Angela: ... Uhm, well, not much to say. i don't really own the anything here bnut the... 'plot', and stuff... You'll see what I mean, and be warned, much dark content, not suitable for weak stomachs, or young children. Enjoy...


Tears fell, and Time slowed down. An agonized scream of pain, and a cold laugh. Another. and another. More cold laughter. More tears, more screams. Begging, crying, pleading. Death, sadness. And pain. And above it all, a cold, cruel, evil amusement, a sadistic pleasure...

Lying in extreme pain on a simple cot, the person took ragged gasps of air. Looking at them alone, one could not determine their gender. The person let heavy tears fall, sobbing raggedly. How foolish, oh how foolish! As if a yami, a Darkness, could ever be human!

"Silly boy! Silly, silly, SILLYboy!You came, but now you cry! Why, oh why must you cry? Do you hurt? Oh, you do? Then I shall end it for you! Yes yes! But not today, oh no!"

And cackling with the twisted glee only a psychopath could have, the yami walked away. Leaving the boy to the darkness of his prison. to his own mind...

But th eyami was not done, oh no. He had other victims too. And they were no better off. Using a dagger, he gleefully carved pictures into the next victim's skin. Crimson red, oh wonderful red! Sweet, sweet metallic red! And so much! it might get onto the floor! That would be bad, defying! So, what to do? Oh, of course! And the yami smiled. He was thirtsy anyway. And he drank...

No one was left! all stiff, decaying. Staring blankly. No one was left to play with him! He needed new friends. So, he set out to find some more, once again cackling as only he could.

Because, you see... As long as there id Light, a yami's work is never done.


Angela: ... O.o I have no idea where that came from.

YM: O.o

Angela: I wrote this at ten of seven this morning, sitting alone, bored to death.

YB: .. O.o Who is it!

ANgela: .. I dunno. I just wrote it out.. For allI know, it's an evil Yami Yugi. So, if anyone wants to decided, even though I orignally started with Yami Marik, we don't know who, you can tell us!