At the hospital Olivia and Elliot rushed to the nursery where they were met by one of the pediatric nurses.

"Detectives?" She inquired, seeing Olivia and Elliot walking towards her.

"Detectives Benson and Stabler from Special Victims Unit, we're here about the baby that came in earlier with a fourteen year old rape victim. Our Captain tells us someone is here claiming he's the father?"

"I'm Nurse Rebecca St. Claire, I run the nursery." The nurse ushered them to over to the side, out of the aisle. "The boy's name is Justin. I have him waiting in my office. I told him I had to gather up some paperwork for him to fill out and sign before he was allowed to take the baby."

"Did you run his DNA to match it to the child's?" Elliot asked.

"No, not yet, I wanted to call you first before he decided to take off."

"Take off? Why would he do that without taking the baby with him? Olivia asked, suspiciously.

"He's young, scared. I'm not sure if the baby is actually his and I didn't want him to bolt before you could get here, so I tried to stall him."

"What makes you think the baby's not his?" Elliot asked her.

"His demeanor when he first came in. He walked around for a bit, looking at the babies in the nursery, on his phone a lot, wouldn't come up to the nurse's station. I finally went up to him and asked him if I could help him, and that's when he said he was here to pick up "a baby" and he didn't seem like he knew all that much about the situation. His story just seemed odd, so I put him in my office to wait for the paperwork so I could call you guys to come in and talk to him."

Olivia nodded and gave a slight smile to the nurse. "Okay, thank you, ah…which way is your office?"

"Follow me."

The three of them reached the nurse's office and through the glass they could see a boy, looked to be about 15 or 16, on his phone texting, his leg nervously bouncing up and down. He jumped slightly when the door opened, and stood up, jamming his phone into his pocket when the nurse walked in with Elliot and Olivia in tow.

"Justin, these are detectives, they'd like to have a word with you about your son."

Elliot and Olivia smiled slightly at Justin, knowing he was scared, but they also didn't want to appear too friendly since they knew there was a chance he was not Vincent's father and they wanted to get to the bottom of who he is and if he knows Aleyiah.

"Have a seat, Justin." Elliot said.

Justin moved backwards away from the two detectives a little bit and stammered, "Wh-why do I have to talk to cops? Why can't I just have Vincent?" He was looking at the nurse.

"They just have to ask you some questions, Justin, and I still need you to fill out some paperwork before you can take the child from the hospital. Remember we spoke about that?"

Justin nodded and started to visibly relax. He moved towards the chair he had been sitting in and took a seat, his leg tapping the moment he sat down.

"Take all the time you need, Detectives, I have my rounds, but I can be paged if you need me."

Elliot and Olivia both nodded at the nurse, and she exited her office, pulling the shade down over the glass door before exiting.

Olivia walked around Nurse St. Claire's desk and sat on the edge of it so she was facing Justin.

"Justin, I'm Detective Benson, this is my partner Detective Stabler. We'd like to ask you a few questions."

Justin jerked his head to the side so his dirty blonde bangs flipped out of his eyes and he looked up at Olivia.


"What's your last name?"


"How old are you?"


"Where do you live?"

Justin was getting suspicious now.

"What's up with all these questions? Why can't I just take Vincent?"

Olivia sighed and looked over at Elliot who came around the desk and stood next to where Olivia was perched on the desk.

"Justin, in order for you to take that boy, we're going to have to run a DNA test on you and on him to prove you are in fact his father."

Justin looked between him and Olivia.

"What? No one told me I had to take any tests, that nurse said I just had to fill out paperwork and I could take Vinny home with me."

Olivia leaned in closer to Justin and spoke softly to him.

"Justin, do you know Aleyiah?"

"Yeah, of course I do."

"Did she tell you to come down here and get Vinny for her?"

Justin paused, and looked down at his shoes and ran his hand through his hair a couple of times, but didn't answer Olivia's question.

"Look, Justin, we can either do this here, or we can do this at our squadroom downtown." Elliot spoke with a twinge of toughness in his voice. "Now, you can take the DNA test and prove that this baby is yours, or you can tell us the truth about what's really going on. Your choice, but I will tell you this…trying to take a child that doesn't belong to you is a very serious crime, so it'd be in your best interest to tell us the truth right now, Justin."

Justin started to bite his lower lip and looked as if he was thinking real hard about what Detective Stabler just said to him. He hung his head and ran his fingers through his hair again and then looked up at the detectives.

"Alright, Vincent's not mine. Aleyiah…Aleyiah just called me and told me to come down here and tell whoever that he was mine so I could bring him back to her."

"Where is Aleyiah now?" Olivia asked him, slight desperation in her voice.

"I don't know."

"Well, you were supposed to meet her weren't you? To give her Vincent?" Elliot helped.

"Yes, but…but I don't know where she is I swear!"

"Okay what were you going to do with Vincent after you took him from the hospital?" Olivia asked, trying to stay calm as to not freak this kid out anymore, so he wouldn't totally shut down on them.

"I was s'posed to keep him at my house until Aleyiah could come and get him."

"Is Aleyiah your girlfriend?"

Justin nodded, "No, we're just really good friends."

"Does she go to school with you?"

Justin again looked between the two detectives anxiously.

"Why do you guys keep asking me all these questions?! I was just trying to help out Aleyiah! Okay she told me Vincent was in the hospital and that people were trying to take him away and put him in some foster home or whatever, so she asked me to come down here and get him, and now you cops keep asking me all these questions!"

Justin got up and started for the door.

"I'm leaving, I just wanna go home."

Olivia and Elliot stopped him, and Elliot went to the door to hold it shut.

"Justin, you need to answer these questions. You're in a lot of trouble here, do you understand that?" Elliot said, firmly but calmly.

"I didn't do anything!"

"You tried to take a baby from a hospital claiming to be the father! That's a very big deal, Justin, it's a crime!"

Justin turned around and crossed his arms across his chest.

"So, what, you gonna arrest me now? I wanna talk to my parents."

Elliot gave him a look and took him by the shirt collar.

"Good, you can tell them to meet us down at our precinct."

"Whoa, what?! Are you serious?!"

"Yeah. We need answers about this girl and this baby, so maybe we'll get some if we just go down to our office and you can sit with us and have a nice long chat."

Olivia knew Elliot was scaring him, and she didn't want that 100%, she wanted Justin to open up to them so she could find out what was going on with Aleyiah.

"Elliot, why don't you go pull the car around, I'll bring Justin down in a minute."

Elliot eyed her for a minute, but off Olivia's look agreed, and after stealing one more glance at Justin, went to retrieve the car.

When he was gone, Justin turned to Olivia in panic.

"Are you really going to arrest me?"

"Well that depends."

"Oh man," Justin whispered.

"Justin, c'mere, sit down." Olivia said sympathetically, ushering back over to the chair.

"Now, we are really worried about Aleyiah, and if she's your friend, you should be worried about her, too."

"I am! That's why I'm here trying to get Vinny for her."

"Did Aleyiah tell you what happened to her?"

"Yes. She told me Vinny fell while at daycare and that he got a bruise on his head, so she took him to the hospital. She said one of the doctors must have called the cops thinking Aleyiah abused him and that some social worker came in and took him and said he was going to foster care because there was no one else that could take him. She asked me to come down here and tell them I was his father so that they wouldn't put him in a foster home."

Olivia was dumbfounded by this story that Aleyiah supposedly told him.

Why didn't she tell him what happened to her? What was she hiding from the boy who claimed he was her closest friend?

These questions and more ran rapidly through Olivia's brain.

"Justin, let's talk more down at the precinct, and you can call your parents from there."

"Okay," and he got up and headed for the door, then turned to Olivia, "are you going to arrest me?"

Olivia looked at him like she would any other scared child she came across and said softly, "No."

Justin breathed a sigh of relief. "But what about Vincent?"

Olivia gave him a weak smile and patted him on the back. "We'll going to try and figure all that out."

Justin gave her a defeated smirk and one nod of his head, and the two of them left the office and headed for the elevator.

On the way towards the elevator Olivia noticed Dr. Fredricks, Nurse St. Claire as well as Mary Luther the DSS worker from earlier that day all standing at the nursing station watching them as if in slow motion. Olivia knew this kid walking in front of her had messed up any chance of keeping Vincent in the hospital until her and Elliot sorted the whole mess out.