"Flavors," was the single word Ryuichi needed to utter mock-pensively to break the pink-haired boy out of his chocolate induced reverie.

"Hm?" Shuichi paused mid-bite into his cone, batting his giant orbs in curiosity.

"Everybody has one," The brunette continued, nibbling at the last of the sprinkle-laden surface of his vanilla and bananna scoop, "Flavors matching their personality. Like... Noriko. She's cotton candy." He grinned at his companion, as they leaned side by side against the brick wall, against a backdrop of brightly green shrubbery. Most things considered, this could be called the quintessential perfect day.

"Mmm," Shuichi agreed, cleaning the remains of a sticky ice cream dribble from the heel of his hand with his tongue, "So, like... Hiro would be onigiri?"

"How's that so?"

"'Cause he can be sweet sometimes, and salty sometimes, but he's always there for me, just like a good old fashioned comfort food."

Ryuichi beamed, glad his game was working out. Shuichi was always the best person to play those sorts of silly things with, and at the moment, Shuichi was the one who needed silly things most.

"You know, Yuki-" Shuichi began, and paused, the sunlight almost seeming to drain away from his face, as he continued quietly, "Yuki would be coffee."

Ryuichi's expression fell just as did the tone of Shuichi's voice. He didn't like it when Shuichi got sad like this; especially over losing Yuki. It had been a month since it had happened, and yet Shuichi still hadn't gotten over it. He was too in love with Yuki to see anything else; to accept him being loved by anyone else. That had been the reason for them spending so much time; he'd wanted to get the boy's mind off the old relationship; and they say that chocolate cures a broken heart... or was that tako-yaki? Close enough.

"He's bitter," Shuichi continued, "And disagreeable, and he never stays down quite right. And yet... I can't get enough of him." He smirked bemusedly, "I'm just addicted."


"Sorry," Shuichi waved it off, "That was stupid. I ruined it didn't I?" He smiled and gazed outward into the distance of the sunny park. He expected the older man to laugh it off, or make a joke, or just ignore it and patch it up by continuing his silliness as per usual. What he did not expect was to be licked.

Licked... like a dog, right on the cheek. Like... a kitty kiss, or a lollipop.

His face turned a most intriguing shade of crimson, and he swiveled to gaze at the grinning Ryuichi who hopped back once.

"Strawberry!" He declared, turning to skip-march forward, inviting a tag-a-long.

Shuichi dropped the end of his ice cream cone altogether, and dumbly forgot about it, as he followed suit, and realizing he hadn't come up with a flavor for Ryuichi.

He would just have to go find out himself...