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Chapter 15

(A Promise Renewed)

Tetra sat in the corner of her ship, The Black Raven, and scowled. The crew leaned in, talking in hushed tones around her. Finally, Rashia summoned up the courage to talk to her superior. "Captain…" she quietly said. "What's going on?" she questioned.

"That fool Garian got himself killed, that's what. Stabbed Link in the process, so I guess it was worthwhile. Still…I just have a feeling. I don't think they're dead." Tetra seemed more emotional than usual.

"Why didn't we take the ship?" The brunette asked, she didn't care for Garian anyway, he was a naïve jellyfish.

"The rest of his crew will be showing up any second. We don't need it. I wanted Link, not the ship. With him dead, they would be easy prey. He is still alive though…I can feel it." She whispered.

"Then we will find him." Rashia stated.

"Yes. We will." Tetra smiled. "But not now…now we need to save our strength. We'll find them and kill them."

"What do you have against Link anyway, Tetra?" Rashia cocked her head.

"When I was a child, I made myself promise. Never let anyone take the rule of the seas from me. Let's be prepared…and I'll be the queen of the seas!" The crew's laughter echoed out over the sea, fading into the night.

Zelda opened her eyes weakly, quickly shutting them together again because of the sun's bright rays. She bolted straight up in shock, almost panicking. She could no longer see the docks, the White Wolfos, or even the town. All that was left in her sight range was endless sea. She whipped her body around, remembering Link was with her. She was frightened to see he was indeed wounded badly, and it had been bleeding for who knows how long. Without another thought, she tore strips of her skirt off, laying them aside to help bandage the wound.

"Alright Zelda, don't be afraid." She thought to herself. She took a deep breath, and hesitantly reached for his belt. She hesitantly reached for his belt. She loosened it, her hands trembling, and lifted up his shirt. She paused for a moment to steady herself. Even while looking for the source of the bleeding, she couldn't help but notice his strong, well-built figure. She felt a bit ashamed of herself, but tried her best to stop the blood flow, reducing her skirt to a very short pair of pants. After seeing she had done what she could, she began to wonder if sea water would help it heal. She was worried, and only wanted to assist Link. She soaked a strip of the skirt in the water, and then carefully held it over the wound. With a hopeful squeeze, she wrung the sea water onto the bandages, watching it seep in.

After Link didn't stir, she began to worry even more. She gently stroked his wounded side, praying he was going to give her some kind of sign that he was alive. When he again did not stir, she became frightened, and took the chance of sharply poking and prodding his wound.

Link's eyes snapped open. "Ouch!" he yelled, grabbing her wrist in a reflex.

Zelda laughed, surprised and unbelievably grateful. "Oh! You're alive!"

"Yes, I'm alive!" Link gasped. "But if you don't stop poking me, I won't be!"

"Sorry. I'm so glad you're living again." Zelda pushed him back down as he tried to get up. "Don't move. You're wounded."

"I am?" asked Link, who had not noticed much pain apart from a slight sting in his side. "I thought I caught a lick of a blade." Both of them were quiet for a moment. "Where are we?" Link questioned; who could only see water.

"Let's say we're somewhere in the middle of the ocean." Zelda tried to sound optimistic.

"What!" Link vaulted upwards, wincing as he felt a sharp pain in his side. When he did not see anything, he turned to Zelda, his eyes sparking. "What did you do?" he hissed angrily at her.

"I didn't do anything! I saved your life!" Zelda replied, equally angry that he was not grateful.

"Saved my life? No you didn't, I saved yours!" He argued, refusing to accept the fact that she had possibly saved him.

"Why?" she burst out, uncaring to argue with him further. "Why would you save my life? You didn't even care about me when you found me! Now you're risking your life for mine! Why?" She glared at him.

Link softened a bit. "Because…" he trailed off.

Zelda ignored him. "Great response." She spat, turning away from him. The sun was getting low, and it was an unbelievably beautiful sight. The sky was layered with shades of violet, crimson, orange, and blue, blended together to create the gorgeous wonder. It was more colorful than any artist could paint, more than any poet could put into words. Link was torn in half…he could only tell her.

"Zelda…" He reached for her dainty hand, shunning the wave of pain that rose up from his chest.

"What?" she snapped, still not looking at him.

"Because you remind me of my mother." Link let his hand rest on top of hers, taking it within his grasp.

Zelda lifted her hand and looked into his eyes, which were actually…warm and bright. She stayed silent, thoughts racing through her head.

"Zelda…" Link returned her look, staring into her azure eyes, unsure of how to proceed. "I love you. I love you more than I could ever say."

Zelda felt a tear well up in her eye as her cheeks flushed. So he did feel the same. She beamed, but was also unsure of what to say. "Link, I love you too." She leaned in as he did, and the two met in a pure kiss. Link felt his heart take flight; he gently stroked her neck as he held her, Zelda doing the same to him.

Just as he was about to move his hands to her shoulders, he stopped, grimly tearing himself from her kiss regrettably. "Wait. I can't do it."

Zelda looked hurt and confused. "Link…why not?"

Link tried to recollect how he was going to do this. It was no use. He couldn't remember. He had only seen it done once, and he hadn't paid much attention. He would just have to do his best. He took Zelda's hand, making her stand up, and knelt down on one knee. "Zelda…" he spoke with confidence. "You will marry me."

Zelda was all aflutter. She laughed at his mistake, and saluted with a beaming smile. "Sir, yes sir." And before Link could do or say anything, Zelda had smothered him in kisses and embraces.

"Hold on Zelda." Link pushed her off gently. Zelda sat back, staring at Link in a confused manner.

"What now?" she asked, pursing her lips.

"Zelda, this is my piracy." Link stated solemnly, removing his ring. "I give it to you." He slipped the ring on her finger, submitting "his life" to her.

Zelda stared at him in amazement. "Where did you get that? I thought you threw it overboard."

"That was another ring. I tried to get one out of a barrel of treasure behind me, but it didn't open, so I threw my mother's ring overboard. I always wore it around my neck on a chain. You see, the pirates stole that when I grabbed the Captain's ring. I found out they took my mother's ring and took it back. I had it around my neck ever since, until I threw it over." Link mused to himself. "Ironic, isn't it? I always wear the reminder of love hidden around my neck, while outwardly for all to see I had a ring of violence and power." With that, Link laughed ruefully. "No wonder I felt so torn apart at times." Link looked at Zelda and chuckled. "Somehow I knew I wouldn't need it anymore because now I have you…"

"Oh…Link." Zelda once again threw herself on him, and the two shared their first night together in marriage.

The next morning, Link woke up, shaking his head for a moment. He crawled towards the other side of the wreckage, trying not to awaken Zelda. He looked at the notches in the wood…two days since he last had food or water. He was so weak…he felt tired and stiff, his wound was not healing well. He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Zelda.

To tell the truth, Zelda was on the brink of bursting into tears. She was hungry, thirsty, and was getting frustrated of having to hide it from Link. She didn't want him to give up. "How about we play a game?" she tenderly suggested, trying to keep the mood up.

"A game." Link sarcastically stated, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, we need to keep occupied. Um…I spy something…" She glanced around, trying to find a thing. "Blue."

"Is it the ocean?" Link asked, this time with boredom as well as sarcasm.

"Yes." Zelda still tried to keep optimistic in her attitude. "Your turn."

"I spy something…wide and flat." Link sighed deeply, knowing she would be correct when she guessed.

"The ocean?" Zelda asked, tenderly.

"Yes." Link rolled his eyes. "Listen Zelda…nice try, but eye spy isn't really a good game when you're stranded in the middle of the ocean."

"Fine, I was only trying to help." Zelda felt shot down. Both of them were quiet and very discouraged for what seemed hours. Of course, it was difficult to tell time out in the middle of nowhere.

"I spy…" Link started again, knowing Zelda had liked, and it kept her spirit up. Suddenly, he crawled over to the opposite side of the wood, cupping a hand to his forehead and squinting. "Something…brown, no green! And it's getting closer…I spy land!" Link jumped up, almost tipping the wreckage.

"Yeah…thanks Link, but it isn't funny." Zelda ignored him.

"No! Zelda! Land!" Link exclaimed, overjoyed. "Look!" He rushed to her side, and forcibly pointed her head in the direction.

"Oh my gosh! Is it?" Zelda squinted. "It is! Come on Link, kick!" She stretched down on the wood, and with renewed energy propelled the wreckage towards the island with her legs.

After finally running into the sand, the two jumped onto the land, Zelda collapsing and Link pulling the wreckage onto the beach. The two of them lay sprawled on the sand for hours; completely worn out by the effort it took their weakened bodies to reach the island. Zelda pulled herself up, forcing her muscles to move. She briefly scanned the deserted island, and then turned to the seemingly-dead Link, who was beside her on the ground. "Some honeymoon." she blandly stated.

"Well, I do what I can." Link winked at her, the two of them pondering what lied ahead. Zelda buried her head into her hands; Link gently stroked her hair back, and looked into her eyes. "Zelda…" he said. "I've watched you on the ship, and I think I've learned some things about you. One thing I know for sure, you're a survivor, and so am I. We've faced some incredible odds before, and won. You've grown strong, and now we can face whatever comes together."

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Zelda managed a weak, shaky, smile. "Well, I know one thing." she whispered. "I'd rather be here now with you than anywhere else alone. Tell me what to do, captain." She continued with more bravery.

Link pulled her up into his arms as the full and shining moon seemed to give promise to the next day. As Zelda melted into his embraces, she knew he was alright. Together they would make it just fine…she hoped.

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