's funny. He doesn't normally like strangers that much." Rose told him. "What can I say? I'm lovable." He replied. "Oh please." She looked up the stairs, and called for her mother.

"Mom? Hey Mom are you up there?" she cried. "Yeah?" Rinoa answered from somewhere inside the house. "Could you come here for a sec?" she asked. Rinoa walked into the room, and stopped when she saw a young man about Rose's age standing next to her.

"Rose honey, who's this?" she asked quietly. "This is Baedan Mom. I saved his life on the SeeD test yesterday." She introduced.

"Well hello Baedan. I'm Rinoa Leonheart. It's a pleasure to meet you."
"It's nice to meet you too ma'am. Your daughter here is a great friend and hero." Baedan replied politely.

A sharp pain hit Rinoa's stomach at the name. She didn't hear the rest of what Rose said. Her mind went over and over the name. 'Baedan… Rose… Rose… Baedan…" Her mind repeated. 'Why do I feel like I… I know him somehow?' She wondered.

"You know, I was going to name my son Baedan. He died at birth though. He and Rose would have been twins." Rinoa said longingly.

Rose suddenly felt a light-bulb click on. She said a quick good-bye to her mother, and took Baedan roughly by the arm, dragging him out the door.

"What was that for!?" Baedan questioned angrily as they got outside. Without answering, Rose asked, "When is your birthday?" he looked totally confused. "May 21st but what does that matter? You were completely rude to your Mom in there!" He stopped talking when he saw Rose's jaw drop.

"What? Why are you doing that?" he asked, still very puzzled at the situation. "So is mine," she informed slowly. "Yeah so? Your point being?" "So…" Rose began to pace. "Your birthday is May 21st, and so is mine. You were stolen from your parents when you were born. My parents were told that their baby died at birth. Just like you said. Your name is Baedan, and my mother and father were going to name their son Baedan. I would have been his twin. Don't you see? It all fits together. You're my… twin brother." She finished softly.

"I know it sounds crazy but if you look at the little things, the small details, it all fits together." She reasoned, trying to make him understand. He raised a hand to stop her. "I don't believe this. There is no way that we can prove this is true." Rose stopped to think for a moment. He had her there. But not for long. "Alright. There is one way to find out. If you prove me wrong, I'll drop this whole idea and you can go on with your life. Okay?" She offered, hoping he would agree.
"Fine. What is it?" he replied to her delight.

"Okay. Do you have a birthmark on your stomach?" she asked, raising her baby blue tank top to reveal a brown dime sized mark on her stomach. Now it was Baedan's turn for his jaw to drop.

He raised his shirt to expose the same sized mark in exactly the same place on his stomach. "This is too freaky," he said after he put his shirt back down. "You're my… sister?" "And you're my… twin brother?" They asked rhetorically. "I… I don't know what to say." Baedan breathed. "I know. Let's go." She responded, dragging him off again.

"Dad!? Daddy! I need to talk to you!" Rose called through Squall's office, Baedan following close behind. "What is it baby? Is something wrong? Did something happen to your mother?" Squall asked, quickly turning worried.

"No, no, Dad. Nothing happened to Mom, she's fine. We just have something really important that we need to talk to you about." She replied as he appeared. "What is it? Oh, who's this?" he asked upon seeing Baedan. "This is Baedan Dad. Remember? I saved his life." She answered in a rush. Squall was surprised by the name.

He recalled his conversation with Rinoa fourteen years ago about naming their son Baedan if they'd had him. Somehow he couldn't help but feel that he knew this young man. "Dad? We need to talk to you," Rose said, attempting to get her father's attention. "Oh okay, let's go into my office then.

"So you're my… son?" Squall asked after everything was explained. "I believe so sir. If I may ask, what is your blood type? Or perhaps Rinoa's?" Baedan asked respectfully.

"Mine is AB. I don't know about Rinoa's." "Mine is AB as well. If you want to make certain, we could run a test," Baedan offered. "You know, I think that might not be a bad idea. Have you told Mom yet Rose?" he asked her. "No. We found out only after we left the house." Rose notified. "Good. Let's head for the Infirmary."

"So, you want me to see if you're Baedan's… father?" Dr. Kadowaki confirmed to Squall. "Yes. Is that okay?" Squall replied. "Of course. It just seems kind of awkward." The stocky woman said while walking toward a group of needles. "We just need to take a blood sample," Baedan winced slightly as the tiny stab of pain in his arm grew larger.

A Half Hour Later…

"Alright, moment of truth. Are you really my brother? We're about to find out." Rose said as Dr. K handed the results of the test to Squall. "Let's see," Squall said as he opened the paper.

Rose's heart beat like a drum against her ribcage. It felt like it would give way any moment. Her father's face remained grave as his eyes skimmed the paper. She couldn't take the suspense any longer.

"Well? What does it say? Is he family or not?" she prompted. "It says… Baedan is… my… son!" Squall finished, with Rose breathing a sigh of relief. Baedan looked at his newfound father. They stared at each other for a few moments.

Squall was the first to react. He embraced Baedan like the father Squall had always wanted and needed. Even though he'd never admit it. "I've always dreamed of having a son. A daughter too. I just never thought I'd be blessed enough to get both." Squall commented into his son's ear.

"Alright, let's go tell your mother." Squall proposed. "Wait," Rose stopped them. She then gave Baedan a sisterly hug as well. As she released him, warm tears streamed down her soft cheeks. "Okay. I'm ready."

Rinoa's head rested on the table with her face buried in her hands, trying to rationalize the situation. Rose, Baedan and Squall had explained everything in pieces. She wasn't sure what to do. After all these years, she always thought her son was dead. But now, here he was, right in her kitchen, standing next to her. The feeling was so eerie.

Finally, she stood up from her chair. Tears brimmed in her almond eyes. "Welcome home Baedan." She choked before embracing him tightly. "Thanks… Mom." He replied. Calling her "mom" so early surprised Rinoa greatly. But it also thrilled her that he wasn't like Squall and blamed his parents for not being there. They were a complete family now. Not that they hadn't been before, it just had always seemed like there was something missing; a hole that escaped the complete family feeling. Now that hole had been filled.

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