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Chapter One

Gissom was sitting in his office. It had been a year since he was not able to stand
up for his feelings. He had been given an opportunity to be with Sara, yet he couldn't
bring himself to tell her how he had really felt. Now those feelings felt like a distant
memory. She looked at him differently, only as a co-worker, a mentor, and at most a
friend. Or did she? His mind wandered back to his paper work before he thought of her
only more.

Sara was in the lab waiting on the DNA to be processed. She looked over at Greg, who
happened to be waiting on the same thing. She had seen him in a whole new light since
he had been promoted to CSI agent. She didn't see the immature boy. It wasn't
there. He was a mature young man. She didn't know why she was staring. It was the
same body. She just viewed him differently.

Greg felt her eyes on him. He swallowed hard. The machine beeped. He grabbed the
results before Mia could tell them what they had.

"It's about time," he said.

He looked it over carefully. He then looked at Sara.

"We've got his DNA at the scene of the crime. In fact, we have more than that.
His DNA was on the body," Greg said with a smile.

He handed her the results and looked at her.

"You feel like catching this guy?" Greg asked knowing the answer.

"Are you kidding me? I think I'll just let the bad guy get away." Sara said
running for the door toward the SUV.

He followed her. He caught up with her.

"Next time you're going to run out of there. Let me in on it." Greg said to her while
still running to keep up with her pace.

"I can't help it if you missed your cue." She said with a smile.

That smile, that gorgeous smile. He lovedthat smile...her smile.

"We have your DNA at the scene, Mr. Jones. You left it everywhere." Greg said with a
tone of matter of factness.

"I told you I wasn't there." Mr. Jones replied not convincing.

"Cut the crap and just admit what the DNA already says." Brass said to Jones.

After an hour in the deliberation room, Jones finally he admitted he was there.
It had been an accident. He didn't mean to kill the guy. He was mad because of
some situation with his former girlfriend, and the fact this guy was stalking her.
He was taking out of there. Sara found herself staring once again at, the former
white lab coat wearing, Greg. She made herself look away.

Greg got up and the two walked out of the room. They walked back towards the break room.
She grabbed her lunch and sat down. Greg came in and joined her in the break room.
He grabbed his lunch. He walked over by Sara.

"Is this seat taken or may I occupy it?" Greg asked.

"Just sit down, Greg," Sara said while smiling on the inside at his cuteness.

End of Chapter One...To Be Continued (TBC)