And here is the final chapter. Same disclaimers as usual, though it took me forever to get it up.

Play. Play. Play. Shock waves pushed him back. PLAY! That was all he wanted. But no, this one fought back! He owns an Item too? Odd, and unfair. Very unfair!

Screaming, pain. Searing ,burning screaming pain! Too much!Too much! Light, so much light. Hurt, hurt. Hurt! Stop, it hurts! No... NO!

Pain. Soft, subtle, white pain. Soothing, but it hurts so bad. Why? Why so much pain? All he wanted was to play and make himself happy with the games...

And the new yami walked away from his still 'playmate', cackling.

"Fool. Didn't you know? As long as there is happiness, a yami's work isnever done..."

That's that. The end.