Chapter One

Today was like any other day at the 1-6. Olivia Benson was just about to head out the door for what she hoped would be a more than five minute lunch break, when the phone started to ring. She turned around to look at the phone, and grunted. She hesitated on whether or not to go back and answer it, but she figured the Captain would get it, and she proceeded to head out the door, when she heard, "Olivia?" The Captain was calling her from the door of his office. She stepped back inside the precinct.

"I've got a call I need you take."

"Is it urgent, Capt? I was just about to head out to lunch." Olivia said, hoping he'd understand.

"You and Elliot grab lunch on your way over to St. Elizabeth's."

"What's up?" Olivia inquired, growing concerned, as she put her jacket over the back of her desk chair, suddenly forgetting about her groaning stomach.

"Fourteen-year-old girl was found bound and gagged in back of a school in the Bronx. No I.D. Nurse said she took quite a beating and possibly was raped, but says the girl is too upset to let any of the doctors go near her."

"We're on it."

Olivia grabbed her coat and started rushing out the door, when the Captain stopped her.

"Olivia,…there's ah…there's one more thing…"

Olivia just looked at him; she knew it was something bad by the tone in the Captain's voice and the look on his face. She couldn't speak.

"A fourteen month old baby was found crying, strapped in a car seat, next to where she was found."

Olivia just nodded her head and went out to the squad car to meet Elliot.

Olivia got in the car with Elliot and proceeded to buckle her seat belt.

"What took so long?" Elliot asked.

"Cap got a call from St. Elizabeth's. A fourteen year old girl found bound and gagged behind a school in the Bronx. She was beaten up and possibly raped, and a fourteen month old baby was found strapped in a car seat, crying, next to her."

Elliot sighed and started the car, "Good thing I ate a big breakfast."

"Yeah lucky for you."