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After shift, Greg took his girlfriend to her residence to gather her things. They'd come back for her other furnishings later that weekend.

She went to her closet and began putting her wardrobe in her suitcase. Greg picked up a tight looking shirt and looked at her with a devious smile. Sara snatched it and threw it in the suitcase.



"Why did you pick me? You could have gone after any other woman. Why me?"

"Sara, come here," he pleaded,"You obviously don't look in the mirror enough. On top of that, you're smart and determined. You don't give up or give in justfor the heck of it. You're you. It's cheesy but true. You're a perfect fit to my quirky sense of self. I admire and adore you."

She wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him closer to her.

"What about Wendy?"

He let out a laugh.

"I knew that'd come up eventually. Listen, Mia, Wendy, and all the other ladies thatare assossiated with us in the work field have nothing overon you. I love you and will always love you."

"Greg, I don't do people well."

"Stop worrying my wallflower. That doesn't bother me. I plan on tackling your insecurities on step at a time."

She returned to her suitcase. Normally, it would enrage her, but he was being helpful, and she rather liked the changes that were happening in her life because of him.

They arrived at Greg's place an hour and a half later.


"A little" She admitted.

"Good because I was thinking of Chinese."

"Just as long as I get an extra order of WanTons and soy sauce."

"Yes, love."

He went to his fridge and opened the door.



"Beer, coke, or water. I obviously need to go shopping."

She only let out a laugh on her way down the hall carrying her clothes with her.

He ordered the food and then proceeded to "go help" Sara unpack.

He walked down to his bedroom and stood in the door just watching her. She had order and everything was just so so.

"Just promise not to reorganize the closet again."

She turned at his voice and only smiled.

"For your information, I have no intention of trying to organize any part of your closet. As from my half, I can't promise that I won't organize what belongs to me."

He came up behind her and held her hand from continuing to place her things in the closet.

"You can color organize your wardrobe and mine too, if it's possible. I just don't want you in here trying to organize everything tonight. I want some time with you too."

She nodded and then kissed him. He turned to leave.



"Grissom knows about us and...and-"

He walked over to her. "and what?"