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'This is for you, madam,'

Kaoru stared down at the book the warden was holding out for her; it was the journal she had given to Enishi two months ago, why was he giving it to her? Could Enishi be angry that she hadn't visited him in two months, and that's why he was returning her gift? But she couldn't come; she had been taken ill and couldn't leave the bed for ages.

However, she took the journal from the warden with a small murmur of thanks. A folded note slipped out of the book, and, frowning, she bent to pick it up. She unfolded the note, and found, amongst the words, a single cherry blossom. She took it in her hand and pored over the content of the note.

Dear Kaoru,

What I want to say to you cannot be contained within this useless piece of paper, but I'll try my best…

By the time you read this letter, I'll be long gone from this world…please don't grieve me, Kaoru, because I can't bear to be the cause of your sadness…ironic, isn't it? Because I think you'll be positively delighted when I pass away…I think it's best to say; don't pity me, Kaoru….I've always hated being pitied…and I'd hate it the most if it came from you…

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, and I regret each and every one of them. I really don't know what made me do them…I'm not going to hide behind the shadow of my sister's death as an excuse, because the things I did cannot be defined under the term "revenge". Revenge doesn't make people commit murders just for the fun of it…

I felt guilty. That feeling had been eating at my body and soul ever since I got thrown into this little cell and have had time to think about all my former actions. I found I couldn't live with this growing feeling anymore…that is what made me do what I did; I punished myself when the law wouldn't punish me itself. Guilt was another enemy I couldn't defeat…

I guess the whole point of this letter is for me to say, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry for all the trouble and grief I've ever caused you, Kaoru, and I hope that someday you'll forgive me…and when you do, I'll forgive myself. I'll feel at peace even though I know I'll be burning in the deepest point of hell…

Yours Sincerely,

Enishi Yukishiro.

P.S. Thank you for the journal.

A single tear trickled down Kaoru's cheek when she finished reading the letter. She squeezed the note tightly in her hand as she rounded on the warden.

'When did this happen?' she croaked.

'We found him today morning,' the warden told her. 'He had stabbed himself to death with his pencil…don't ask me how he managed to do that. We found this journal and he had a note beside it on which he had requested that we give it to you.'

Kaoru nodded, and looked sadly at the cherry blossom in her hand. Poor Enishi…

'Er…we buried him a couple of hours ago,' the warden told her. 'Would you like to pay his grave a visit?'

'Yes, please,' Kaoru said without hesitation.

'Well, then, if you'll follow me…' he said, leading her out of the prison building.

'Where did you bury him?' she asked suddenly.

'He had also requested that we burry him underneath a cherry tree,' he answered. 'We always carry out the request of the dead.'

He led her around the prison walls to the very back, where she was actually surprised to see the cluster of trees growing there. He guided her to one of the biggest trees, and pointed at the tomb.

'There he is,' he told her. 'Now if you'll excuse me, I need to return to my office.'

'Yes, of course,' she said absently, as she gazed down at the small tomb. She stood watching it till the warden's footsteps faded, and then she bent down and placed the cherry blossom on the tomb. She smiled. 'I hope you've found your peace at last…and I hope you've rejoined with your sister…'

She paused for a moment, and felt the tomb with the tips of her fingers.

'And don't worry, Enishi…' she whispered softly. 'I forgive you.'

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