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The PBKB Club

(Chapter Three: Funeral Rites Part I)

Next Morning, Ishin Shishi HQ

Chiaki smiled to herself, humming a bit as she chopped up vegetables for the morning breakfast. Today was the day. She was going to see Yukio today. She hadn't been able to see him two days ago, on his birthday, since he had been away on his job. Chiaki was a bit disappointed that she had no idea were Yukio worked, but in some ways, ignorance was bliss.

"You certainly are cheerful today, Chi-chan," one of the other serving girls, Ayumi, commented, "Going to meet your man today?"

"Hai!" Chiaki nodded with a smile, "I can't wait! I missed his birthday, so I wanted to make up for it."

"Are you giving him anything?" Ayumi asked.

"I'm not sure what to get," Chiaki said sheepishly, "I was thinking of packing him a bento…"

"What a weak idea, Chi-chan!" Ayumi scolded, "Get him something special. Why don't you ask one of the men what to get?"

"Maybe I should ask Himura-chan," Chiaki mused.

"Himura-san?" Ayumi blinked, "Are you sure that's a wise idea, Chi-chan?"

"Well, Himura-chan and Yukio-kun are very close in age," Chiaki pointed out, "And I'm very sure Yukio-kun has some sort of interest in the martial arts. So does Himura-chan."

"An unhealthy interest," Ayumi snorted.

"Ayu-chan!" Chiaki gasped, scandalized.

"No offense to Himura-san, Chi-chan," Ayumi shrugged, "But it seems that his swordsmanship is very unhealthy. Not just to those around him, but to himself as well."

"What do you mean?" Chiaki asked, her eyebrows furled.

"Himura-san's sword hurts him," Ayumi answered, "Or didn't you notice?"

"I have," Chiaki murmured, sobering up slightly, "And all I can do is play 'big sister' to him, but it won't make things better."

"Whatever you say, Chi-chan," Ayumi murmured. There was a long pause.

"Maybe I will go and ask Himura-chan his opinion on Yukio-kun's gift," Chiaki decided, breaking the tense air around them.

"If you go with the bento, ask Himura-san to help you make the onigiri," Ayumi suggested, more than happy with the change of subject, "Have you seen his usagi-onigiri? Kawaii! Perfect little bunnies!"

"Hai, hai, I have!" Chiaki laughed, "Yes, I'll ask him to help."


After breakfast, Chiaki walked up to Himura's room, knowing perfectly well that he would be alone and doing nothing. She also brought up a tray since she didn't see him at breakfast.

'Of course I didn't see him at breakfast,' Chiaki thought to herself, 'He had a job last night. He's probably sleeping in…Or too sickened to eat.'

When she reached his room, she walked right in, not bothering to announce her presence. Even if Himura was asleep he would be able to sense her coming.

When she entered the room, she was not surprised in the least when she noticed that her "younger brother" was fully awake and dressed, sitting by the window and staring at all the people that walked past the inn. He was so quiet and peaceful that Chiaki could pretend, just for a moment, that Himura Kenshin was just any other ordinary young man. Of course, the illusion was instantly destroyed when she spied the blades sheathed at his waist and the bloody laundry tossed in the corner.

"Ohayo, Chi-nee-san," Himura murmured without bothering to turn around.

"Ohayo, Himura-chan!" Chiaki said cheerfully, trying to smile for him, "Beautiful day out, ne?"

"Hn," the young killer grunted noncommittally.

"I brought you breakfast," Chiaki smiled, putting down the tray.

"I don't want it," Himura muttered.

"Come on, Himura-chan," Chiaki pleaded, "You don't eat enough as it is. And I know you missed dinner yesterday."

"I don't want it," he repeated.

"But I made it," Chiaki pouted, lying it on thick, "You don't want my hard work to go to waste, do you?"

There was a soft, almost inaudible, sigh from the redhead before he glided over to her and the tray, sat down, and began to eat without a word.

"Now that wasn't so hard," Chiaki smiled, trying to cover up some of her worry for her "sibling". Himura didn't look after himself very well, which was no surprise, since he seemed to hate himself. There were times when Himura's self loathing would get so thick that Chiaki was temped to hug him and sing all his problems away as if he was a child. But she knew better than to give him physical contact. Everyone knew.

"Himura-chan, I have a favor to ask of you," Chiaki began hesitantly.

"Hmm?" the redhead replied, looking up from his miso.

"You know, Yukio-kun, ne?" Chiaki questioned.

"The man you've been seeing," Himura nodded, "I haven't met him yet."

Chiaki giggled a bit when she noticed the disapproval in his tone. Chiaki knew that their sibling relationship worked both ways. Chiaki thought of him as a depressed brother that needed comfort and Himura thought of her as an older sister that needed protecting, especially from men trying to take advantage of her.

"Well, I've been wondering what to get him for his birthday," Chiaki replied, fiddling around with a lock of stray hair.

"Bento," Himura muttered before going back to his soup.

"I was thinking about something better."

"Why ask me?"

"Because you're a man, he's a man, so you have something in common, I would think!" Chiaki huffed. Himura stared at her blankly.

"I've seen him carry a sword," Chiaki said helpfully.

"Everyone carries a weapon nowadays," Himura shrugged.

"Still…" Chiaki sighed.

"Cleaning kit."

"Eh?" Chiaki blinked, not sure if he said anything; he had said it too suddenly.

"Cleaning kit," Himura repeated, "If he has a sword, he needs to know how take care of it. I could show him."

"I see," Chiaki chuckled, "You just want to meet Yukio-kun, ne?"

"Hn," Himura murmured.

Chiaki simply laughed.


Shinsengumi HQ

Hara Jiro's eyes were red and puffy from crying. He didn't care that he looked weak and pathetic. He didn't care that he was still in his uniform that he wore last night, the uniform that was stained with Yukio's blood from when he cradled his friend's body. His best friend was dead. He didn't care about anything else.

"Hara?" a voice from the doorway asked. Jiro looked up to see his commanding officer, Nakagura Shinpachi, watching him.

"N-Nakagura-gumi-chou," Jiro choked, wiping his eyes and standing up to bow.

"At ease, Hara-kun," Nakagura sighed kindly, "Not holding up well, eh?"

"I, I mean, sir," Jiro began hesitantly. Nakagura simply waved aside his words.

"Death of a friend can be a very difficult thing, Hara," Nakagura began, sounding uncharacteristically serious, "At least Red was the one who killed him. Most of Battousai's kills are instantaneous. Your friend, Shiro, probably didn't feel much pain, if any at all."

"That doesn't make it better," Jiro growled. Nakagura smiled softly.

"You'll be surprised," the captain shrugged, "Anyway, Shiro Yukio's funeral is tonight. I think you mentioned something of a girlfriend…I think it would be best if you informed her what happened to Shiro."

"Kami-sama!" Jiro gasped, "Chiaki! She doesn't know! What am I going to tell her?"

"The truth might be a good idea," Nakagura suggested cheerfully.

"I can't handle a crying woman!" Jiro yelped, getting ready to cry himself, "She and Yukio were close! She'll lose it if she finds out he's dead."

"Do you want me to come with you?" Nakagura suggested, "It might give her a good impression if one of the captains came to give her the news along with a friend, ne?"

"H-Hai," Jiro nodded, then he suddenly remembered something, "But, gumi-chou, Chiaki has no idea Yukio was working for the Shinsengumi."

"Well, it's as good as a time as any to inform her," Nakagura shrugged, "Shiro can't do it anymore."

"True," Jiro sighed, "But still, Yukio's death, his involvement with us…it might be a shock for her to take all at once."

"Which is why we're not going to visit her in uniform," Nakagura smirked, "Besides, it looks like your own uniform could do with a wash."

"Hai," Jiro murmured, looking down at himself.

"Change clothes and meet me in the courtyard in fifteen minutes," Nakagura said.


"And Hara," Nakagura said over his shoulder, "Remember to be inconspicuous. We're off duty today."


The ghost of Yukio sighed as he watched Nakagura leave the room. It was really strange to listen to others talk about him as if he wasn't there. But then again, to them, he wasn't there. He was dead.

"Hey, Yukio-kun!" a cheerful voice hailed. Whirling around in surprise, Yukio faced a swirl of cherry blossoms that slowly formed into a beheaded samurai in the Shinsengumi uniform. Yukio gave a yelp of surprise. Jiro, who was still in the room, didn't even bat an eyelid.

"Y-You!" Yukio sputtered, pointing at the beheaded ghost that had just manifested.

"Nakamura Kaito, at your service!" the other ghost said cheerfully with a bow, "I was part of your welcoming committee, remember?"

"H-Hai," Yukio nodded, still freaked out, "What do you want?"

"I'm here to show you the ropes," Kaito explained, "Since you're the newest member of the PBKB Club, you've been assigned a mentor, which happens to be me."

"Mentor?" Yukio blinked. Kaito bobbed his disconnected head in his hands in a form of a nod.

"Yep!" the beheaded spirit smiled, "You see, as a ghost, there are several rules that you have to abide by. And since you're a cursed ghost, there are even more rules. And then there are the rules of the PBKB Club."

"I never wanted to be part of the PBKB Club!" Yukio snapped, "Or be a cursed ghost, or even dead in the first place!"

"Too bad, so sad! Deal with it!" Kaito chirped cheerfully, still smiling. Yukio growled at him. If Kaito still had a complete neck, Yukio would have throttled him.

"Anyway," Kaito continued, oblivious to Yukio's anger, "Until you figure everything out, I'll be sticking with you from now on. Like paper and paste. Or Saito-san and soba…"

"Wait a minute," Yukio halted him, "I thought you were just going to tell me everything I need to know right now."

"Not everything!" Kaito laughed, "Some of it you need to figure out on your own. It's part of the rules!"

"Nani?" Yukio blinked. Kaito simply laughed.

"So, Yukio-kun," Kaito started, "What do you want to do first?"

"How am I supposed to know?" Yukio grumbled.

"Well most new ghosts start off by following around their friends and family," Kaito suggested helpfully, "You might want to attend your funeral tonight as well."

"Attend my own funeral?" Yukio gasped, "That's sick!"

"At least you're having a proper funeral," Kaito shrugged, "Not all of the PBKB get that luxury."

"Nani?" Yukio blinked. Kaito smiled sadly at him, looking serious for the first time, his face devoid of the usual smile.

"To have a proper funeral, you have to have the complete body," Kaito began, his fingers idly stroking his hair as if his head was a cat in his arms as he was lost in memory, "I was part of the tenth unit when I met Battousai-san. I was like you; I tried to take him on by myself."

Kaito paused, his fingers tangled up in his hair as he remembered dying, a strangely wistful look on his face.

"Harada-sama was very kind," Kaito said with a smile, "He and the others looked very hard, but they couldn't find my head."

"Kami-sama!" Yukio gasped, looking like he was about to retch. Kaito laughed.

"Yare, yare, you can't have everything," Kaito grinned, back to his usual cheerful self, "I'm really very lucky, I think. Instead of having one funeral, I had two, which was great!"

"Two?" Yukio blinked, confused.

"Don't worry about it," Kaito laughed, "Oh look, your friend is leaving. You better catch up with him."

"Oh right, Jiro!" Yukio hit his head, turning around to see his friend, now dressed in a forest green kimono and black obi with his daisho hanging at his waist, heading out the door. Yukio followed, but paused when he met the closed door.

"Just walk through it," Kaito ordered with a smile, "You're a ghost. Man-made objects no longer hinder you."

"H-Hai," Yukio gulped, sticking his hand through the wood and paper structure. The appendage went through cleanly, not leaving a rip or splinter. To his surprise, it was very similar to sticking his hand in cool water. Pushing himself the rest of the way, Yukio couldn't help but be pleased when he came through in one piece.

"Hurry up, follow him!" Kaito goaded as the other ghost appeared right next to Yukio.

With a nod, Yukio went and did as he was told, Kaito not far behind him.


Jiro sighed gloomily as he walked down the streets of Kyoto, Nakagura at his side. He could feel the sun on his back and hear the sounds of life all around him, but his mind didn't register any of it. He was still wrapped up in his pain, the memory of that darkened alley and his friend's body still plaguing him.

"Hara, stop looking like that," Nakagura ordered, sending a mock glare over, "You're frightening the children."

"Hai, gumi-chou," Jiro mumbled.

"Oi!" Nakagura scolded, swatting the other man playfully on the shoulder, trying to cheer him up, "Don't call me that! We're off duty, and it won't be wise if you announce who I am. Just call me Shinpachi."

"But sir!" Jiro protested, his eyes wide. Nakagura grinned at him.

"No sir, no gumi-chou," Nakagura scolded, "Shin-pa-chi. That's an order, Hara."

"Hai, Shinpachi-sama," Jiro nodded. Nakagura felt like slapping himself.

"So stiff," Nakagura sighed, "What happened to the man I knew who used to be teasing Shiro Yukio left and right?"

"He died with Yukio," Jiro growled.

"I don't think Yukio would have liked that," Nakagura mused, "I thought Yukio liked the fun loving Hara Jiro, ne?"

"Well, Yukio is dead," Jiro spat, "Thanks to that red-haired Choshu monster."

"That's harsh, Hara," Shinpachi mused, "You haven't met Red yet and you're already insulting him."

"That's what everyone in the streets refers to him as!" Jiro argued.

"Then you believe everyone?" Shinpachi murmured, "Trust only your own senses and feelings. That's what makes a good warrior." Jiro and his captain suddenly fell silent.

"You really think Yukio would be mad if I changed?" Jiro said after a moment.

"Yes," Shinpachi nodded, "I think that the dead don't want vengeance. They want happiness for their loved ones."

"I see," Jiro murmured. Then suddenly he smiled at his captain, "I think I'll try, you know, to be myself."

"Good!" Shinpachi grinned, slapping the other man on the back, "Now where is it that we're supposed to meet this Chiaki-chan?"


In another part of Kyoto, a young woman dressed in a flowery kimono walked down the street, with a younger man wearing a straw hat trailing behind her carrying two wrapped packages.

"Do you think he'll like it?" Chiaki asked for the twelfth time. Himura sighed.

"Hai," the redhead answered for the twelfth time.

"Now remember, Himura-chan," Chiaki ordered, "Don't make Yukio-kun nervous. That means, don't reveal your identity, don't draw your sword, down threaten him, don't growl at him, don't glare…Am I missing anything?"

"Don't attack him?" Himura suggested.

"Hai," Chiaki nodded, "Don't hurt Yukio."

"Relax, Chi-nee-chan," Himura said softly, "I won't make a scene."

"Good," Chiaki sighed, before turning around to smile at him, "I'm sorry, Himura-chan. I'm overreacting."


"Do you think he'll like it?" Chiaki asked again. Himura shook his head.

"The bento is fine, and so is the sword kit," Himura said clearly, "If he doesn't like them, I'll hit him over the head."

"No hurting Yukio!" Chiaki mock scolded, laughing a bit.

"What's he like?" Himura asked, his head cocked slightly to the side.

"Well," Chiaki smiled, happy to chatter on about her favorite subject, "Yukio is very kind. It was his kindness that drew me to him. The first time I saw him, he was teaching a group of small children how to fold paper cranes. He's very good with children; he'll make a wonderful father. He's very serious, but he smiles easily. It's also easy to surprise him, but then again, he doesn't mind surprises. He's also someone you can talk to. He listens."

"I see," Himura nodded. Chiaki sighed dreamily.

"Yukio-kun is medium height, so about a head taller than you, maybe a bit more," Chiaki continued, "He's got broad shoulders and wiry. Well built, you know? He has hair the color of sparrow feathers which is just as soft and gray eyes like the sky just before the first breath of dawn. Kami-sama, I must sound like a love-sick child!"

"Aa," Kenshin smirked. Chiaki swatted him playfully.

"Yes, and we're going to get married!" Chiaki grinned.

"Nani?" Himura blinked, "Does Okami know this yet?"

"Iie," Chiaki shook her head, "You're the first person I told. Yukio and I were planning on getting married once the fighting was over, so I didn't think it was important for anyone at the inn to know right away. I'm so happy! And I'm glad you're meeting Yukio now. You'll like him. He's so wonderful and I love him so much!"

"Congratulations," Himura murmured, blinking slightly at her over-enthusiasm.

"It's going to be wonderful," Chiaki sighed blissfully, "Would you come to the wedding, Himura-chan?"

"Of course," Himura nodded. Chiaki grinned happily.

"Arigato!" Chiaki chirped, "Look, Himura-chan! There's the meeting place!"

Himura shook his head as Chiaki all but skipped forward. Quickly, he scanned the area. Himura had been in this area of Kyoto many times before, but very rarely in the daytime. This particular section of Kyoto neither supported the Ishin Shishi nor the shogunate. It was a neutral area, and in a way, more dangerous than a blatantly pro-shogunate area. One could never be sure which side anyone was on. Himura's senses were in over-drive for just that reason.

Chiaki and Yukio's usual meeting place was a small corner where a young girl sold flowers. As Himura walked over, he noticed that Chiaki was already in a deep conversation with the flower seller.

"Himura-chan, hurry up!" Chiaki laughed, smiling at her joke of ordering one of the fastest swordsmen ever to exist to speed up.

"This is it, Chi-nee-chan?" Himura asked as soon as he was next to her.

"Hai," Chiaki nodded, before gesturing towards the flower seller, "Himura-chan this is Sayuri. Sayuri-chan, I'd like you to meet my good friend Himura Kenshin."

"Pleased to meet ya," the flower seller said in a heavy Kansai accent. Himura bowed back.

"So this is the kid ya been talking about, Chiaki-han?" Sayuri asked, looking Himura over, "The one ya think of as yer otouto?"

"The very same, Sayuri-chan," Chiaki nodded, "I brought him along to meet Yukio-kun."

"Zat so?" Sayuri grinned, still looking Himura over, "Ya know, Himura-han, it might be a good idea if ya take off that hat there. That thing casts too many shadows on yer face and it completely hides yer hair. Not to mention ya got that giant ole bandage all over the left side of yer face! Poor Yukio-han would have no idea what ya look like."

"Aa," Himura murmured. Sayuri blinked at him.

"Not much of a talker, eh?" Sayuri laughed, "Just like Chiaki-han said."

Himura shifted uncomfortably.

"Don't tease the poor dear," Chiaki laughed, "Himura-chan is very uncomfortable about the way he looks."

"Humph," Sayuri snorted, "Don't be, Himura-han. Yukio isn't the type to judge by appearances."

"Aa," Himura murmured, turning his head to stare down at the flowers Sayuri was selling. Sayuri and Chiaki exchanged glances and began chattering and gossiping away like there was no tomorrow. Kenshin stood stoically, trying to make himself as invisible as possible to the two girls.

"Oi, Chiaki-han," Sayuri began, "Do ya think Yukio-han's friend Jiro will be comin'?"

"I assume so," Chiaki nodded, "Why? Do you fancy Jiro-kun?"

"He's nice," Sayuri responded, with a slight blush. Chiaki laughed.

"Yes, Jiro-kun is very nice," Chiaki grinned slyly at the other girl, "Very funny. A perfect match for you, Sayuri-chan." Sayuri blushed even harder.

"You shouldn't tease, Chi-nee-chan," Himura murmured, still not looking up. Chiaki and Sayuri grinned at him.

"Nice to hear ya talking, Himura-han," Sayuri laughed, "Was afraid ya were mute." Himura blinked at her for a few moments.

"Sayuri-san, I am not —"

"Something the matter, Himura-chan?" Chiaki asked, confused as to why Himura would suddenly stop talking in the middle of a sentence.

"Someone's here," he hissed.

"Course someone's here," Sayuri scoffed, "This is a busy street!"

"No, someone I know," Himura murmured, his senses on full alert.

"Friend or foe?" Chiaki whispered back, also wary.


Chiaki gasped, her eyes wide.

"What the hell is going on?" Sayuri hissed, angry at the two of them for being so mysterious, "Wolves don't come into the city!"

"These ones do," Himura murmured, his hand hovering over his sword.


Jiro and Shinpachi were almost at the meeting place. Jiro had begun silently crying again as he thought of what he was about to tell Chiaki. Shinpachi walked quietly by his side, his head bowed in though.


Jiro stopped suddenly, blinking at the order his commander suddenly blurted out.

"Hai?" Jiro responded, staring at his captain's stiff form.

Shinpachi cocked his head, almost as if he was listening to something far away.

"Hara, go to Chiaki-san," Shinpachi murmured in an authoritative voice, "Invite her to the funeral. I'll be with you afterwards."

"You're not coming with me?" Jiro asked, confused. Shinpachi shook his head.

"Gomen," the second unit captain sighed, "It appears that a demon is prowling the streets in the daytime."


"I'll explain later," Shinpachi soothed, "Just give you news to Chiaki-san."

And with that, Shinpachi melted into the crowd.


Yukio and Kaito had reached the place where Yukio was supposed to meet Chiaki long before Jiro and Nakagura did. Being able to pass through anything had its perks. (More shortcuts, oh yeah!)

"Is this the place?" Kaito asked, looking around, "Heh, and here I was thinking it was going to be some sort of secret base!"

"Aa," Yukio nodded, "Look, there's our friend Sayuri. She sells flowers. And there's Chiaki!"

Yukio began to move forward, then suddenly, Kaito held him back.

"What?" Yukio asked, "Can't I go over there?"

"Sure you can," Kaito shrugged, "Just remember you can't be felt, heard, or seen. You can watch everything that happens, but you're not allowed to interfere with anything, even if you want to."

"Got it," Yukio nodded, "Kami-sama, but this is going to hurt."

"I know," Kaito nodded, patting his shoulder, before smiling "But look on the bright side. It could be worse."

"What's worse than being dead?.!" Yukio yelled.

"Lot's of things," Kaito said brightly, "Like, err, um, not getting free food when you were promised free food!"

"Baka," Yukio muttered before floating over to where Chiaki was.

"Hey, don't underestimate the power of free food!" Kaito yelled following him, "Have you ever been deprived of sakura mochi and sake? HAVE YOU?.!"

"Hey, who is this?" Yukio blinked, ignoring Kaito's antics. Yukio had just noticed the young man in the hat standing next to Chiaki. Kaito came over, opening his mouth to make a smart aleck remark, when suddenly he closed it, his face growing paler than usual.

"Um, what did you say Chiaki's family name is?" Kaito squeaked in an almost comical way.

"Yoshikuni, why?" Yukio responded. Kaito squeaked again.

"Then I know who that is," Kaito said, pointing at the person in the hat, "That's Himura-san!"

"Himura-san?" Yukio blinked, before remembering something Chiaki once told him, "Oh, right, Chiaki's friend that she's always talking about. The one she thinks of as a little brother. Oh good. For a moment I though he was some sort of stalker."

"You idiot!" Kaito hissed, "You never told me you were dating Yoshikuni Chiaki!"

"Actually we're engaged," Yukio shrugged. Kaito slapped his forehead.

"It's like Kiyosato-kun and Tomoe-san all over again, on this time she's his sister," Kaito groaned, "Why, of all the girls in the world did you have to pick that Chiaki? I mean sure, she's cute an all, but come on! Fate is cruel!"

"What on earth are you talking about?" Yukio asked, confused.

"You'll find out soon," Kaito sighed, as his hands pet his detached head trying to calm himself.


Chiaki was on full alert, just as Himura was, glancing around the street trying to pinpoint the Shinsengumi Himura had sensed. A confrontation now, in the day time…

"CHIAKI-CHAN!" a voice from the crowd called out, startling the young woman. A figure pushed his way through the crowd to get to the small group at the corner.

"Jiro-kun?" Chiaki gasped. She turned to put her hand on Himura's arm to tell him it was alright only to find that the redhead was nowhere to be seen.

'He probably went looking for that Shinsengumi,' Chiaki realized, trying to relax and not get anxious over Himura, 'He's drawing attention away from us.'

"Chiaki-chan," Jiro huffed, trying to catch his breath, "There you are."

"Jiro-kun," Chiaki smiled, trying not to let her worry for Himura show, "How are you? Where's Yukio?"

"Chiaki-chan," Jiro murmured, tears leaking out of his eyes as he looked up at Chiaki.

"Jiro-kun, what's wrong?" Chiaki asked, confused, "Are you hurt?"

"No, no," Jiro shook his head, more tears streaming down his face, "I-It's…it's…"

"Yukio," Chiaki whispered, her face pale, the threat of the Shinsengumi fading from her mind, "Something is wrong with Yukio."

Numbly, Jiro nodded.

"He's…He's dead, Chiaki-chan."


Author-chan's notes: Here's the first installment of "Funeral Rites". Part II should be coming soon.

Readers of "Like Father Like Son" will recognize Kaito, Takumi's insane partner. Yes, Kaito is a more mellow and dark in here than in "Like Father Like Son", but considering the fact that he had only died less than a year or so ago and it's the Bakumatsu, it's a bit understandable. Don't worry, Kaito will be still cheerful and happy and annoying…Takumi will, more likely than not, make an appearance to bash Kaito over the head (orshoulders, since Kaito head is disconnected)for being stupid.

Erg, this chapter was so hard…I revised it how many times? The new chapter for "Like Father Like Son" is equally frustrating...